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Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I'm using the HP OMEN GA1-10 Accelerator with a Lenovo ultrabook which has 1 thunderbolt 3 port.


I was hoping to be able to use the extra port on the Omen to connect to my LG Ultrafine 5k Display which only has USB-C/thunderbolt 3 input (no display port).


Unfortunetely it doesn't work - it says the device is in limited mode and simply doesn't detect it. I've read the display uses USB-C in alternate mode to work. Obviously if I connect the display direct to the ultrabook it works perfect, but it won't work via the Omen.


Is there any hope of this ever working? Could HP/Omen release a firmware update to support this?

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Hi! @muffinkiller, Welcome to HP forums.


I understand when you connect an LG display to omen USB-c port you don't see any display on the screen.


Don't worry I'll try to help you out.


Did you make any software or hardware changes on your PC?


Have you tried checking with different video cable?


Are you using an adapter to connect your display to your PC?


Please provide the product number of your PC to assist you better.


As you mentioned when you connect an LG display to omen USB-c port you don't see any display on the screen.


Please try the steps recommended below.
1. Open Device Manager.
2. Expand category “Universal Serial Bus controllers”.
3. Double-click the “USB Root Hub” device, and click the Power Management tab. (if there’s more than one USB Root Hub device, repeat these steps for each one.)
4. Turn off the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power option, and click  OK button.

Disconnect all USB devices connected to the computer except a USB mouse and keyboard (if in use). This includes hubs, thumb drives, printers, and cameras.
In Windows, search for and open Device Manager.
The Device Manager window opens.
Double-click Universal Serial Bus Controllers to expand the list.
Right-click the first USB Root Hub in the list, then select Uninstall.
Click OK to confirm.
Continue uninstalling all USB Root Hubs listed.
Close Device Manager and restart the computer.
If the USB device that is having problems came with software and it was not previously installed, install the software now, following the manufacturer instructions.
Reconnect the USB device that was having problems and test it to see if it works.

Open Device Manager (Right Click on Windows Logo and Click Device Manager).
Now find and expand Universal Serial Bus controllers. Now right click on USB drivers and click Uninstall. Do for all USB drivers one by one.
Now Restart your PC. The USB drivers are automatically re-install and solve the corrupted USB devices.
Right-click on the battery icon and click Power Options.
Click Change plan settings.
Now click Change advanced power settings.
Find and expand USB settings.
Expand USB selective suspend settings and Disable both On battery and Plugged in settings.


Refer this article to further troubleshoot USB connection issues with your PC.



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Let me know if this works!
Have a great day ahead! 🙂



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I am an HP Employee

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Those steps didn't do the trick - went through the USB devices etc and all have that off, power management steps done too without success.


Let me explain a little more about the setup in case it's unclear.


- Lenovo laptop with thunderbolt 3 connection -> LG ultrafine 5k monitor - works fine.

- Lenovo laptop connected to HP Omen Accelerator - works fine. eGPU detected etc.

- Lenovo laptop connected to HP Omen Accelerator which is then attached to LG ultrafine 5k monitor - does not work.


When I plug the ultrafine monitor into the HP Omen Accelerator's second thunderbolt port I see the notice:


> Thunderbolt device functonality might be limited


This links to a microsoft article about USB-c devices and alternate mode support.


In device manager, Ultrafine 5k is listed under "universal system bus devices" rather than monitors, and there is no output.

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My thinking, it is not able to work with that mode,  your Lenovo Notebook->connect with OMEN accelerator->LG 5K display but through the thunderbolt 3 cable connecting with OMEN accelerator.


Actually there is only one thunderbolt 3 connector on OMEN accelerator, it is using to connect with host PC, another typc-C connector what you mentioned, it is the USB type-C, not thunderbolt 3 connector.


The best scenaior is to connect your external monitor to the OMEN accelerator's graphic card, then you will be getting the best graphic performance. This is the ideal mode which as designed.


Even connect this LG 5K monitor to NB thunderbolt 3 connector, it will be work, but actually it using the NB's integrated graphic card, may no get the best display performance when you run some 3D game or video...



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I wish that were an option 😞


NB only has the one port I can use (which is taken up by the OMEN).


LG UF 5k only has the USB-C display port. I can find no adapters that work from HDMI to USB-C. So I cannot connect this to the GPU, it has to be to the OMEN's spare USB-C port.

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The OMEN accelerator display output shall be relied on the external graphic card which install in OMEN accelerator, I didn't see there is any type-c port on current designed graphic card, like nvidia or AMD graphic card. so I think that's not workable for your option. it's a pity. you may need to find another monitor which has like HDMI, DP, or VGA...

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