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    Windows update impacting certain printer icons and names. Microsoft is working on a solution.
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    Need Windows 11 help?
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HP Recommended
ProBook i7
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

New laptop delivered yesterday, which I've connected to my reliable WiFi but I'm only getting download speeds of 4Mbps and upload of 0.84Mbps.  My old HP which I've just replaced is getting 46.68 download and 18.45 upload. 


I've installed all the software and updates so the WiFi is not being used by anything else, this is very frustrating.   Unless I can resolve this very quickly the new laptop will be going back.




HP Recommended

laptop of some kind posted to desktops. (why)😂

no router told  (try 802.11AC yet?

no laptop  NIC option told , its coded in the unstated,  product ID # code.xxxxxxxx

your own clues are probook (vast)  with intel i7 CPU.

and word slow.

4Mbps (that is a horror sure)

The router does not like your PC , reboot it? this unstated router?

NO warranty answers by me.
HP Recommended

Thanks for getting back to me.


My old HP (probably at least 8 years old) and a new laptop delivered yesterday are on the same desk, next to each other, so don't think it's any issue with the router.  I did notice the new laptop is using 5kz so I split the channels on the router as suggested by my broadband provider but to little effect.


I'm using https://www.speedtest.net to check the speeds of both laptops. 


I'm seriously unimpressed by the support offered by HP.  I don't expect to use a community forum to resolve issues of a laptop bought directly from HP but have yet to find a phone number or contact email to do.


But thank you for trying to help.

HP Recommended

wifi is a very complex subject and is also a  shared resource and can fail now and 1hour later be better.

my 11n laptop  only does. 40mb/s max,  not4

due to only because mine has the dirt cheap 11n card inside the laptop and not the 11AC, that is now on order.

11n is no good.



Only a few folks will talk wifi, (pain lovers)  for sure with questions posted and no PC told and no router told

An you turning off ll those old 802.11b devices first. they are no good here.(there)

I have tools to see 2  things on any wifi site,  a wifi scanner, (radar like) and one  spectrum analyzer. 2 to 5 GHz.

one  tells me you have jamming, (baby monitor junk) the other tells me if my local hood and home has overloaded channels.

No tech works blind, we MEASURE ALL THAT. (and test all the parts in the system for weaknesses.)

I can not measure in text box nor can anyone else. human.😐

NO warranty answers by me.
HP Recommended

Thanks for the additional information, will revert the changes to splitting 2.4 and 5.  But the router works fine, I've purchased another laptop a much cheaper Lenovo and that's getting speeds of upto 70Mbps through the same router so I know that's not the issue.


The HP laptop will be returned very shortly unless I can get help from HP.


Thanks again.

HP Recommended

no PC told  😐

no nic in PC told. (inside)   😮

no router told. 🤔

It is true,  vast old routers do not like modern PC NIC.  (11N  can be a big pain)

this fact is well known.  buy  a 11AC router, and not all things work but not 11b sure.


some old routers in fact have over 500 exploits. 

I have  rule ,  I DEEP 6 ALL ROUTERS THAT DO NOT HAVE UPGRADES CURRENT. for sure the 100s of exploits inside.

upgrade the router for all those reasons is best  11Ac OR WIFI 6


 BE SAFE ! 😀

I upgrade my laptop to 

Intel 7260HMW PCI-E Card Dual band wireless-AC 7260 867Mbps 802.11ac Wifi BT 4.0

bingo,  works. (not saying mine fits yours ever) but shows that it can be upgraded. or even learn to buy PCs with 11AC IN THE SLOT.


NO warranty answers by me.
HP Recommended

I know that's not the issue.


that statement is wrong,  you do not understand wifi . sorry !


still no router told at all,  (YRM, your  router matters)

all I can do is beg.

no 2 routers are these same, there are like 10,000 models, some are horrid or only work with older PCs on old 11a/g/n

the 11b bug is the worst on old router

no PC maker nor any router maker old tells you the pc will work perfectly (speed) on any router. (wifi is not like 1 thing as many seem to think)

NO ROUTER TOLD YET> (i should never answer wifi ever,  as it is too complex, I can fix any on earth my hand my tools)

but in a text box, wow. (  ever help fix things blind?) 😎

nor is this  a desktop, 

slow wifi has many many causes, I also do not know what NIC card is in your PCs.  actual part number and that many new PCs have this card as and option (pick 11AC + bluetooth or you may not be happy. 😀

testing 1,2,3...

here is test of wifi to prove just one cause,   GIGALAN modem ,  Access point 11AC but new dell PC with slower 11N  , wifi card.

i can put any card in my laptops and PC ,(ANY) and get more speed. 

see my dell fail. (in your terms , not mine)   this test is SUB LAN speeds (to RAM disk in a server ) 20Mbits/second (40 close)

that is all it can do until I upgrade my nic card in my dell. (or buy new PC and click option 11AC NIC. and win.




the above yellow words out of the brilliant wiki tells the complexity just for 11N alone,. 


  • Use Ethernet.😋
  • upgrade NIC to 11AC (wire less card)
  • buy PC with 11ac or better . (ask your salesperson)
  • move closer to router note the 2x more speed from 40feet to 6'
  • move to unused channels. I use channe6 ( please don't tell)😎
  • on desktops (this forum) is we use wifi card with external whip antennas.  shelf antenna's wow,  fantastic.
  • Upgrade to 5G card. (if have local service) 😍
  • get 11ac router  or (aka WIFI-6) first. did you? get a good one with beamforming and all that.


NO warranty answers by me.
HP Recommended

I recently had a similar experience with suddenly slow wifi download speeds using my HP EliteBook 850 laptop, purchased in Dec 2019.  Router wifi download speeds were 150 Mb/s using my Android phone. I was getting only about 1 Mb/s wifi download using the laptop, but wifi upload speed was the max at 10 Mb/s, and using an Ethernet cable to the router resulted in 150 Mb/s download speed. This was an indicator that my issue was very specific to wifi download, and was not an issue with the router. 


I followed various HP and Microsoft troubleshooting steps and finally identified some changes that resolved the slow wifi download. 

Here is the best description for the steps required.


Although this solution was related to the use of a VPN network, I have found other sources that implemented the same solution that were not VPN related. 


I do occasionally use a SonicWall VPN network on my laptop, so in my case the use of VPN may have been the cause of my problem, thought I have been using VPN since the laptop was new.


The common thread for these solutions is the wifi network adapter "Receive segment coalescing" (Rsc) settings. 

Changes are made such that the Rsc is disabled for ipv4 and ipv6 on the network adapter.

Once these changes are implemented, my wifi download speed resumed to expected speeds of greater than 100 Mb/s using a Netgear 5 GHz router. 

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