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Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Has anyone tried overclocking using the intelligent setting in the Omen Command Center? I'm a bit nervous as the prompt says it takes 40 minutes and that the computer will likely experience blue screen errors, and restart several times...


Image reference here: 



I just got an Omen Obelisk with an I9900 CPU. 

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Welcome to the forum.

I am not a HP employee.


Congratulations on purchasing a new Omen.


You could take the plunge. The system will reset if you go too far on overclocking.


I don't recommend overclocking the PC.



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To add...

I was curious, your model Obelisk 875-1040st comes in two versions with the same model number. One is followed with a CTO suffix.  Neither one has specs that can be looked up (configure to order's don't). I'm not sure what that is about unless who ever entered the models into the system down at the HP office, got something screwed up.


I assume you meant yours came with an i9-9900K ?

I had an Omen 880 system earlier this year and the new Intelligent Overclocking feature would cause it to black screen. I had a devil of a time getting it back to normal, having to go into Safe Mode to reset it.

But I had no trouble doing a manual (Custom) overclock.


Unless you just have the need for enthusiast bragging rights, I would do as @Grzwacz  suggested and not mess with it. Its really not going to be necessary for gaming, considering what a beast that CPU is already.

Just my personal opinion: I think putting that CPU in a MicroATX build is a crying shame. If I wanted to overclock a 9900K, I would want a bigger case with plenty of air flow and a dual fan radiator.


If you decide to manually overclock, just use the Core Multiplier slider and go in small (1 to 2) increments at a time. When you adjust it, you need to reboot the PC twice for the overclock to stick (same for when you set it back to default, otherwise it might reboot on its own when you least expect it). Then run the benchmark to see if its going to run stable at that speed.

Then keep your eye on the temps to see how hot it runs during a game.



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Wow thanks! I have already overclocked slightly and it worked fine, then I increased the core multiplier too much and it crashed. 


I will stay away from the Intelligent Overclocking feature. It seems very enticing, however if it operates poorly it could be a huge pain. 


Regarding the naming convention I have no idea. This particular Obelisk was featured at CES as the upgraded Obelisk. The CPU has liquid cooling, the motherboard has 4 DIMM slots, etc. 


From what I could see the case size could be bigger to allow for more cooling, other than that it's great so far.


Guess I will stick to manual mode.

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Maybe some further context here would help...

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Sure thing.

BTW: What is the Product number of your Obelisk?

It can be found in the HP Support Assistant.

Go to the Start menu and scroll to H>HP Help and Support>HP Support Assistant.
Open the program and click on your computer in the list.
The Product Number will be listed either on the top or bottom of the window.


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Here it is. Let me know what you find! 
I found it odd to that I had to dig to find this updated version of the Obelisk. 
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OK thanks. Yes you have the CTO version. Im guessing you ordered it customized from a list of parts through HP...



I have not seen the RGB feature on the graphics cards yet and I cannot find documentation on it either. But then HP doesn't send us memo's on whats new either.  From other reviews on that Obelisk series with the RTX cards, the gfx lighting is not customizable, its only red.  I don't know where that one guy came up with his graphics card RGB lighting in the video you linked. Ill have to ask around.



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I will post on his YT video and see. 


Let me know if you hear anything please.

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