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    Need Windows 11 help?
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HP dc-5800 sff
Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)

 I have 300/300 Mbps internet service but my desktop is really slow, running around 10 Mbps w/ethernet connection. Is there something I don't know about in settings, what kind of network card will fit in the pci slot? Do I need a network adapter card? Also is there a maximum size for the hard drive? I have a 700 MB hard drive instead of 500. I  reformatted the hard drive and did a clean install of Win 7 Pro 64 bit, there are no programs running except the programs needed to run the system. I have checked all the drivers to make sure they are all up to date and the desktop is up to date with Windows. It just won't go faster than 10 Mbps.

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first off did you test 2 PCs on your HOME wifi for speed first?  if yes both are slow I bet. oops. simple test.

and doing real tests only matter not status pages or info page, that lie. we do real tests, and are all free..



no cpu told at all, and matter big time doing OS updates and w7 is not sold.

Intel Q33 Express chipset core 2 , old.

old slow 80GB (lowest opted) HDD,  most are dead not or horrible smart errors intractable to use.

yours is  500, but the 80GB shows how oLD THIS PC IS.  it came new with xp,or vista.

the RTC coin cell is now dead, this old , replace it.

the spec page (HP.com) shows  integrated Intel Gigabit Ethernet NIC  (1000Mb/s (bits per second NOT bytes)

no router told, you did say ISP but not  the router and guess what that sure is NEXT up to tell. please.

'you did not tell how  you measured speeds at all, and tests must be done correctly. (I have this real free app)

we use this app on 2 PCs one is data server and other is client, and run the speed test.

mine: (goes 109MB/s or 1090Mb/s same) aka GIGIABIT and my sublan does 1009Mb/s bits per second ACTUAL

if not the nic card on ether end or router are no good or wrong drivers. easy no? 1 test see what works and not.


  1 router unstated,  ( to the internet my PCs can do 500 to 800Mbs (paid 1000) (but gee www is not homogeneous yet if ever.

then run faster.com (last not first) the sub lan must be fast first, see why? (the router is a bottle neck)

not told maker and model of router so can not be smart me. no waxing wise.


first get your w7 NIC driver FROM HP.

yes task manager can  help, click on network and watch a video on line or run fast.com see 300Mb/s (small b )

that is all there is , sans wife pain at 20Mb/s 802.11N or I can get over 300Mb/s on 802.11C easy.



PC 1000, router 1000 and modem 1000 mb/s and ISP at 300.

so max speed is 300.

if the sublan slow so be internet.

the PC needs new HP drivers here.

the NIC is , intel 82566DM  and for sure is, gigalan 

the driver at HP is here. (not sure which one me but I run Hwinfo32.exe and learn what is REALLY there first. for sure.+


the driver at intel is: w7 64 bit !



get the driver and install it first. see sub lan go fast but if router is modern and gigalan rated, or will never do what you want.



NO warranty answers by me.
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Q1, HERE IS MINE. IF The 1000  is not there and shows 10 or 100 that mean wrong driver loaded.! or.....

your mobo has the wrong NIC chip, run hwinfo32.exe (free) google it , run it and see what chip is there first.

your PC is super old and not sure me how many NIC chip options were used on all version of the old mOBo, not me.

if is intel we do know, see?

below is modern z270p chipset. fast. bits per second not bytes.





best is to put the driver on USB memory thumb drive it can be loaded even with NIC dead and no internet possible.


NO warranty answers by me.
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hdd limits


the MBR limit is 2TB or 4TB using sector size trick) NTFS is best over MBR. w7 just install it and see, IT DOES WORK.

you can not hurt it so why delay? DO IT, first.

GPT limits com on to play year 3000, exabytes. (1/2 joking)

installer finds empty disk, click next, see? work.

the problem with w7 is 400 updates, and some are not optional now.

and w10 will not install 64bit (newest CORE quad hights stepping did on one pc here) but 32bit might run. w10. costs zero to try . w10 download is free for 30 days.

w7 has no more updates that ended. and will become  virus magnet now or soon. lots of work to stop that,


I say buy i3 up PC,   a PC that runs w10-64 out of the box. OOBE,,

NO warranty answers by me.
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