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 I just received my new HP Omen 880-150t after waiting for two months with delay after delay.  I finally receive it, install Window 10 Pro and now can't turn off the edited** lighthouse beacon!  I downloaded the HP Control app and received the same "SynCom.dll was not found" message described above.   And now an HP employee is telling me to install the Pro Trial Version of CCleaner, third-party software!  I've been a loyal HP customer for over 30 years purchasing over $100k in PC's, monitors, printers, and scanner's, and this is what I have to do to turn off a LED?  This may be the last HP product I purchase or recommend.  


And BTW, this new desktop replaced my HP Envy Phoenix 860 which had multiple hardware & software failures two weeks after my 3-year warranty expired. 


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I believe the answer to this riddle can be found at: https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c05387497


To determine whether your OMEN uses the Command Center, Control Center, or Accelerator App to access features, refer to the tab: OMEN software compatible models.    In my case, I own model 880-150t which means I use the OMEN Command Center, and not the Control Center or Accelerator App.


To determine which Command Center features are available, refer to the tab: OMEN Command Center features.  In my case, I own model 880-150t which means I use the OMEN Command Center.   Lighting features are not available on my model.


Therefore, I will contact HP to verify the info above. What I don’t understand or agree with is HP installing LED’s on a $1,900 desktop with no way to control them (even on/off).  A Command Center app already exists for some OMEN models, but not the 880 series.   I believe this feature should be available on all OMEN series models.   If HP confers with this logic above, I will open the unit and disconnect the wires to the LED’s on the front panel.


UPDATE:  Confirmed from HP that the "Lighting" feature through the Command Center app is only available on the Omen "X" models.  HP does provide one option for turning the LED's ON or OFF on all models, they call it the POWER switch!   I plan to disconnect  the LED's internally in my 880-155t model.   It's a shame that HP provides the LED's along with the Command Center app for all OMEN models, but restricts the "Lighting" feature to models costing $3,000 and up. 

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What did you install exactly?

There is an Omen Command Center and an Omen Control Center, two different programs. What is the link you used?

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I appreciate your help, but if HP requires users to jump through hoops like this on a $1900 PC, I'll likely just cut the wires and use the time saved with my family.  Thanks anyway.


Also, I followed the proposed solution in this thread using CCleaner, etc. 

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Ya I saw that post about using Ccleaner. That wasn't going to help your situation. 🙄


What your system uses is the Omen Command Center. When you say you installed Win10 Pro, I assume you did a clean install?

IF so, when you use Microsoft's stand alone ISO and fully clean install Windows, you wont have any of the programs that were previously installed because the C drive gets wiped. Anything you want back has work to be done just like any other brand of PC.


In regards to the Omen Command Center (OCC), there are some more files that have to be installed also.

Ill give you the steps, but know that I cant guarantee it to work because its "tricky" to get it working on Windows PRO edition.


Here are the steps if you want to try....


Uninstall what ever version of the OCC is installed now. Go to your Start Menu and look for it there and uninstall it if it shows up. If you installed the OCC from the HP website, that will be the wrong version. Use Add or Remove Programs to uninstall that one.

Then try these next steps in the order I have them.
Install these...
Get OMEN Command Center - Microsoft Store
Get HP System Event Utility - Microsoft Store
OMEN Command Center SDK sp98588.exe
HP support Assistant   sp99450.exe

Now force Windows Updates to search for updates.

  • Go to Windows Updates and Security and click on the Search for Updates button, even if it shows its up to date. If it already shows updates pending, let them install. Reboot the computer, then do it again (search again until no more are found).

Then run the HP Support Assistant and let it search for drivers and install them.

  • NOTE!!!  Only install the drivers. Do not install a BIOS update with the HPSA. Bios updates should be done separately from the HP downloads page.

Then go to Windows Services and scroll down to HP Omen HSA Service and make sure its set to Running - Automatic.
The Omen button may or may not open the OCC. If it does not, go to the Start Menu and see if it will open from the short cut.

If you still get the error, go back to the Start menu OCC icon, right click on it, go to More and choose to run it as Administrator.


If all that doesn't work, I am sorry. Its not going to cooperate with Win10 PRO.

Hope that helps. 🤞

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I purchased this Omen 880-150t desktop in August from HP.com.   It arrived a few days ago on Oct. 16, 2019 while i was out of town.  It’s amazing no one took it off my front porch.  It was a customized PC with the following installed:


- RAM 16GB (2x8GB) DDR2666 HyperX


- CPU i7-8700K Hexa core

- Liquid Cooled

- Windows 10-Pro


I took it out of the shipping box yesterday and performed the following steps:

- connected to my home network

- Installed Norton Security

- Installed Norton Utilities

- Installed Office 365

- Installed Adobe Photoshop Elements

- Cleaned registry using Norton Utilities

- researched how to turn off Omen LED lights

- downloaded Omen Control Center

- clicked on Control Center, received msg “syncom.dll missing”


Windows 10-Pro came pre-installed on this brand new desktop.

1. Why is this dll file missing?

2. Why isn’t the Omen Control Center pre-installed?


I have been using an iPad for two months waiting for this desktop to arrive and when I first use it, can’t even turn off the LED’s.

Since I do not want the lights on anytime, it may be easier to open the box and disconnect the LED’s.  My previous HP Envy also had LED’s which I could turn off through an app.  This just can’t be that complicated.  







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OK...  I am just a volunteer, not an employee.

I'm only giving you the advice above based on my years of experience here on the forum.


Why the DLL file is missing, I don't know. If Windows Pro was preinstalled, OK. Some custom to order machines have them. In such case, all I can ask is you try my method above.

Your machine uses the Omen Command Center, not the Control center.

Registry Cleaners can do more harm than good if you don't know what to look for in the list it populates. If you cleaned your registry without a reg backup, you will need to reinstall Windows as I have no way of knowing what you corrupted.


If it does not work, you need to contact HP Support and do a warranty claim. They may send you a recovery drive to use to reinstall Windows with.

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I tried to use the Omen Command Center, but there's no features around LED's.  It only shows System Vitals, OverClocking, Network Booster, and Gaming features.  If the missing synCom.dll file is covered under the first year HP warranty, I can try it. 


I also purchased the Risk-Free HP Care Pack Rebate for $299.  If I don't use that warranty, I receive the full $299 back after submitting a claim form within 60 days of warranty expiration.   Therefore, I'm not using the Risk-Free warranty to figure out something HP should provide to customers with new qualifying desktops.


I'll try your approach above and update the thread.  Thank you. 


Update:  I just saw a "Lighting" feature (that controls the front panel lights and keyboard lights on an online (https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c05387497) image of the Omen Command Center.  My version doesn't show "lighting", so I will try to locate that version and install it.

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OK got ya.

Even though you purchased the extended warranty, I don't think calling in during the first year with a simple question will affect the extended care package. BUT, what I can do is ask the Moderators here to have someone contact you via this forum. Then you can ask away and not have any affect on it. They will be able to tell you if you need service or not and if it will affect the care package.

LET ME KNOW if it comes down to that and I will contact them. 😉


As far as the lighting goes, that case only comes with Red LED lighting. There are no controls built in to change it as its physically red leds installed.

I think the 2080Ti has RGB on the card itself, but unless you have that (or a peripheral like the Omen Sequencer RGB keyboard), there wont be anything show up in the command center for lighting.


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Any free advice is welcome.  The OCC panel I saw at:   https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c05387497 says to download the OCC on the Microsoft Store.  I just downloaded it, but unfortunately, it still does not display a Lighting Feature under OMEN DESKTOP.  It should be the most current version.  I'll keep trying or do you think I need to restore the system again?


That bright red light has to go.  As an LED, it's not a major cost on our electric bill.  However, we live less that a mile from a municipal airport, and I prefer not to confuse pilots with this bright light.  They may assume it's part of the airports ILS system.  Our street would barely fit a Cessna 172 Skyhawk.  Airforce One would never fit...


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THE Links I  gave you earlier.... That is the latest version of the OCC from the Microsoft Store YES.

I assume you followed my instructions all the way? The current version of the OCC is


The LED lighting cannot be adjusted. But you can remove the side panel and disconnect the wires to those lights.

The OCC will not offer any way to turn them off.


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