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    Need Windows 11 help?
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HP Pavilion p6823w Desktop PC
Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)

I have two computers, one works just fine on my WIFI and my Ethernet connection. I used the same Ethernet cable to connect to my HP Pavilion p6823w Desktop PC and it is constantly dropping connection. I can't even access the web long enough to update my computer.  I have even tried 3 new cords so I know it has to be the PC. Any Ideas on what to do? I really need this computer to work!

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first off Thank you for posted desktops to desktops, a nice Idea.

 HP Pavilion p6823w Desktop PC

lets  address Ethernet.

1: first is the RJ45 jack , seen many that are bad inside,. I have,  even missing plastics inside, and is LOOSE.

and if I tilt the plug up or down and connection goes good, then we know the jack is bad, that simple. bad HARDWARE !

2: bad driver for W7. did you load yours from HP.com first? DIRECT? seen below how and deep.


google shows me this first,  and very  fast .

as you well know , you cant get  adriver via a dead ethernet port ( I use USB to ethernet or wifi same DONGLE in my KIT)

my tool box  kit is full of things and those are 2,. other wise use 2nd PC to fetch them.

i guess the chip is REALTEK seen here. (spec page shows it is true)



Original Realtek Network Controller Driver
7.37.1229.2010 Rev. A
1.7 MB
Jun 24, 2011

sadly hp does not disclose the chip there,  as we ponder what it might be. sad no?

but sure I can dissect them. sure can,  in the INF files. deep in the SP.


here is the guts of INF

; ** COPYRIGHT (C) 2007-2010 Realtek CORPORATION
; Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller
; Realtek PCI GBE Family Controller
; Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
;and OMG vast chips supported here,   RTL8169 on down huge PCI dev'/vendor list.  (a true monster (good)

the HP spec page shows PCI Realtek RTL8105E !

8105 is in the    SP53707.exe driver pack INF., I see it inside.

so that is my help done the hardway. (using a 2nd GOOD PC

we used to call this the SNEAKER_net,  get it at PC1, and sneak it to PC1 dead.

so do it. tell me it works. thanks and good luck.


NO warranty answers by me.
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as at tech, way #1

plug in my NIC USB dongle (any ethernet or wifi) from my kit , have 3 kinds I do.

connection works,  if good kits dongles are native to w7 up. i test them to be sure they are. (OOBE works every time)

and go to DM, device manager

  1. click on dead 8105 realtek  right click it and pick update the  driver.
  2. or if think some bad boy put a defective/wrong driver there, then removed it Uninstall
  3.  then  DM it again. let the dongle help you do PnP or then repeat #1 again .  this is called a forced install. (using a DONGLE that works, all mine do. so....
NO warranty answers by me.
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