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OMEN by HP Desktop PC 880-p1xx
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Hey gang. I've got a OMEN by HP Desktop PC 880-p1xx

sn [Personal Information Removed]

product number 2HJ46AA#ABA


I need to upgrade the SSD and don't know what support connections it takes, sata? etc. I only know that it's 2.5 in form factor. 

Also upgrading the ram and want to put in the exact same 2 x  8GB Samsung 2400MHz and specs say, DDR4, non ecc and 1.2 volts. Searching newegg gives me way too many results. 


Any help would be appreciated please! Thanks!

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Below is the link to the Crucial memory/SSD report for your PC.


They have compatible memory and SSD's for sale.




I recommend you get one of the NVMe SSD's they offer.


That is the type and form factor of your PC's current 256 GB SSD.


NVMe SSD's provide much faster read/write speeds than SATA ones do.


The Crucial P5 drives have faster read/write speeds than the P2's do.

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Thanks, I know how to search for ram and drives. But I have no idea the SSD configuration on this system as well as they exact ram as I guess I need to open the case and look. I was hoping to find users with this system and what they upgraded to. 


Ram runs anywhere from $35 to 150 or more for the type listed. Not sure the difference and of course not going to put more expensive ram in than what is in it how. It has 2xsticks in how, I'm just going to add 2x more to make it 32 gigs. 


The SSD is 50 gigs from being full. I need at least 1 tb at this point, but don't know the connection type. 

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You're very welcome.


I have already informed you that the SSD is M.2.


You need this type of drive...this is the 1 TB capacity.




Below is the link to the product specs for your PC.




256 GB PCIe NVMe TLC M.2 Solid State

  • Size: 256 GB
  • Interface: M.2
  • Type: TLC Solid State



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Thanks for the info, I swear I thought this had the 2.5 small square SSD drives, not the stick ones. Cool. So to confirm, I don't need any conversion kits for this to replace the system drive. I'm not sure how many slots are available for this type of format though. It's pretty vague in the manual. I'm hoping to clone the current os and transfer all contents over to this new drive. 


Still need to find the proper 2 other sticks of ram to make 16 up to 32

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All you need to do is to remove the existing 'gumstick' SSD and replace it with one just like it but having more storage capacity.


There is only one slot for such a drive in your PC.


The other M.2 slot referenced in the specs is for the wifi card, which is currently in use and that is all that slot can be used for.


For the memory, the processor your PC has runs the memory at 2666 MHz so I would hope that HP installed 2666 MHz memory modules.


Here is the parts list.




I'm assuming HP installed 2 of the 8 GB 2666 MHz memory chips...934254-800


It's pretty expensive...




Here is the other issue...it seems that if you don't install the HP memory, whatever memory you install runs the whole shebang at a slower speed.


See this discussion...



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Hi again Paul. Question. Is there an adapter kit of some type that I can get to be able to use one of the other existing drive bays on this unit. I don't see how to use the wireless card slot for this, and or am I missing something. I'd still like to add more SSD drives. 


The drive came today. They make drive cloning software for this as well. 

SAMSUNG 970 EVO M.2 2280 1TB PCIe Gen3. X4, NVMe   

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Unfortunately, I don't have an answer to your questions.


I do know that the wifi card M.2 slot can't be used for anything but the wifi card.

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