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x16 PCIe slot doesn’t work anymore

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HP Compaq 8200 Elite CMT PC
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Motherboard: 611835-001 611796-002 written on board

BIOS: J01 v02.33


I upgraded my PSU from 320w to 500w, but recently my computer turned off unexpectedly and can’t power on again. After diagnosing, I found out that my 500w PSU died and I’m forced to temporarily use the stock 320w PSU and remove my RX 470 GPU because I have no way of powering it with the stock PSU.


Now that I have another 500w PSU. I reinstalled my GPU to the only one x16 PCIe slot on my board, I plugged in the 6+2 pin power to my GPU, used a HDMI cable to connect to my monitor and turned the computer on but there is no display.

I tried:

• Reseating my GPU

• Installing my older GPU

• Other cables in the other ports on my GPU

Still have no display. I even tried installing my “x1 PCIe Wifi Card” onto the x16 PCIe slot but it did not work. My board have 2 more PCIe slots but those are x1 and x4 that are still working. The last thing i did is removing the GPU and just using the onboard display and this showed a display.


I know that my GPU works because I tested it to my older computer, showed display, and all of the ports work.


Now I’m stuck with a computer that have no working x16 PCIe slot. Is this caused by the PSU that broke in the first place? I want to know what might caused this, and is there a way to fix it?

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HP Compaq 8200 Elite CMT PC . 

HP Compaq 8200 Elite Convertible Minitower PC ,circa 2011, 9 years young😁

500watt PSU with two, cables 2x6 or 2x8? for GPU cards?

using only the TOP X16 slot right, not the one below with lame x4 lanes. (ok you said that)

you did all that with AC power cable remove right not hot swapping anything inside any PC, is a win. (no smoke)

you did all the steps and you know a PSU can in fact go berserk and blow anything up,,

what PSU are you using here, ? maker and model>?   HP some PCs uses non ATX psu THAT HAS WRONG CABLES ON IT.

you that is what you have , HP odd PSUs.

PUT IN A NEW RTC coin cell yet?  if it is below 2.9v the PC BIOS goes nuts.  (random nuts) that no tech enjoys .

Hot swapping the GPU card is top reason to wreck chip drivers lanes 1 to 16,

here is the grand old mobo trick remove AC line,  then remove all power cables to MOBO (and sata cables too)

wait overnight for all caps to discharge on said MOBO, then next day the chips stuck in latchup mode are now free.

call caps on board, less than 0.4vdc is a goal to do that,  this is how this works, and is covered at intel and why.


YOUR CMT PSU is in fact a non standard PSU, non ATX, and has no 24 pin connector at all, so using non dell PSU can only work on ATX PSU with a special adapter (I have one here on one PC)


The RX 470  card is a 120watt card, not 75w so needs  12vdc AUX power or well fail.

one  6 pin power cable to PSU is required,  of fails.

12 makers of cards no 2 same,  and they use power jack they want each,.

here is a real AMD card, see that 8 pin jack , NOT OPTIONAL EVER nor missing pins/wires to it EVER.

your PSU has no such cable so I ask you how did you do that (didnt or mix up of adaptors?)




NO warranty answers by me.
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I do agree if  any old slow 75watt card or less GPU fails in slot top x16 , the slot is dead.

I use GS8400, as my test card (w10 certified and slowest cheap test card there is for w10) or  AMD 5000 series.

if a simple x1 card fails then  the x1 lane is blow up to kingdome come. and so sorry if is.😪


I have older GPU that burns 250watt, that fails in any PC like this, so older means nothing models yes.


if mobo did latch up (fast way not overnight wait, AC cord pulled.) 

remove it, the MOBO.

wrap it in aluminum foil with RTC battery out and push in with the hands on bottom this will make zero volts all.

The chips in PCs latch up for many reasons, ESD, minor lightning hits or hot swapping parts.

seen this 1000s of times in 40 years. doing this ...

the chips even do it on purpose to protect it from blow up. (the datasheets on the chips tells you the how and why)\

They do a crowbar latchup and stay that way until all power is gone, all caps discharged," By Design"

this is advanced  PC facts here,  many fail to know it so here it is....

so does that GPU have power to the jack I told you , full power 12vdc?????

NO warranty answers by me.
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My Radeon RX 470 is the 4GB version specifically the "Gigabyte RX 470 G1 Gaming 4GB" and requires a 6+2 pin to power it. That's why I upgraded my PSU from the stock 320w PSU into the "EVGA 500w BV 80+ Bronze Rated, non modular PSU". My HP computer have a proprietary power connectors, but I managed to find an adapter to make me able to connect my EVGA 500w PSU to the mobo. I've been using that PSU for 5 months 'til it died few days back, and throughout that 5 months I'm also using my RX 470 that is installed on the x16 PCIe slot and not the x4 PCIe slot. After the EVGA PSU died, I was unable to use my GPU so I waited until I have another 500w PSU to use my GPU again now but this time the "no display" attacked. I also haven't changed the RTC coin cell.

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HP Recommended

Thank you for sharing that knowledge to me but I have some questions:

How can I be certain that my mobo is latched up, what are the symptoms? is one of the symptom is my x16 PCIe slot stopped working?

In the slow method of unlatching over night also required the RTC battery to be removed?

In the fast method, I don't quite understand what to do after wrapping the mobo with aluminum foil.

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