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HP Omen Control forgets saved settings on every sleep/shutdown/reset

HP Omen Notebook 15
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Hello all,


First time using the support community forums, so I apologize if I am posting this question in the wrong place. If any more information needs to be noted in hopes of helping solve the issue please let me know!


Product: HP OMEN Notebook - 15-5010nr (ENERGY STAR)

Product Number: J9K19UA


For over a year or so now, my HP Omen Control has not been remembering my saved settings. Anytime my PC goes to sleep, shuts down, or resets, none of the settings are saved. However when I open the HP Omen Control app, all my settings do appear saved - the boxes I desire to be checked are checked and the boxes I desire to be unchecked are unchecked - yet these settings are clearly not working so if I uncheck then recheck said boxes the setting will turn on and work properly like I want. 


So the app seems to remember my settings yet something is going on where these saved settings are ignored and default settings are turned on I suppose. It is fairly annoying having to open up the app and reset the settings every time my pc goes to sleep, shuts off, or resets. I have used this laptop for 5 years or so and have loved it greatly. Not sure if this is just age showing or a simple fix to it, but if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it greatly.


The HP Omen Control settings that I have to turn off then on again to get them working properly are the following:

- animated speakers

- disable touch screen

- alternate functions "turned on"/highlighted


If it means anything the only setting that seems to stays through sleep/shutdowns/resets is the keyboard lighting color. So I dont have to toggle those settings at all. 


Ah and one last thing. While this is something I have dealt with for over a year or so now, since the most recent windows update (maybe a week or so ago), the HP Omen Control app is now extremely laggy. So unchecking a box now takes 10-20 seconds to see it go "unchecked" and then rechecking it takes another 10-20 seconds. So every time my pc sleeps, shuts off, resets I am even more annoyed having to deal with turning on said settings once again while dealing with the laggy input.


Thanks for reading.

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HP Omen Control forgets saved settings on every sleep/shutdown/reset

Hello @Provlith6 


I honestly don't know why your Omen Control software is reacting that way and I doubt anyone else at HP would know the answer either. Its an odd issue and definitely not one we hear about here.


I can offer a couple of suggestions.

You might try reinstalling the control center.

Uninstall it, then reinstall it with this download... Control Center for Notebooks sp71716.exe


Have you ever reinstalled Windows in the 5 years you've had that machine?

A lot of techs will periodically clean reinstall Windows, just to clean it up and get it working fast again. The registry or other things that have been installed, uninstalled can have an effect.

I assume you have Windows 10 now, not 8.1? You can clean reinstall Windows 10 via the Microsoft Media Creation Tool, then reinstall drivers as needed. Although most of the drivers will be auto installed as Windows updates itself. It will auto activate also when it updates, no key needed.

You will need the Control center link above, and the HP System Event Utility ...  sp73248.exe

Your drivers page is here...


Beyond that, I might be that the software is having issues with the latest Windows updates. That system and that Control Center are no longer supported. So its safe to assume there wont be any updates for it if Windows breaks it for some reason.


Best I can offer. Hope it helps.

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HP Omen Control forgets saved settings on every sleep/shutdown/reset

Hello @Photoray002,


I apologize about the slow reply, but I would like to thank you sincerely for replying and trying to help me out. 


I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the HP Omen Control app as you suggested, which followed by a reboot and noticed two changes. 

1. There is a new checkbox in the app for controlling fan speed. I did not have this option before, so it seems my HP Omen Control app was not fully up to the last update made years ago I guess?

2. All the issues I had with settings I mentioned in the first post about not being saved on reboot/sleeping still persisted, except one setting is now being saved on reboot, which is the checkbox for "disable touch screen".


So this is progress I suppose. This is one less setting I no longer have to worry about manually changing on every reboot, however I still had to figure out how to keep the settings to save for "animated speakers" being turned off and keeping the "alternate functions" turned on through every reboot.


Well I did not end up trying to completely uninstall and reinstall windows 10, I instead found solutions that are working and solved the other two settings from not being saved. So I will comment them here in case someone else ever runs into this issue and is looking for help.


Note: these solutions are very "hacky" and the solutions do not "truly" fix the issue that the HP Omen Control app was giving. Instead these solutions are more of a work around, but it works and that's all I care about as I imagine others who have this issue would feel as well. Also I apologize if my explanations are poor, I'm by no means a professional when it comes to these things, but hopefully this may help someone else who is by chance struggling with these issues.


Animated speakers issue: The HP Omen Control app keeps this setting on after every reboot despite the check box being unchecked within the app.
Solution: To fix the animated speakers from being on after every reboot, I simply changed the color for the animated speakers to be black within the HP Omen Control app. So even if the setting is always turned on after every reboot, since the color is now black, no animated colors will be displayed.  Like I said a hacky solution, but it works. And yes, for whatever reason the app doesn't remember that I unchecked the animated speakers setting on reboot, however the keyboard lighting colors + speaker colors for whatever reason do persist on whatever I last changed them to on every reboot. So on every reboot my speakers are black therefore I do not see any color and the "animated speakers" being turned on is no longer a bother to me as I don't see any animated speakers now.


Alternate functions issue: The HP Omen Control app does not remember that I wish to keep this setting on and instead leaves all my function keys to not work. IE: my f2 and f3 keys for changing laptop brightness wont work unless I manually open the app and click the already highlighted alternate functions button.

Solution: To fix this issue, I found an HP forum that allows a user to keep function keys enabled for every reboot. So I will leave the link below. Essentially this goes into the PC BIOS and allows said user to keep function keys enabled through every reboot. All the HP Omen Control app was doing with the "alternate function" settings was turning said function keys from disabled to enabled. But through the link below I never have to manually open the HP Omen Control app anymore to change said settings because now they are saved and persist on every reboot thanks to BIOS.


These are the "hacky" solutions I found so if anyone else is by chance struggling with these things, I hope it helps. I no longer have any reason to open up my HP Omen Control app now unless I were to change my keyboard lighting color. So I am now a happy camper. Thanks again @Photoray002 for the advice before as it did fix one of the 3 setting issues I was running into.


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