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HP Pavilion p7-1227c
Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)

As of recently, I cannot connect to the internet on my HP Pavilion p7-1227c. Product #: H2L95AA#ABA Serial #: [edit]


Here's what I know:


  • I moved the tower from one location to another, after having it unused for about 3 months. Prior to this question, there were no issues
  • I live at a university and cannot reset the router
  • The wireless options are NOT SHOWN on the desktop in the bottom right corner. It just shows an icon of a computer with a cord next to it and a large red x
  • "Manage Wireless Networks" is not shown as an option. When I tried to add a wireless connection, it says wireless is disabled.
  • The network diagnostics says that the "local area connection" is experiencing driver or hardware related problems
  • The driver for the wireless network adapter has disappeared from device manager
  • The Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface driver does not work
  • Reinstalling drivers does not work; I have used both the HP Recovery Manager, and installed a driver via USB-- neither works
  • I have applied default settings on my BIOS-- does not work
  • I have done a system recovery to a previous state-- does not work

I am unsure the hardware itself is broken; I was able to momentarily connect during my initial startup. When I entered in the password for the wifi however, Windows Explorer would crash. Afterward, I started having problems

HP Recommended


Serial Number we dont need.


Copy, Paste and Save in Notepad, as LBB.bat (not a .TXT) and double click to run.
Preferably run as an Administrator.
OR copy and use the individual command lines as needed.

Post anything non-personal, but relevant please.

netsh lan show interfaces
netsh wlan show drivers
netsh wlan show interfaces


PowerShell -Command "Get-NetAdapter"
PowerShell -Command "Get-NetAdapter -Name * | Format-Table -View Driver"
PowerShell -Command "GIP -Detailed"
PowerShell -Command "Test-NetConnection"



HP Recommended

Thank you for your help! This is what I got as a result:




Additionally, my computer has had more issues starting, and recently opened on a black screen that said an operating system was not detected. But after I pressed a key, it booted up normally

HP Recommended


Well a diagnostic next,in case anything has been stressed during the move....

First:- Turn off the computer, press and hold the PWR button for 4 seconds.

Then - Leave only keyboard and mouse connected, disconnect all externally connected
devices such as Docking Station, USB storage devices, displays, and printers.
Unplug the AC adapter from the computer.

Next - Press and Hold the Power button for 15 seconds to Hard Reset.
Rinse and Repeat

NOW begin checking/testing/proving the Hardware is fit for purpose.

Power on your PC, press ESC (repeatedly), then F2 at the prompt.
Choose System Tests (Fast Test does a 4 minute hardware check).

HP PC Hardware Diagnostics Windows is a Windows-based utility that allows you to run diagnostic tests to determine if the computer hardware is functioning properly. The tool runs within the Windows operating system in order to diagnose hardware failures. HP PC Hardware Diagnostics Windows comes pre-installed on new HP computers, but if not on yours, download here:- http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp93001-93500/sp93457.exe
HWT WiFI.png

HP Recommended

System Tests was not an option on the HP Basic System Diagnostics-- just a Memory Test and a Hard Disk Test. I did both tests, all of which (SMART Check, Short DST, and Memory) passed


After installing HP PC Hardware Diagnostics Windows, I connected my computer to the internet via an ethernet cord (as the app wouldn't work otherwise), and ran System Tests (Fast). The Short Drive Self-Test was cancelled, but the rest (Disk Read Verify, Video Memory Fast Check, IRQ Test, ROM Test, CPU Stress Test) all passed


HP Recommended

still none the wiser.


It didn't test the WiFi adapter so maybe reseat or replace the unit.


I got a visual response, hence my screen shot.


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