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    Need Windows 11 help?
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Hi all,


I’ve owned the Touchsmart 310-1124f desktop for some years now. It’s been very reliable as far as wireless network connectivity and I’ve never encountered the problem I’m about to ask you all to help me with. 

When I went to use the computer this morning, I noticed that it was not connect to a network. It wasn’t just not showing any available networks - the entire screen that should show networks doesn’t even populate. 

I’ve done some research as to what the issue may be and I have not tried uninstalling the wireless adapters and drivers. However, I’m hesitant to do so unless I can verify that’s the need. 

The device manager shows three hidden wireless adaptive devices:  


802.11n Wireless LAN Card #2

Microsoft WiFi Direct Virtual Adapter #1, and #2

I also figure I may be in the market for a new desktop or laptop, but I’d rather fix this one since it’s worked so well for me for years. 

Thanks for any help you can provide. 


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such super common problem , google it see millions,

not problem fixing any NIC/LAN or wifi. ever.

but did you upgrade to w10 -64 ,>>? this PC came with windows 7 not 10. so.... when was it upgraded.
it is a All in one not really a classic desktop. no problem that but matters on SERVICE.

this PC has 2 lan ports,  1: ethernet and 2 wifi so both are dead and missing in Device manager?

the drivers for the PC are here, if the microsoft PnP drivers are missing use HPs ( one or the other  only)

1100 series PC.

is here.

there is no support at HP , for w10,. so why are you using w10?





this fact means I can not help you only real HP can, if at all. it's NOT THERE.

w8 is there,

so learn how to load w8 driver to w10 this is called and documented at MS as , using compatibility mode

right click the installer + pick properties, and  and pick that.tab. compatibility and last w8 (run this program)


at 2nd PC (yours is LAN dead) get the w8 driver, to USB stick then walk to bad PC and install it.

millions of folks have done this w10 upgrade and find vast things fail( NIC /lan wifi and  sound and GPU)

vast but some are easy to fix if just 1 chip fails. LAN sure is. most time. (wifi etc)-


NO warranty answers by me.
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as soon as the tray show that missing ?

that means the driver is, dead, wrong or corrupted,

no HP w10 support only 8,(OR 7)

so if win10  does update, it might remove that driver, to cure that fix it per above 1st post.  load w8driver again. by hand.


then turn off driver updates in , MS update pages.. (mine are off now for 5 years, do my own updates to driver , my call)

this is what most do, lacking official drivers.

NO warranty answers by me.
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