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Hello, I am having a issue with my WI-FI adapter, my HP PC is detecting that I have a Ethernet connected and I am getting a error that the Ethernet cable is not plugged in correctly or is damaged, I am not using a Ethernet cable as the router is in our living room, my adapter is a Realtek RTL8188EE 802.12 bgn WI-FI Adapter, I am completely unable to connect to internet and cannot use anything that requires Internet, the same thing is happening to my brother's PC, his WI-FI Adapter is not the same as mine. I have tried all I can to get both computer to connect to the Internet and nothing has worked, can anyone help with this?

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try to know the OS only knows, you have to NICs there, ethernet and wifi card/.

so if both are dead it tries to guess what you want, It really does not know. if both are dead.

buy a  cable for ethernet see it does work and zero work to do that, just plugs in.

wifi is complex, millions of folks now on line world wide beefing on wifi,  problems. endless....

I have Ethernet to every  room in my home, and as prize never ever ever fails. TV and all , We use wifi for CELL phone only so 4/5g is not charging data rates, (and I can make any wifi work , endless, me.)


I guess you are home and brother too? not said both near router . if yes, that means the router is wrong.

If wifi fails try going closer , or  for  sure using mobile devices to get closer to test the router for DOA or not. close is faster data rates too.

not the HP PC.  bad..

is the router yours, or ISP (none stated)?

If not yours only they know your wifi credentials call ISP and ask.

if you own the wifi router then that is your job to set that and know the SSID and PW

is TV using wifi?

is cell phones dead on WIFI

both PCs are so wifi is dead. (based only on this one fact)


on the PC find your SSID

click the w10 task bar, icon showing  Icon of ANTENNA , means wifi,   then find your SSID, the SSID is your wifi broadcasted name  , mine is FIDO1. (never use defaults in any router for this) use your SSID , only, edit it.

then , type in your password WPA2 or 3 is best (3 is new for top encryption)

if that fails the ROUTER IS SETUP WRONG.


reset the router. pull the power pack from wall , count to 60s and put it back that is s soft safe reset.

that last line will be said every time you call your ISP.



I can only hope you do not run an AD HOC fully open wifi,  that be huge danger to security.


fixing this is a step by step process and results of each step is pure logic to the next  step, all things seen on screen matter.

best I can tell your router is all messed up. (did it ever work?)


if the router is dead via Etherent reset both router and model as the ISP tell everyone calling, and ARE CORRECT.

if still dead (just testing Ethernet) call your ISP. only they can fix a dead modem , aside from simple reset power.

I can also connect any PC , or TV here direct (ethernet) to my cable modem  and if fails , ISP is only cure.(no router now)


NO warranty answers by me.
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