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OMEN Laptop - 15-en0013dx
Microsoft Windows 11

Hi, I just bought a used/like new laptop at Ebay. I'm from the third world so if I wanted to have a good laptop for my career I needed to buy it this way, a friend helped me bringing it to my country from the USA.
The problem appeared the first day I started using it. The seller didn't metioned any problem, and it came with warranty, but as I mentioned, I'm not from USA so it would cost much more to send it back and reclaim the warranty, so if it is any software problem or anything not that big from the hardware, I could fix it. (The laptop has 32GB of ram instead of 8GB, I don't know if it matters)

The problem:
The screen randombly turns black and any activity I was doing completely stops (video, audio, games, etc.), but the screen keeps turned on, the keyboard too, but any combination of key wouldn't do anything, can't turn off the keyboard light, caps, open something, use the mouse, it just stops responding. This happens randobly, watching videos, playing, installing something, even it has happened just after and before the lock screen when I turn my laptop on.
If I lock my screen (Windows + L) and the problem happens, the screen wouldn't turn black, it just freezes and nothing responds.  When I have an extra monitor connected, it doesn't turn black, just freezes too. This could happen when the laptop is charging or not. The only temporal solution is to shut it down with the button and then turn it on waiting for the next time this happens.


I've been trying a lot of things
-Unistall and reinstall drivers (from the Hp support page)

-The bios too (with a pendrive, the laptop crashed in the middle of the normal actualization so it corrupted)
-Some configuration changes I found in Internet from persons with a similar issue
-Downloaded WhoCrashed, but it doesn't show any dump file

-Since I just bouth it, i've been trying with W10 and W11 but the problem keeps happenig, even after I restore and eliminated everything in the laptop.
-I ran the Windows Memory Diagnostic and it didn't show any problem

I don't know what else to do, if you're able to diagnose the problem from this information please let me know. Thank You.

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Hello Johanlh,


even, when the mainboard does support up to 32 GB of RAM, doesn't mean, that it's always working. So, I believe it matters a lot.

Your device has 2 RAM slots and supports DDR4-3200 with either 4 GB (Part: L83673-001) or 8 GB (Part: L46598-001).

Please try the following:

Remove the RAM that is installed and replace it with DDR4-3200 (4G, or 8G). I'm pretty sure, that this solves your issue.


Please let us know, if it works for you.



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Hi, thanks for your response

Before doing it, I have some questions

-Would my laptop work fine if I just leave a 16GB ram in one slot? 
If yes, I would do this just to see if the black screen keeps appearing and the problem was fixed. If this fixes it, I'll change it for 2x8GB ram, but I wanna know before buying them.


-Is it necessary to buy the specific parts? (L83673-001, L46598-001)
Asking this because I just checked online and it is hard to find them, if these specific parts are not necessary, I'll buy a more common 8GB DDR4-3200

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Hello Jonahlh,


thanks for the reply.


According to the technical maintenance manual, a slot can only handle a maximum of 8GB RAM.
The RAM bars should be of the SODIMM DDR4-3200 1.2V SHARED type, this is the only way to ensure error-free function. If you install more than one RAM, you should pay attention to 2 things:
  1. Both RAMs should be of the same brand!
  2. Both RAMs should each have the same GB number (both 8G or both 4G; not one 4G, the other 8G).


So better get 2x 8GB of the type SODIMM DDR4-3200 1.2V SHARED of the same brand (it doesn't matter which). That will work then.

Maybe you can sell the existing RAMs so that you get a small compensation back.



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Yesterday I changed the 2x16gb Ram for 2x4gb Ram (extracted from other 15-en0013dx laptop) expecting it to solve the problem, but it was not the case, the laptop crashed again.

I don't know what else to do or what could be the problem
Is there any other solution you think would work?

What can I do now?

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