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    Need Windows 11 help?
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Pavilion 24
Microsoft Windows 10 (32-bit)

My HP Pavilion keeps disconnecting from WiFi intermittently.


The problem does not exist with my laptop and tablet so is just specific to the Pavilion. Hence, not a WiFi issue. 


I have tried all diagnostic tests but all come back clear. 


Help needed ! 

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slow HP servers ,ends up double posted (so do this) no delete post either, wow.

I just looked in the HOOD here, 

using inSSIDer proggy. (UK slang ) on my lappy.

2.4GHz bands are a mess channel 1 to 3.

so I do not use those, I set my router to use the ones quiet that the hood guys have not discovered (DADT)


there are other reasons after all it is RADIO .

like baby crib monitors jamming wifi.

or  cheap old CCTV monitors

or old LAND line wireless phones that jam 2.4G.

one way to prove that (savvy and I am  a certified HAM and RF certified tech too.) is to turn off AC to the rooms. in house

using the main circuit breaks but t not the wifi router or modem unless they are on UPS like mine.

this proves NO JAMMING to WIFI , and do not tell me the other laptop works ok, after all NO 2 WIFI cards (and PC) on earth have same ability to , work in a  RFI , EMI max interference zone.   what matters is YOUR PC,  (mr, drop out)


heck the wifi airplane switch on one PC here sometimes is 1/2 way slid. (a slide switch on my dell e6540 can )

so look at the wifi OK LED on PC,  and the tray icon to see if both go wrong or air plane mode trip (on) or?

even turning the laptop 90 degrees can make better comms.   (antennas are polarized)\

that is it for my wifi help,  ( 4 causes, comms are bad, driver wrong, windows corrupted, card is bad.)


a better wifi  card./?   some makers offer far better cards. 2band for sure, and with bluetooth and just better.

or you can buy a USB wifi dongle cheap and try that, to see if wifi card is bad, as a test.



NO warranty answers by me.
HP Recommended

are you at home ,work or STARBUCK.?  ( nothing matters most first ) geography matters?

actually  a better name for wifi is


"wireless cut out Lan".

no really google this,   1billion hits.  

are you too far from your home router?  move router to center of home or  run a repeater (bridged)

get closer. (and closer is faster) if on the fringe fail  you will..


Btw some wifi cards just fail that  is one of there tricks,  pure hardware failure, seen after 5 years use.

ever try wifi radar ,   (an APP)

it will show you if the channels in you HOOD  are overloaded ( wifi is shared Radio freq) so  we change it to unused channels i the router.  2.4GB goes trough walls best, (facts) so find channels not used, in your hood. !


I run this (inSSIDer) once seen love sets. I run Version 3, free, v4 costs money.



pure bliss, if must use wifi,  better is wired, no pain no drops,  doing so for 10 years here, on TV and all.

We use wifi only on CELL to save data 4/5G overcharges,   I am very good with WIFI,  never had to  give up once, (decades)

insider if it fails the wiwi card is bad. (if HP driver current for YOUR PC and YOUR OS)

I have more tools but are costly.  above  is simple. and very very powerful to use,  OMG 100 folks on channel 1  , dang.



the not a wifi issues, is not true.

you  did not prove that, what if the other PC  was using a good upper band channel, oops complex wifi is....

upgrard it to AC grade is best.

NO warranty answers by me.
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