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omen 880-076no
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

so i bought an hp omen 880-076no i January and from the start, something was wrong with it, i identified wrong and i wasn't running right so i had a talk with customer support and with a compleat factory reset i started running better and identifying as the model it was supposed to. but doing this i had a look at the cpu fan and it just looked small to me, it should be known i know very little about computer hardware today i used to repair computers when I was a kid 25 years ago


so i know little but i think i know enough to chance a cpu fan. but this is where i ran into a problem when i was talking to the tecksupport person i asked if i could put a bigger fan on, and was told "sure that fine by us and don't worry it's very easy" 


well now i've spent money on a noctur fan and an am4 mounting kit and nothing lines up 


my computer is a HP omen 880-076no ready build pc according to the hp web page my
motherboard is a

HP name: Higos

SSID: 8309

Form Factor


Dimensions: 24.0x24.0 cm (9.4x9.4 in)



Processor upgrade information

TDP: up to 95 W

Socket type: AM4

and as you can see it says it's an am4 but i must be dumb, blind or really have no
clue how a screw works becurs non of the older models that the fan comes with or
the new am4 kit you sent me lines up but for some very odd reason the intel mounts
seen to line up mostly.

anybody have any experience with this ??, if i need to buy a special HP -> am4 bracket or i can just modify one of the old brackets 

i hope you can help me see what im missing here it should fit right ?

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I'm not sure if iths the same but did oyu check the Noctua compatibility list for the fans?




Some coolers don't support the AM4 brackets.


But by the looks, AM4 socket seems to support the same collers like on previous AM or FM sockets, as in you have the brackets and try to snap the cooler in. 


On the other hand, the Motherboard i nthe pictures seems to have the screws a bit more far apart where on most videos you will see that its not a square but like a rectangle (position of screws). Did the PC come with a warth cooler and without brackets ?


You could still just check the compatibility list and at most to try the brackets again, sizes or distance between holes should be a standard. 

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Greetings SpiritDK,


Welcome to the forum.


I am not an HP employee.


HP may have modified the AM4 socket heatsink/fan mounting point dimensions.


The motherboard should have a backplate on the underside. The backplate fits into the motherboard and allows for attaching an AM4 cooler to the MB


All I can do is direct you to a typical Wraith Spire heatsink/fan installation at YouTube on an AM4 motherboard.


Your motherboard appears to have square AM4 mount points. The AM4 socket mount points in the above video appear to be rectangular.



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noctua link

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Hi SpiritDK,


Have you checked HP PartSurfer?


Enter your PC's product number to check for the component and if this item is available for purchase.


Your product may have a liquid cooling solution available or a better Heatsink/fan combo.


Does the Intel backplate match with the mounting points on your MB?


The key, as you stated, would be the female mount points on the Intel backplate and having the correct clearance so the Noctua will seat correctly against the CPU heat shield.


I am not recommending you try the Intel backplate but it is either trying this option or you may have to continue using the existing heatsink/fan.


You only should have one cable to disconnect to remove the existing heatsink and install the Noctua on the MB, the CPU fan cable.


Edited, I forgot you have to remove the MB from the chassis to install the backplate. I would take some photos or video of the system (IPhone, Samsung) before disassembly.





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I guess you are right as the reference pictures don't seem like the standard you get for most AM4 motherboards. Then again PC's prebuilt probably have their own factory standards and accessories. I might say something stupid but if you change the backplate, you should make sure that it doesn't touch any circuitry on the back or such. 


There  are some Omen desktops that come with the liquid cooling but according to their documents, they don't have brackets and most likely you can use only HP Parts for cooling:





I'd say your best bet is to just check the cooler to make sure it has the right RPM and at most to change thermal paste, or try to get a cooler from HP Part surfer.



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Hi there!


I own a 880-091ng which has the similar mainboard & CPU.

The original cooler which is preinstalled, uses a Socket 1151 connection. So all CPU mounts for Socket 1151 will work.

I installed a Alpenföhn Ben Nevis at first, which fitted very well in the preinstalled Mounting holes.

After that i recently upgraded to Corsair H60 AIO WaterCooling Set because it was a bit noisy and i used the Socket 1151 again.


So if you need more information, for example which Upgrade RAM is working or not, i can help, too.



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Hey im running into the same problem and im having trouble finding a cpu cooler. i dont need anything fancy. does does the first cooler you reccomended jsut screw in the the stock one? because im having alot of issues with it. i have a hyper 212 but i lost the am4 bracket to it. so i jsut need something i can screw in like the stock one

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I'm in the same situation...so it's nice to know socket 1151 actually works.

My question is: did you let the original bracket in place on the HP motherboad when installing the Ben nevis fan or did you installed the provided one with the fan? 



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