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    Need Windows 11 help?
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HP Laptop PC 17t-by400
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I recently bought an HP Laptop PC 17t-by400. I use it for a bit of everything. Browsing the internet, videos, programming and playing games. 

Whenever I play a game the arrow keys tend to stick. As if I was still holding them down. If I want to move left in the game I hold the left arrow key. But often when I release the arrow key I continue to move left. I also noticed that other keys that I have mapped to certain in game actions may simply become unresponsive. I've tried this with multiple games and I have the same issue.

This laptop isn't even 2 weeks out of the box yet and I'm unsure why I'm having these issues with a brand new computer.

Any help on how to solve this would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Thanks for taking an interest in the HP Support Forums After reading your post I see that your keyboard gets stuck while playing games. I will be a delight to assist you here.


Superb analysis and brilliant diagnosis of the issue before posting.   Kudos to you on that score.:)


For better clarity and to assist you better I would require more information regarding this:

  • Are you experiencing the same issue when you type in a document or when not playing any games?
  • Did you try any troubleshooting steps before posting on forums?


Update the driver from the device manager

- In Windows, search for and open Device Manager.

- In the list of devices, look for Audio and expand the list

- Right-click the driver and select Update Driver Software.

- Click Search automatically for updated driver software.

- Follow the on-screen instructions to install the updated driver.

- Restart your computer to complete the installation of the updates.


Run a test on the keyboard to check for hardware failures:

  1. Turn on the computer.

  2. Immediately press the f2 key repeatedly, about once every second, until the UEFI menu opens.

When the UEFI menu opens, select the diagnostic test you want to run, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

For more information on using the UEFI diagnostic tools, refer this link: http://hp.care/2yTWjBQ

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I have not yet experienced the issue when typing.  I don't usually use the arrow keys in text documents however.  I did create a text document and used the arrow keys in an attempt to recreate the problem outside of playing a game.  The problem didn't occur though. 


I have downloaded all the major drivers and updates.  I ran the UEFI and performed the test for the keyboard.  All keys were operational. 


When I attempted to play a game however I ran into the same issue very quickly.  The arrow keys sticking.  If it were only one game that had this issue, I would think it was something wrong with the game. However I have played 4 different games now.  All from different sources and publishers.  They all have the same issue with the arrow keys sticking at times. If I play those same games on my older computer I don't run into any issues. Only on this new one. 

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We have done the basic troubleshooting as per the document and the notebook needs to checked taking remote access so that get to know it's a hardware or software issue.


I'd suggest you contact HP in your region regarding the service options for your computer or HP Chat Support Team.

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