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PWM Fan control
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Re: PWM Fan control

Well i can say for sure the fan that comes with the omen is absolutely horrible.

After installing a Corsair SP120 performance fan, my idle temps dropped to around 24c which is only 1 degree above ambient and after running a 100% CPU torture test, the max temp I saw was 73c with an average across the cores of 66-68c.


Doing a little research into the fan that came with the cooler, I found it is a server fan that is not designed with high static pressure in mind.


HP you are building these computers for enthusiast gamers, you should be putting components in that are designed for their intended use.


I hope this will help any one else out there experiencing high temperatures. I read a few reviews that showed these units running 80c+ on the cpu which is obsurd for a water cooled unit. Replace the rad fan immediately!

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Re: PWM Fan control

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I wouldn't think that the Corsair SP120 performance fan would make that much difference. Its high end air flow is not all that great.  I did notice that it's a three pin fan and not a PWN fan.  All the fans that I use in my custom rig are four pin PWN fans.

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Re: PWM Fan control

Further testing done reversing the corsair SP120 and stock fan, both perform better when put into pull configuration to take cool air from the top of the case across the radiator and letting the two GTX 1080s vent the hot air with their blower design reference cooler.

Took a temp gun and looked at the thermals around and on the pump and both sit around the 45-50 temp so there may be an error with the thermal reader. As it was consistent across 3 different software suites.

It may also be the heat that is produced off the graphics cards under load affecting the thermal reader. Either way it seems that putting more air across the motherboard and directing airflow out via the graphics card is better for the system than the hot air coming up from the graphics cards and across the rad reducing the cooling efficiency of the water cooling loop.

I suppose this should all be good feedback for HP.
The important thing I would take away from this is that HP should look at the thermal design of the case and the fans they put with the system as changing them had a pretty big impact on the system temp in general.
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Re: PWM Fan control

900-087na Overheat. I had a similar problem with CPU running up to 100C+. After a short investigation I used a 45deg clockwise turn (about 1/8 of a turn)  on the screws holding the cooler in place. The CPU temperature immediatly dropped back to the 40-50c range and now under heavy loading only reaches 60 - 70c, with occasional jumps to high 80s. Word of warning - if it feels to hard to tighten a screw, then dont do itSmiley Happy.

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Re: PWM Fan control

I ended up gutting my omen and just building my own. It is such a rediculous unit. It is not built with quality components. It was not designed with thermals in mind and it certainly throttles when playing games. It was the worst decision to ever buy one and I will not recommend the omen range to anyone.

I ended up building my own machine with and on the same CPU with better airflow in the case and a better liquid cooling loop and a pretty decent overclock of 5.0ghz I still never saw my thermals go past 67c on a CPU torture test.

Says a lot about hps engineers. None of them know jack about building a pc for performance and gaming. 0/10 HP.
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