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    Windows update impacting certain printer icons and names. Microsoft is working on a solution.
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    Windows update impacting certain printer icons and names. Microsoft is working on a solution.
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    Need Windows 11 help?
    Check documents on compatibility, FAQs, upgrade information and available fixes.
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Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Recently I lost the inability to print and scan using my Canon Pixma 7120 printer (problem had not previously occurred with my nearly 1 year old computer). I have a wireless LAN connection.

With the assistance of a very patient Canon tech support rep I can now print but cannot scan as the scanning software from Canon cannot be installed (even with temporary cessation of security software). The Canon rep believe this problem is likely related to a setting on my computer

I contacted HP support but the rep was not able.willing to help( he told me to call Canon)

 Can anyone on this forum offer suggestions?


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There is not much we can do except speculate.


Here goes... Lots of speculation...


It is POSSIBLE that in spite of having been told otherwise, that your Canon software is not fully compatible with the latest version of Windows 10.  It is possible that Windows has stomped on your Canon print software, too. For example, Windows 10 V1909 played havoc with HP printer software for a time.  It turned out, in the case of the HP drivers, that the problem (this time) was a Windows thing.    Worth checking - just look on the Internet for a big recent spike in the same type of problem you are seeing.  Likely nothing there, but "maybe"...




In general, things work better in Windows 10 when Windows 10 Updates are current.

Settings > Update and Security > Check for Updates


If any updates are installed, after the installation is complete, Restart the computer and log in - do this even if there is no request from Windows to restart.




In general, things work better when your HP software and drivers are current.    If you are using the HP Support Assistant to manage updates, check and see how it is doing.  Remember to install any BIOS updates separately using the manual steps to update this fussy and sensitive update.


Reminder – Manually Update the BIOS


How to install BIOS Updates:

Always connect the computer to AC Power and leave the power connected during the entire BIOS update procedure.

Select the option to manually install the BIOS update.


HP Notebook PCs - Updating the BIOS (Basic Input Output System)


HP Desktop PCs - Updating the BIOS (Basic Input Output System)


Open HPSA Software

Settings > Set to “Notify” as opposed to “Auto-Update”

Save Changes > Restart the computer and log in


Check for Updates > Use the list to determine candidates for update

  • Click on each update in the list to see a short description of that package
  • If BIOS is offered, simply set to “ignore” or otherwise remove this update from list of potential updates
  • If desired:  Install other HP software and updates using HPSA or manually install those updates



Check Current BIOS version

Control Panel > icon view > Administrative Tools > System Information

System Summary - Check the information next to BIOS Version / Date 



Security Software


First thing to check is your Security software - if it updated, for example, the software might be reset to some kind of "default" that disallows certain types of activities.  Check the security software settings to make sure it is not blocking anything "printer" and anything "Canon".  



Printer Software

What about the printer software?


In the case of HP printer software, there are several "hooks" in the installed software that control - and allow - access to the printer on the network and the printer software when it is installed on the computer.


That you cannot install the Canon Scan software might indicate a similar problem:  "something" in your previous scan software installation is perhaps tangled in the File System, maybe even in your account, and is preventing a clean (or even possible) uninstall of the software.  IF this is the case, a standard uninstall might leave "bits" laying around that could then prevent a clean (re)installation of the printer software.



Read the following - understand that this procedure is written for HP printer software - some of what is proposed may not be relevant to your situation.  It does give you some places to look around.


Uninstall Existing Printer Software


Uninstall existing printer software from Programs and Features


Method One - Control Panel > icon view > Programs and Features >

Method Two - Settings > Apps > Apps and Features >

Search or Scroll down

Uninstall the printer software

After the software is removed, Restart the computer and log in


If printer software will not uninstall, appears to be removed and then shows up again, or is otherwise not “going away” when you tell it to do so, try an Uninstaller program.

Microsoft:  Fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed



** Uninstall - Printer Software – Lurking in the Device Manager **


Check / Verify:  If the printer is still lurking in the Device Manager, remove it.

Control Panel > icon view > Device Manager

Expand category Printers

If any unwanted printer name or “Unknown Device” is listed,

Right-Click on the printer / device > Uninstall

Expand category Imaging Devices

If any unwanted printer name or “Unknown Device” is listed,

Right-Click on the printer / device > Uninstall

Restart the computer and log in



** Uninstall - Printer Drivers – Lurking in Devices and Printers **


Check / Verify:  If the printer drivers are still lurking in Devices and Printers, remove driver(s) related to the printer.

Control Panel > icon view > Devices and Printers

Left-Click on any unwanted Printer found in the Printers list

Clicking on a printer, displays options along the ribbon (near the top of the Devices and Printers window)

Click Print Server Properties > tab Drivers

Click on Driver(s) in list, select Remove > OK to exit menu

Back in Devices and Printers > Right-Click on the printer > Remove Device

Restart the computer and log in



** Uninstall - Printer Software – Lurking in the User Account **


Check / Verify:  Printer related files and folders are stored in the User AppData hierarchy.  If you have had trouble getting the printer to work, complete this step to delete printer files from the Temp folder and the Local\HP folder


Clear Temp Folder in AppData


Method One

Open File Explorer > Navigate to C:\Users\YourAccount\AppData\Local\Temp


Method Two

Windows key + X + R (Run command) > type %temp%


Delete the files in the Temp folder (It is expected that some files cannot be deleted, ignore these)

Restart the computer and log in


Clear HP Printer mention in AppData\Local\Canon


Open File Explorer > Navigate to C:\Users\YourAccount\AppData\Local\Canon

Remove / Delete any folder named for the printer you wish to remove




Network Side


Another possible issue - "something" in the network is tangled, some kind of communication that is stuck (hung in a little loop).  It "looks" like things are clean, but maybe there is something "going on"


Some examples,


If you have not done so, try Restarting everything on your network, including your router.  For the purpose of the test, when you do shut down your devices, leave shut down (or at least off the network) "extra" devices.  For example, leave off your phones, any game machines, the TV, other computers, tablets, or even other printers.


Check to make sure that your printer and "some" other device are not trying to grab and use the same IP address.  If this is happening, you might find evidence of this in your router's logs.  This is one of those things that is unlikely to be happening but is worth checking since two devices stomping on each other can cause all sorts of havoc.


If your printer has some sort of "Reset" option, try that.  For example, some kinds of problems in HP printers might respond to leaving the printer switched on, unplug for sixty seconds, plug back in to the wall outlet, switch on the printer if it does not come back on by itself.  Should you do this?  Maybe, though were I you, I would first find out (maybe from Canon) whether this is a good idea and the worst possible thing you could do.


Sometimes the problem is just one of Permissions when installing.  For example, if you typically download and save the printer software on your computer and then "double-tap" on the installation file to start the installation, try instead:  Right-Click on the file and "Run as Administrator"



TCP IP port


This next bit is directed at HP printers - the setting, however, might be relevant to "any" printer brand.


If you have installation, offline, or port issues

Consider:  TCP/IP port



  1. How-to “Create TCP Port” Contributed by greenturtle

Create TCP IP port

1. Print a Configuration Page to get the printer's IPv4 address (you can also tap on the wireless icon on the Front panel of your Printer to get the IP address)
2. On your PC, go to Control Panel, from Devices and Printers, right click the printer and left click Printer Properties, select the Ports tab.
3. Click Add Port, select Standard TCP/IP Port, then select New Port and follow the wizard.
4. Type in the proper IP address for the printer.

This video resource will show you how to do it:
Create & Use TCP IP port

Note that you can ALWAYS revert back to the original port that the HP software installed by selecting the HP port under the Ports tab (in Printer Properties)



Alternative Scan Software


Finally, I have no idea whatsoever whether this software will work with a Canon - you can try the following:

NAPS2 – “Not Another PDF Scanner”

  • Download-Save-Install > NAPS2 
  • Not another PDF Scanner – free program scans PDF files and image(s) as .jpeg or PDF file(s).
  • Includes an OCR feature – may need Ghostscript add-on (See NAPS2 forum entry)
  • Read the Support pages for information
  • Download, save, and install the NAPS2 software to use.



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. I don't believe its a Windows 10 issue. I have had the computer (with Win 10) for almost a year and the printer had been working normally(which I had before the new computer) until suddenly a few days ago(for unknown reason) I had problems with printing and scanning. I have automatic Windows updates and my HP software is up to date. I tried system restore (to before the last Windows update) to no avail


So the problem for now is unsolved

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Understood.  Too bad - so many words and so little help.  Sigh.


I doubt I covered "everything" anyway.   


For example, I did not even touch on File System:  Changes in libraries (files on which other software depends), small corruptions in the data stream (or files), or tiny lost links in the Operating System.  All and any of these can wreak havoc on seemingly unrelated software.  This is not even an "HP" problem - it is just the cost of an ever changing Windows and Network environment.  No perfection. 


About the only "HP" thing you can do is something you say you have done:  Update and Manage the HP software and drivers.


 I hope you find the source of the problem so you can install your Canon scan software.


Good Luck.


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We are a world community of HP enthusiasts dedicated to supporting HP technology.






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Thanks again Dragon-Fur. Oddly all the other software (e.g photo apps for my Canon camera) downloaded. Only MP software (which includes the Canon  IJ scan software) failed


I will try some of the other things you have mentioned and if successful will post again.

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