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    Need Windows 11 help?
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OMEN by HP 17-cb0006na
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Due to BIOS firmware upgrade again a broken one, the F33 rev.A the system is again overheating , undervolt doesn`t work, CC states are non existent in BIOS, can`t enable them or disable them, in games such as Red Dead Redemption goes arround 90 degreees  celsius. 

After I spoke with your so called technician on the phone, which was clueless and had no ideea what I was talking about, he told me that I cannot do anything to reroll back to my previous BIOS version which used to work just fine. 

I can`t undervolt, because the TPL now is locked, and in order for the CPU to run at it`s max frequency of 4.0 GHz , it runs at 3.1 Ghz, due to power limit cause by your BIOS upgrade.

All I want to know is very simple , is there a way to downgrade BIOS on this machine, YES OR NO ? 


If it`s a NO , i will sell it and go for another brand, since clearly you like to break your own laptops for no particular reason . 

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@Ellusive Welcome to HP Community!


I understand that you are facing an overheating issue.


Yes, you can perform the BIOS rollback.


1) Shutdown the computer.  

2) Hold down the Windows and B button together while the computer is still turned off.  

3) Turn on the computer and continue to hold the Windows and B button until a BIOS Recovery screen appears.  

4) Follow on-screen instructions and click on OK 


I have a few steps to resolve this issue:  

Symptoms of heat issues and causes of excessive heat  

The following list describes some of the issues caused by overheating in the notebook:  

  • Games stop responding during play.  

  • Windows stops responding during use.  

  • Fans inside the notebook become louder because they are spinning faster as the laptop gets hot, to remove the heat.  

  • When starting the laptop, it sometimes stops at a black screen and does not open into Windows. Windows usually stop responding when it does open.  

The following list describes some causes of excessive heat:  

  • Dust inside the laptop.  

  • A new component, such as a hard drive, is added. The extra component causes the power supply to work harder and generate more heat. Extra heat also radiates off the new component and adds to the temperature inside the case.  

  • Over time, some cooling fans might slow down and wear out, as the laptop is getting hot, depending on the usage of the laptop.  

  • High ambient room temperature.  

Step 1: Removing dust and lint by cleaning vents  

Step 2: Ensuring proper space for ventilation  

Step 3: Updating the BIOS  

Step 4: Using HP CoolSense technology  

Step 5: Placing the notebook in a cooler room  

Step 6: Testing for hardware failure  

If the hardware has failed, capture the failure ID and revert for further assistance.  

If the Fan is Noisy and Spins Constantly, PC is Warmer than Normal: Click here for more details. 


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