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Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Dear HP community,

I would like to know what is the optimal setting to overclock my Omen PC 880-070NT using Omen Command Center in terms of:

  • Process Core Ratio
  • Core Voltage Ratio
  • Cache Ratio

The specs are i7-7700k

32GB Ram

Nvidia GTX1080

Thanks in advance.


I didn't touch anything. Theyre like that. Why first core is 45 and others 44?



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HEllo @cerenbjk


Personally I prefer to not run overclocking because the system will turbo the CPU up as needed automatically.

But if you just want to run the overclocking tool because you can, I just use the Processor Core Ratio and leave the other options alone.

Each computer will have its own Optimal setting, no two PCs are the same. You have to find the sweet spot. That is why the OCC offers the benchmarking tool, to let you see if the system will run stable after an overclock.

If the benchmark increases, you are most likely stable. If it goes down, you're not.

Its important to increase it one notch at a time and test, to find that sweet spot.

And don't run it overclocked all the time. Only if you need the clocks during gaming or such.


I will take a guess that it will run around x47 to x48 stable.

The first Core shows higher clocks at Default and this is normal. All CPUs will do this as per design.


When changing the overclock, its important to Restart the system 2 times. It will completely shut down and reboot itself. When changing back to default clocks, also Restart 2 times.


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So.. My pc when Im in games goes too hot. I use afterburner for check in game temps. My gpu goes 83 cause msi afterburner temp limit. But my i7 7700K goes to 87 degrees .. What can I do for this. How I fix that with overclock. Can u help me step by step ? 

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You're not giving me any details to work with here...

YOu want to fix the heat with Overclocking? Overclocking makes the temps go up, not down.


  1. What game is reaching these temps?
  2. What was the Overclock set at when it hit these temps?
  3. What is the temperature when the system is at Default clocks?
  4. What cooler is attached to the CPU? Air or liquid Cooler?
  5. What is the ambient room temperature?


All these things makes a difference.

If the game is getting too hot at a particular setting, drop the ratio down one notch.

Dont use Afterburner for the temps.

You can see the temps in the command center.



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1. Generally all games - deadbydaylight-tom clancy-forest-fifa 18

2. I buy this pc 6 month ago. And all things auto. I updated all included bios last update. But the overclock set is in bios i7 7700k clocks are auto 4400mhz. Normally its 2.4ghz.

3.Temperatures are these ( you can look screenshots) https://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo?album_id=5375800714&photo_id=500922498760   https://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo?photo_id=500922501013&album_id=5375800714

4. I dont know whats inside. I think its liquid cooler. Look at that - https://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo?album_id=5375800714&photo_id=500922507897

5. Ambient temps are 23-25 C

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If the game is getting too hot at a particular setting, drop the ratio down one notch.


And u said that. Which ratio ? Theres a processor core ratio and processor cache ratio.. 

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Third party website to host your photos is not necessary. You can post photos directly on this forum.

Photobox wants me to sign up with them first to see your photos and Im not doing that.



You should only be using ONE slider for overclocking period. The main one... Processor Core Ratio.

YOur default clock is x44, yes. How high are you able to take you clock speed up to stable?

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If I buy cooler the temps are going down? What u think? And what I need ? Like what cooler? I need how much ? and what brands or options ? And if I buy theyre down or u dont think it? 

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My Omen 880-160 with an i7 8700K and 1070 8GB with 16GB ram is running at 44x also, but it using about half the memory yours is at idle with HWInfo open. My CPU temps are about 10c cooler than yours. I have the same liquid cooler that you do also.


I think you have something in the background running that is making the temps hotter than mine.

You need to open the Task Manager and see what services are taking up memory and cpu.

If Windows Defender is running scans, it will cause this to happen too.


Is your system fully up to date?

Make sure it is first, then only run HWInfo to see where you are at.

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