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Omen 17
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)


This is my first post here and hopefully the right place to post this.

I got a 2018 Omen 17, with GTX 1050Ti and i7-8750. Like 2 months ago its battery started to fail, my computer shut down at 80% battery, etc. Turns out its battery died. When I used diagnostic tools and HP support assistant I got a warning to replace the battery. I also got a message during booting saying to replace my battery (Error 601).

The battery did 362 cycles and according to the support assistant, it is supposed to do 300. Yesterday I contacted HP customer service to ask how many pins my battery got, in eBay and Amazon I saw multiple Omen 17 batteries that have the same part number of my battery but with 10 or 12 pins. Tech support told me that it is under warranty so they can change it for me.

When I visit HP's website it says


As with all batteries, the maximum capacity of any battery included in the HP Hardware Product will decrease with time or use, and battery cycle life will vary depending on product model, configuration, loaded applications, features, use, wireless functionality, and power management settings. Accordingly, a decrease in maximum battery capacity or battery cycle life is not a defect in materials or workmanship, and this HP Limited Warranty does not cover changes in battery capacity or battery cycle life.

The above is from


So mine did 362 cycles and it shuts down because it has lost its capacity. Now my questions:

1-I read many horror stories that laptops are broken in service or return after a month. I am a Ph.D. student here in the US who cannot afford a couple of weeks without a computer, if it is broken in service I will not be able to afford a new one as well. Can I trust them to send my laptop?

2-Many delays in service, as far as what I read on Reddit, stems from the fact that lack of parts. My computer, although covered by warranty, is 2018 Omen and not a brand new one. Do you think they readily have the battery to replace mine?

3-You know tech supports are from India (I say it because yesterday I called them at 11 pm) and I suppose their contact with the repair center is limited. The tech support guys told me it will be covered by warranty, but is there any chance they refuse to replace the battery because it is over-cycled? As I mentioned above Hp says battery capacity lost is not supposed to be covered by warranty. Why did tech support tell me it is covered by warranty?

4-My case is generated and I got emails regarding that from :




These e-mails do not belong to scammers, right? I don't want to send my computer to oblivion.


Thanks for your patience. I hope some knowledgeable people can answer me. Do not hesitate to say "no don't send it", because battery replacement is a kind of luxury more than a necessity. I need my computer next week so I don't have to send it but I would love to have a proper battery.

Thanks for any help in advance.

HP Recommended

Hi@FernandoAlonso, Welcome to the HP Support Community!


Thank you for waiting! I understand your concern and to help you out, I have escalated your concern to HP's Support Team in your region to have it reviewed for available options (if any). 


You should be contacted within 4 business days (Excluding Holidays & Weekends). 


Response times may vary by region. 


Please send us a Private Message, if you aren't contacted within 4-5 business days.  


Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (such as serial numbers and case details).

And Feel free to post your query for any other assistance as well.


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It's been a pleasure interacting with you and I hope you have a good day ahead.


Hope this helps! Keep me posted.


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