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HP Recommended
OMEN by HP - 15t-ce100 CTO
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Product name: OMEN by HP - 15t-ce100 CTO

Product number: 2XP32AV

Operating system: Windows 10 Home 64-bit
Microprocessor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz
System memory: 16 GB
Graphic device : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti / Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630

Hello everyone,
So last time when I was upgrading my laptop (Storage/RAM) I found the battery bit inflated but everything was ok, battery life was about 2.5 3 hours as it was when I first bought the laptop.
But recently the battery shows that it is full (80% cause I change the battery charging limit in the bios so it can last longer) then after 30 min the laptop just shut off and when I reconnect it to the power adapter and turn it on the battery is at 0%.
I tried to recharge it charges normally but whenever I try to use it it just lasts for about 30 min.
I think the battery is dead  (after 3 years of constant usage I think this is normal) and the HP Support Assistant shows that the battery is weak. I tried to make a Battery check using HP PC Hardware Diagnostics Windows but it gets Canceled every time I try it, with this Test log.
 battery weak.PNG

 battery (2).png


My question is which battery is the right replacement because the battery label shows SR03XL which I suppose is the name of the battery (3 cell 52550 mW.Hour 11550 mV LION battery) and at the bottom, there is the HP part number: L08934-2B1, and at the right, there is a sticker that says replace with HP spare L08855-855.
So should I look for an SR03XL L08934-2B1 or SR03XL L08855-855 battery, or are they the same but different naming. (because when I try to look for one of these names on a third-party online store it shows that all of them are the same all compatible).
I tried to find a reseller in my country I couldn't find one and I tried to look it up on Hp parts online store I couldn't find it either the only one that I could find is L08855-856 ASSY-BATT 3C 52Wh 4.55Ah LI SR03052XL-PL  it has a different name SR03052XL-PL L08855-856 but the same cells and the same voltage, could I buy it instead of the L08855-855.

And another thing in the Maintenance and Service Guide for my laptop I found that I can replace my battery with a 4 cell one is this possible since the 4 cell is a 15v battery and mine is 11.5v.


And is it a good idea to buy one from a third-party store since I couldn't find any hp branch or reseller in the area.
So to sum it up :

  1. Is the battery dead (I suppose it is).
  2. Wich one of the above name is the name of the battery that I should buy or are they all the same.
  3. Is it ok to buy from a retail/third-party store or should I buy it from hp (the HP price is twice the price of other stores?!).
  4. Can I replace it with a 4 cell battery which is bigger 70Wh but different voltage (if yes please give me the battery name)?

Additional information:

battery info.PNG


Sorry for writing such a long question but I want to make everything clear before I make any decision. 


Thank you,
M. Chalhoub

HP Recommended

Any Help!? It has been a week since I first posted about my battery problem. Any help will be appreciated 😐.

I mean I think this is the right place to ask about this stuff?

HP product => HP forums

HP Recommended

Hi @Chalhoub,


Welcome to the HP Support Community. I'd be happy to assist you with the replacement battery. 


You need a Spare Part# 917724-855 Assembly-battery 4C 70Wh 4.55Ah LI, Spare Part#  L08855-855 Assembly-battery 3CELL 52Wh 4.55Ah LI SR


You may order the replacement parts on the HP Parts Store, use the HP Parts Surfer to find the part number and If you've already looked for it and couldn't find it on the HP Parts Store, you may want to get it locally at the online store such as Amazon or eBay, etc...as the part numbers are universal. 


Alternatively, I suggest you talk to HP support and discuss your options, follow the below steps to get started: 


1) Click on this link

2) Click on Sign-in or select the product using the below step: 

3) Enter the serial of your device. 

4) Select the country from the drop-down. 

5) Click on "Show Options". Fill the web-form, to populate a case number and phone number for yourself! 


Also, if you are having trouble navigating through the above options, it's most likely because the device is out of warranty, if yes? please send me a private message with the region you are contacting us from, here's how private messages work: Click here for details.  


Hope this helps! Keep me posted.  


Please click “Accept as Solution” if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution. 

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