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Guide for Selecting a Power Supply
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Re: Guide for Selecting a Power Supply

RE: "Since each 6-pin GPU power plug is rated up to 75W, a GPU with dual power plug will not draw more than 150W. "


No.   the pcie slot has 75 watts, the two connectors have 75 each for 150, total for card = 225 max.


Wikipedia is a good source for gpu power consumption.  As is tomshardware and

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Re: Guide for Selecting a Power Supply

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I have this HP computer and I was wondering if I needed to find a PSU with 4 PCIe connectors or something else. I was happy to hear that most ATX PSUs fit into HP Micro ATX cases, although, I plan on getting a larger case for better airflow. Thanks for your help.

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Re: Guide for Selecting a Power Supply

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SO, from what I know about PSU's, the most PCI-E connectors available are two; 1 X 6-pin and 1 X 6+2-pin).  The second one is for video cards the require an 8-pin connector.  Here is a product page for OCZ's GameXStream PSU.  Scroll down the page and read the specs for the connectors.


For future reference, it would be better is you started your own thread.  You will normally get a better response.


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Re: Guide for Selecting a Power Supply

I've read the posts and a lot of good info .Question is which power supply(s) have/has the exact cable configuration so I can replace my PC power supply  (plug & play)?  What I want to do is install a 650w PS in my desktop. I've added 2GB memory, a Personal Media drive, a BluRay/DVD player and an additional 640GB disk drive. I plan to  add an audio card and possibly other items.  My 350w supply I believe is not rated for such a load. Thank you

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Re: Guide for Selecting a Power Supply

I looking to update my power supply. The HP desktop is about 5 years old and it is a DC5100 SFF. I have searched the web and cannot find out if it is an ATX PSU.


Kind regards.  

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Re: Guide for Selecting a Power Supply


SilverWhiskers wrote:

Very Interesting comments! I will check inside the case to make sure. Do you know anything about the new TiVo style TV tuners? My NEW d5200t came with the new and expensive TV tuner card that allows forward and reverse and other options. HP simply added a SECOND tuner card in the desktop.


Turning it on gives you a picture. The person on TV will say one or two words and it suddenly becomes pixelated. In another moment or so the pixelation spreads all over the screen with a frozen picture and audio. In another moment the pixelation suddenly gives way to bright yellow colors all over the screen.


In another moment it begins all over again with a picture and a word or two.


I have calibrated the digital antenna using Windows Media Player. It tells me the digital antenna is working well.


Things I have noticed:

 OUT OF THE BOX: Device Manager showed a conflict with the two tuner cards. Using the Device Manager to disable one card failed to fix the problem. Switching to the other card made no difference.


Tech service keeps telling me to run recovery. I have a total of 12 hours on this computer. Eleven of these hours was in four HP tech service calls where they insist on taking remote control. From the time you dial the phone until the time an HP live human takes control of your computer is one hour.


I had a case manager I don't know call me and he said I had too many calls to tech service. He wanted to buy it back so I could go buy another brand of computer. My previous case manager would have never spoken to me that way and to be honest I was shocked.


Thanks for the good advice!


Time will tell I guess,





Had you considered  manually changing the IRQ on one of the tuner cards to avoid the conflict? Did the case managers already try that?


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Re: Guide for Selecting a Power Supply

Hello, I'm a new user to this forum, and I found this topic from the main pages and I think it fit my question, and my question is: I'd to upgrade my VGA from ATI Radeon X850 XT to either ATIRadeon X1950 or ATI Radeon X1650, but my power supply is about 400W, and my question is which power supply do i have to buy? and how to install them? oh and my pc I'm using is HP Media Centre PC, but I have upgrade some of its hardware about 3 years ago, and now I'd to upgrade the VGA, so could anyone please answer or point out a tips which to buy?Thanks


James L Chea


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Re: Guide for Selecting a Power Supply

I have a Slimline s5300z and you say your info is good for all except the Slimline. Does that mean I'm screwed or is there another way I can  increase the PSU in my Slimline?

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Re: Guide for Selecting a Power Supply

I have a d5200t, and want to increase its ability for running GPUGRID by upgrading the GPU, and possibly installing more than one of them.  GPUGRID recommends a GTX275 or higher GPU card (currently Nvidia-based only).  What PSU should I pick to handle at least one GTX275?  How many GTX275 cards could it handle?  Would any cooling improvements also be needed?


Assume that I run BOINC projects on both my current GPU and all four CPU cores nearly all the time, and have very little interest in games.


Q9650 @3.00 GHz

8 GB memory


Also, is it practical to install a higher rated PSU in my SR5125CL to allow it to use the 9800 GT GPU card now in the d5200t?  If so, would the one now in the d5200t fit, and would any cooling improvements be needed?

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Re: Guide for Selecting a Power Supply

i have a p6013 desktop and i've just bought a new graphics card for it and i want to buy a new psu as well, however i am not sure which model PSU to buy. It need's to be able to power the machine plus an Ati Radeon 5750. I know what i'm doing with graphics cards (having bought them before) but having never bought a psu i'm abit out of my depth. is the store i'll be buying my stuff from, maybe you guy's could pick something out from their catalogue ( it's only a bus ride into town so i'll be able to pick it up tomorrow)

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