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Upgrading Memory
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Re: Upgrading Memory

Is there really a compatibility problem installing additional RAM?

Over the years I’m always added RAM and made sure all the specs were correct for the PC, even though the manufacturer may be different than the OEM sticks, and never had a problem.

But now when looking to see what’s available or recommended I sometime see comments that one should not mix different makes because the sticks may have different manufacturer’s chips on them, and this may cause a compatibility problem.

I called one maker asking about their product and the tech warned about adding a different brand of memory.

Is it really that critical nowadays perhaps because PCs are faster? Or are all the warnings out there just to caution people that adding RAM may not work, perhaps because there are so many different types or speeds & that a lot of people make mistakes getting the correct type?

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Re: Upgrading Memory

Hi All,


I have a HP Pro 3000 SFF workstation and computers with DDR3 ram and win 7 64bit and downgraded to Win XP 32bit.


When i tried to upgraded my RAM to 4G with Kingston DDR3, KVR1333D3S8N9 / 2G as 2+2 module. It does not shows any display.


Kindly help to let me know what can be the issue?



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Re: Upgrading Memory

Hi ramzejazz,


Since you have Kingston memory then I would go to Kingston's technical support for assistance.

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Re: Upgrade of Memory

Kingston doesn't recommend Value Ram KVR133D3S8N9/2G for use in your system.

Kingston recommended memory for HP/Compaq HP Pro 3000 SFF / MT




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Re: Upgrade of Memory



I have the following Problem with a Compaq Presario SR2029FR.

I would like to upgrade the RAM. Using Corsair PC2-6400 DDR 2GB Dimms, I get a BIOS Beep Error:

1 long and 1 very long beep. The PC does not boot anymore.

I tried different configurations (only 1 DIMM in all four, 2 DIMMs in both channels, mixed config with the older DIMMs)

According to the SR2029 Datasheet, these DIMMs should work.


Any ideas?




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Re: Upgrade of Memory




The best thing to do is to match the dimms in comparision with your existing dimms and make sure that the specifications are the same.  You can use CPU-Z to get the specifications from your existing memory dimms.


Since you are using Corsair dimms you should contact Corsair.

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Re: Upgrade of Memory



Please see my posting above from a few days ago.

Basically how critical is it for additional RAM to be from the same manufacturer as the existing RAM?

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Re: Upgrade of Memory

[ Edited ]

Hello BNSFMike, It seems that system memory today, is extremely critical in these new systems.


In earlier days, when system memory was just a basic type, you could swap memory modules in and out of computers and the memory would work just fine. You could also mix the memory with other brands, and not have any issues at all with respect to the system memory.


Today, this no longer applies. The suppliers of system memory configure their memory in ways that will not be compatible with other brands. The type of memory may be the same but the chips on the modules may be different and the timings will almost certainly be different.


Many of the OEM system providers configure their systems to meet a particular specification, and any other memory specification will not be supported in these systems.


Since the DDR 2 dual channel specification memory started to become available, these modules started to become system specific and many of these modules would not work in some systems.


If you go to a memory provider and run their memory configurator for a specific HP, Dell, or other name brand system, the model number will almost always be different than a generic memory module in the same class or type. These are really different memory modules, that are specifically designed for the specific system.


Just some thoughts.


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Re: Upgrade of Memory



Matching up all of the dimm specifications has been my experience in avoiding issues.  A good bios will read out the SPD information from the dimms and make the setup according to the information obtained. Don't expect every dimm to cooperate with other dimms not having the same specifications.


Many times the motherboard manufacturers will maintain a list of "certified" memory dimms. ASUS is a good example. If you go outside that list then you are looking for trouble.


Bottom line: Don't expect HP to certify every band of memory to work with every other brand in a particular motherboard.

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Re: Upgrade of Memory

[ Edited ]

Big_Dave, your experience pretty well matches mine. Third-party memory configurators tend to push towards specific OEM-compatible replacements, but in my experience the top 2 things to remember are (a) match the mobo specs as closely as possible and (b) buy either the modules for ALL slots as a bundle OR at least a bundle whose quantity matches your channels (2 for dual-channel, 3 for triple-channel, etc.)

Your post on page 41 of detailed specs on the Alvorix mobo (also used by my Pavilion p7-1010) convinced me to go ahead and get Newegg's Shell Shocker deal today on a Corsair quad-pack at . Ever since I got this HP (refurbished thru a Woot-Off), I thought its 6GB config was strange--especially since CPU-Z confirmed the DIMMs were in slots 3 & 4, of different sizes (slot 3 = 4GB, slot 4 = 2GB), not even from the same manufacturer (slot 3 uses Samsung chips, slot 4 Micron), and for those reasons obviously "Unganged". Your post confirmed why they're arranged that way AND that going dual-channel is better (even though some other places say newer boards work better unganged).

The only difference between the Corsair bundle and the Alvorix specs for a maxed-out memory config (4 x 4GB) is that the Corsair is officially tested as quad-channel; though that might be different than the Alvorix's dual/dual config, AFAIK that shouldn't be a big issue--and may actually be a plus since the modules are same manufacturer, same batch & tested together. (If it is an issue, Newegg has a 30-day return policy.) As the Alvorix is essentially an HP mobo (made for HP by Foxconn, whose site has zero info), I wouldn't expect either HP or Foxconn to create a detailed list of certified memory similar to ASUS'.

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