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    Need Windows 11 help?
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Omen Obelisk
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

So when I open my Omen Command Center it keeps giving me an error that says "This application cannot be run in administrator mode". I've tried restarting my pc, shutting it down for 4 hours, and trying again, and also reinstalling the program. I think this is an app problem as of today the same issue happened to someone in the ratings on the Microsoft store for the Omen Command Center app. If someone could help me fix this or if HP can fix the app and update it. Thank you and have a great day!

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I have exactly the same issue with my 15-dc0xxx.

Moreover, due to the fact that the command center is not working, I can no longer control the fan speed, now they are spinning in quite mode all the time, which is why the system constantly overheats. However, the fans work fine if I switch to a different Windows user (not anymore, since I've tried to repair command center from that Windows user).

I tried reinstalliing, repairing the command center program, I updated my BIOS - none of this changed the situation.

Please fix this ASAP, I think a lot of people have faced this problem since the last command center update at 20.10.

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I have the same situation in my HP Omen 15 (2019), I can't run it and mi laptop overheats, I tried the same, reinstalling, deleting the main folder and nothing fix it.


Help! it is important. 😞 

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Exactly the same issue since this morning, everytime I want to open the Omen Command Center, it tells me the app cannot be run in Administrator mode. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, troubleshooting on the app settings, but I cannot seem to find any solution for it.


Impossible also to locate the .exe in my files to unable a potential feature that would make it run in admin mode by default. The problem is brand new and super annoying because I NEED the feature in the omen center to play videogames and render my 3D work..

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I have the Same Problem 

any one have a solution ?

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We need an answer right now. I have spent the night trying to resolve this without success. Moreover, the support at HP is either impossible to reach or totally useless. 

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@Im-Potato, @Chaz12k, @Miguelmontana, @goofables, @AdhamEssam, @goofables


I reviewed your post and I understand that the Omen Command center is not working correctly.


Don’t worry, I assure you I will try my best to get this sorted.


I recommend you follow the below steps and check if it helps.


Procedure 1: Ensure the OMEN Commend Center and OS are at the latest versions.

Step 1: Upgrade the OMEN Commend Center and OS to the latest version.

  1. Click the Search icon.
  2. Type Microsoft Store in the search field.
  3. Launch the Microsoft Store.
  4. Select Downloads and updates.
  5. Click Get updates. If there are OMEN Command Center or HP System Event Utility updates available, proceed and update them to the latest versions.

Step 2: Perform Windows Updates.

  1. Click Start.
  2. Click the Settings icon.
  3. Select Windows Updates.
  4. Select Check for updates.
  5. Download and install all updates (a restart may be required).

Step 3. Check for driver and BIOS updates for your computer through the HP Support Assistant app, or from HP Customer Support - Products.

Procedure 2: Uninstall, then reinstall the OMEN Command Center.


If the issue is not resolved by updating OMEN Commend Center and OS, perform the steps to uninstall, then reinstall the OMEN Command Center.

  1. Click Start.
  2. Click the Settings icon.
  3. Select Apps.
  4. Locate the OMEN Command Center, and click Uninstall. Allow the uninstall process to complete (a restart may be required).
  5. Click the Search icon.
  6. Type Microsoft Store in the search field.
  7. Launch the Microsoft Store.
  8. Locate OMEN Command Center.
  9. Select Get to re-install the OMEN Command Center.

Let me know how it goes and you have a great day!


P.S: Welcome to the HP Support Community 😊


If you wish to show appreciation for my efforts, mark my post as Accept as Solution. Your feedback counts!



Stay Home – Stay Safe

I am an HP Employee

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As I already mentioned above, none of this helps.

The REAL solution is required, not this.

Why are you blocking fan control for the software other than yours if you cannot keep your software working properly? You've broken your software, haven't fixed it for a while, and I have no alternative solutions. Why should I suffer?

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Нет, это не помогает! обновление Windows и драйверов. Удаление центра и скачивание по новой, новой версии если уж на то пошло. Скорее всего это связано с последними обновлениями центра, намудрили что то вы там -_-

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Абсолютно такая же проблема и похоже её никто не собирается решать, столкнулся с ней неделю назад.

Приложение просто перестаёт работать. Никаких причин для этого нет. Может перестать работать через неделю, может перестать работать через несколько часов.

Вот я переустановил windows, все драйвера обновил, все обновления поставил. А этот command center проработал буквально пару часов. Я настроил абсолютно всё, установил все рабочие программы и настроил их. И ВДРУГ ОН ПЕРЕСТАЛ РАБОТАТЬ!

Удаление программы и повторная установка не помогает. у меня 17-cb1022ur
Абсолютно не понимаю почему такая цена у этих аппаратом с таким огромным количеством брака. Это 8й по счёту ноутбук, предыдущие 7 я вернул обратно в магазин.

С этим тоже не всё гладко, например две клавиши без подсветки и засветы на матрице. Я думал оставить его себе и через сервисный центр исправить это, но ***** зачем?

Если у вас даже программа ваша не работает как надо? Что вы вообще способны сделать?
Знаете какой мне ответ дали в моей поддержке? Что вы не отвечаете за ноутбуки, которые вышли free doc
Если вы не способны за них ответить, то почему не отдаёте их бесплатно?????

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