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    Need Windows 11 help?
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Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

My all in one desktop keeps dropping my WIFI connection and it even does it if I use my phone hotspot.  I've rebooted, I've made use my drivers are updated, I've turned of the power save, I've reset my WIFI settings and I've rebooted my modem.  Any idea what is going on.  Everything else in house works fine including the laptops.  I want to make sure if there's a fix I can do before I go and by a new computer.



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I will try to answer blind, no tools no tests. I be brave no? the smart persons never do wifi, help... here I go.

I do not do laptops but here I go #2, why not post in  laptops not here, thanks. 😄

2billion hits on google you are not the first to  have wifi pains. (the list is huge but not in macro list, next) 😎


  1. bad hardware or wrong. I bet wrong. (this PC or even the router way to old)  or too far.
  2. bad software (drivers) even caused by wrong wifi card used !!! no pc told no card told.
  3. jamming, WIFI is a RF shared collision domain, and is range limited.  (we look at traffic to see that) ask how.

Have or get  a modern 802.11- AC router if you want it to work better. ! and SMARTER TOO>

ever heard of beam forming, yah. and 2 bands?


NO PC /router /wifi card  told, no router told or how many there,. (routers , AP or bridges or extenders or what you have as a system. The whole system end to end matter, and device the jam 2.4GHz,

But you did say other laptops work that is key, to the cure, (but nothing told make and models of all  that)😂

first off is the router 802.11n or 802.11AC (the latter is best (at least) for sure and full featured and modern)

is the bad PC "N" or "AC"

or does the home have devices (no good) called 802.11b (this cause old "N:" router to go nuts.)


longer list. (given facts above)

  1. the wifi  is too far from router,  50ftmax is best for sure walls in the way (RF radio rules this)
  2. others in the hood jamming your channels  can change in 1 second and  then tests lie to you . yeah CHAOS the cure is use  channel 6, I have wifi radar here and see those bad guys in the hood and grows every month worse.
  3. the wifi card is bad or too old,  too old is "N" or lower, letter, 10x worse lower. time to upgrade just did mine "AC"
  4. RF jamming from from what I call 2.4GHZ toys, even toy cars kids have ,baby monitors , and old old land line wireless phones as seen in 1990s movies ;got that?  and more, what I do is turn off AC to whole rooms to find RF noise culprits or unplug all things AC that are funny looking, things with antennas, avoid.
  5. too many internet of THings in your home. all using channel 1 wrong. move them to  1,6 and 11 USA or 13 outside USA.  I use 6 if I see huge TRAFFIC on 1.
  6. The radar is here, free.v3. inSSIDer.exe free ,  https://www.techspot.com/downloads/5936-inssider.html
  7. that it, make sure wifi in power settings is not allowed to sleep and stay on AC power so when on battery it does not drop wifi.  test on AC power first. if the screen on any
  8. or the spectre of wifi upgrades gone wrong, like not connecting antennas to new wifi card, or backwards. the 2.4 and 5gHz antenna's must not be mixed up. for sure in your unstated laptop. and worse HP has white list in BIOS that blocks wifi card not on the shore secret list in your PCs BIOS. this causes the driver to fail too. (and in odd ways)


end, NO PC told at all , so all I can do is show all ways to fail, I can only hope.. 😂


after reading all that use Ethernet, snap snap go, no wifi or RF malarkey again.

we use wifi here for backup only to CELL phones, TV and all things to wall jack marked RJ45 gigalan.

no kidding and zero fails for 8 years,here.

even though I do know how to make it work NO MATTER WHAT IS THE CAUSE. (tools max here)



NO warranty answers by me.
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