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HP Recommended
HP Omen PC 870-244
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Hello, I have the HP Omen 870-244 Desktop.  The specs are: i7-7700 CPU.  GTX 1070 8GB GPU.  16 GB RAM.  1 TB HDD.  If you need any more info about the PC, just ask.


It was one of the models which didn't come with an SSD.  With how important SSDs are to gaming these days, I decided to go ahead and order one.  I ordered the 128GB Samsung 830 SSD from Newegg (Really good deal).  All it came with was a screwdriver.  Prior to ordering the SSD, I had absolutely no knowledge on installing an SSD.  I am brand new to gaming PCs.  However, I am not silly, and I will not destroy it by opening it up, lol.


So with no knowledge, I watched some videos on installing SSDs.  It seems some PCs have dedicated areas in the tower for SSDs that require no cables, and some do need the cables.  


I see that some different versions of the same desktop have SSDs pre installed in them.  So I am assuming that they do have dedicated slots or areas for SSDs.  


Anyways, any information on the subject would be greatly appreciated.  I basically want to know if I'm going to need to go buy a SATA cable BEFORE i open this bad boy up.


Thanks for reading and any information you can provide to me, would be VERY helpful!



HP Recommended


Hello, I have the HP Omen 870-244 Desktop.  

I ordered the 128GB Samsung 830 SSD from Newegg (Really good deal).  

You just purchased an Evo 830? Are you sure of the model or is it an Evo 850?

The only one I see on NewEgg is this one and its NOT a good deal - Newegg 830


Besides, if you are going to go with a 2.5 inch, you're better off going with something like a lesser priced (but more updated) SSD like Adata, Adlink, etc. But if you have it already, ok. Yes you will need a sata cable.

Here is a good video review of a variety of Sata SSD's...



But your motherboard has an M.2 NVMe slot hidden underneath the PCIe slot where your video card is.

NVMe is more money, but 5 times faster than sata. So you have to decide what is best for you.


If you're installing games, 128 GB is not going to be big enough. You will run out of room faster than you realize.

Bigger is better, go with what you can afford.


Let me know if you have other questions.


HP Recommended

Yes I am sure lol, that's not the one.  It is for sure an 830 and it was 35.99.  


This is just so I  could get my feet wet with working with computer internals.  I will buy a much bigger m.2 device and put the OS on this 128 GB later on down the road, but for now it's basically so I can practice working on the PC, while getting a little extra speed on the games I'm playing.  I only play a few right now so it's no big deal, atm.


Is the link you posted of an m.2 SSD?


Anyways, basically, it didn't come with a SATA cable.  Do you know if in my PC the mount for the SSD has some sort of built in connection to the motherboard?  Or should I order a cable?  Just wanting some info on it, I don't want to open it up only to find out I need another cable, lol.

HP Recommended

Is the link you posted of an m.2 SSD?

The link is to a  YouTube channel called Tech Deals and he is explaining the differences in the more expensive to cheaper 2.5 inch Sata SSD's. They connect with a Sata Cable and would be mounted the same way the traditional hard drive (HDD) is mounted, with the exception that you would also need a special 2.5 inch caddy to mount the SSD with. The HDD is 3.5 inch. I have not been able to find a set of mounting screws needed for the mount as HP does not sell them.


Do you know if in my PC the mount for the SSD has some sort of built in connection to the motherboard?  Or should I order a cable? 

Again, you will need to buy another Sata Cable if you are going to have both the SSD and HDD mounted.

You would need to disconnect the HDD before installing Windows to the SSD. Then wipe the HDD and use it for storage.

Before you do this, create the HP usb recovery media from the HDD first. It will not reinstall to the SSD, but will for the HDD.

Create the USB recovery onto a 16 GB usb pen drive. Go to the HP Recovery Manager from the Start Menu to access the UI.

recovry manager.JPG


Here are some manuals for your model that will help explain how to install hardware...



You definitely have some homework to do first.

Let em know If I can answer any other questions.







HP Recommended

Thanks for your help.  Could you reccomend some links to some correct sata cables?  I dont believe I need a power cable for it, because I'm assuming there's a spare one on the Power Supply, but even so I want to get one of those as well.


So I need to find the correct SATA cable, and a power cable for the SSD.  If you know of any, thank you.. I prefer to use Newegg when I can xD

HP Recommended

Finding that yourself is simple and easy.  Look at the sata cable connected to the existing hard drive. The Sata SSD will connect the same way.

Swap out the HDD for the SSD and use the same sata cable. Move the HDD down to the second hard drive slot.

You will need a 2.5 inch caddy for the SSD.

Do a search for sata cables on "Newegg" and find one the same length as the existing cable (or longer).  Sata cables are sata cables. Yours has one end thats a 90 degree bend.  😉

Here is the part number for the one you have now if you want to find an exact match.

809377-001  Cable - SATA3.0, 185mm, ST-ST, for RF


I learned from another user that there should be extra guide screws that came with the Omen for a 2nd drive to be mounted.


Yes, your power supply should have another power connector on the same wire the HDD is connected with. You can use that second connector. They are probably labeled P4, P5, P6.

sata power connector.PNG


Here's a video from HP showing Hard drive replacement on an Omen 880. Its not an 870 but the idea is the same.


HP Recommended

Thanks again my friend.  I really appreciate all your help.  


So I should order, a caddy, a SATA cable, a 16GB USB Drive.  Is that it?

HP Recommended

Caddy = yes


SATA cable = yes


16GB USB Drive = yes (for the HP recovery, store in a safe place)



Another blank USB Drive (4GB minimum) for Windows ISO installer for the SSD via the media creation tool.

Create both USB installers using the original HDD first before you disconnect it.


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