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The HP Community is where owners of HP products, like you, volunteer to help each other find solutions.
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HP RTX 2080 Ti (from HP Omenb gaming desktops)
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Recently purchased an HP RTX 2080 Ti. A good card, but cooling problems. The card gets very hot pretty quickly. Water cooling seems to me to be the only solution. However, there is little information available about this type and with HP Service (any service) you cannot enter it, even with the serial number. So hopefully a clear answer this way.
Which waterblock would fit on this card?

Type of card I have (identification via CPU-Z)
Nvidea GEFORCE RTX 2080 Ti
from Hewlett-Packard
Code name TU 102-300


I immediately add a second question. I would opt to buy a second one and I also need a SLI Bridge NVLINK for this. For this it is also a search and any information about these options is missing at HP.

Who can help?


@Hp No need to comment that it depends on what region I am in. Today you can order online from anywhere. So please specified models! AND no referral to information can be obtained from manufacturers. They say that the card must first be taken apart before a type (if already available) can be delivered.

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Hi LiniusV,

I have a similar problem.  I tested my RTX 2080 Super with 3DMark and the max temperature was  86°. 



Spec from NVIDIA says that 89° is maximum for this graphic card. So far I get no answer from HP or find any other information abou Spec for my Omen PC.


Please can you tell us, how hot is your graphic card during gaming?!


kind regards

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Sadly HP cards are very bad when it comes to cooling and performance. From my research I have not found any water cooling parts that will fit their parts. Personally I feel it a waste even if you could though due to their cards not being of the best quality in every other way too. I have their rig with a 2080ti in it and average 85-90° temps on it while gaming. HP support does nothing. Already tried all that. The most you will get is an offer for you to send it to them (and get no replacement) while they take the card to look at it to see if it needs repair. Hint, there isn’t anything wrong with the card other than it’s just bad from the blueprints.

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Indeed, I fear it is a known problem with these cards and even other models.

Direct questions, in another topic linked to this one, are not answered by HP or are answered completely next to the issue. Which happens very often on blogs.

I may have found a block that could fit, but unfortunately I will not know until I have taken everything apart. This is scheduled to be done soon.

I have also written to various websites and suppliers. Most of them are not familiar with the card.

I did receive the following answer from watercool.de:

"After profitable examination and research we came to the conclusion that
the graphics card should be a reference board. Therefore the following
article numbers 15620, 15621, 15622, 15623, 15624, 15630 should fit on
your graphics card. "


Just replace the numbers at the back of the website link with the other models and you will see everything.

I'm now going to wait and see what the piece says that I ordered and thought it was okay. I will definitely post this here on this blog.

@Hp: It is a pity that another company has provided an answer here and concrete proposals. Note: we still have to wait and see if they fit.

@other owners of HP GPUs: if there is interest in tackling the problem, please contact watercool, got an answer after week (presumably with their research). I hope to be able to let you know which block did or did not fit within 2 weeks (end of November 2020 at the latest).

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