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    Need Windows 11 help?
    Check documents on compatibility, FAQs, upgrade information and available fixes.Windows 11 Support Center.
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HP Pavilion Gaming - 15-ec1013np
Microsoft Windows 11

Since i updated the BIOS to AMI F.27, released on 17/03/2022, the computer is (Again) rebooting randomly while playing GTA , the event is (again) Event:  Kernel Power  ID: 88.


Please dont come and say: "High temps..." No!

The temps are around 60-70 (CPU) and 70-75 (GPU) and the PC just hibernates or reboots. I played the same game for 2 years on the very same PC, only after updating the BIOS on HP support assistant couple weeks ago (never updated it before after buying the PC) that this error started.


For what i saw, some other people had or are having the same problem for years and are also after updating the BIOS (so they say)


**bleep** is going on ? no one to test the software before public release ?

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Hello @retali8 

Sorry to hear that you are having problems ... I would like to help you.


(1) Test your hardware Using the HP PC Hardware Diagnostics (UEFI)

--->>> Perform Extensive Tests

--->>> Perform Component tests ( AC Adapter / Battery )


See section <Running HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI tests when Windows doesn't start>


See how it works:



(2) Please report your results ( error messages, take pictures )

( if serial number, device id, UUID, System Board CT Number is displayed, please blur )

This video shows how to test your HP computer hardware using HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI. If you suspect that your computer has hardware issues, follow the steps in this video to isolate and identify them using the HP PC Diagnostics UEFI. Chapters: 00:00 Introduction 00:18 Download and install
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I followed the steeps in the video and all tests had the same result: "Approved", except the battery, that one had "OK" was a result  . i also went back on the BIOS update, i went from the F.27 to F.20 and the computer started a bit faster then before.


Im going to do the tests again to see if something changed on the results

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Hello @retali8 

Thanks for reporting.

Keep me updated.

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After downgrading the bios to F.20, i got a small FPS Increase in some games, but the random shutdowns still happening, i changed the graphics in GTA5 from High/Very high to medium/low; The temperatures are around 40/50 degrees (Celsius) on CPU with 3-12% usage and GPU around 60 degrees with 60/65% Usage (V-sinc on 60hz) yet after some time the computer crashes and the event log got the same kernel power error with the ID 88. The temps are fine and the laptop surface is actually cold, none of the areas are hot, including the area where the CPU and GPU are, another thing is, it happens more frequently when im using a Dualshock 4 using Bluetooth (Probably just coincidence)


i also removed the drivers from both graphics cards and updated them, checked for updates on the HP support assistant and it says its all up-to-date except the BIOS since i reversed the update but  the results are the same. Is it possible to remove the auto-reboot or shutdown from the computer?


One last thing is, an year ago, or so i changed the RAM memories to 2x8Gb 3200MHz (original was 2x4Gb, i dont remeber the frequency 😧   ) and added and extra HDD 1TB, i never had a problem with those changes, it only started happening after updating the BIOS on the HP Support Assistant some time ago, seems like the reversing to F.20 didn't fix the random reboots, but at least i got a small increase in performance, and to be honest i dont know with version i had before since i never updated the BIOS and i have this PC for almost 2 years and a half and when i updated it, i remember it made 2 updates instead of one (first was to F.20 and them to F.27) because it was already late night and i staid awake for some time to wait for the computer to finish the update  

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Hello @retali8 

Thanks for reporting.


Let me check your basic system configuration.


(1) Run    msinfo32

- Select <System Summary>:

--->>> Copy/screenshot/paste following key/value pairs:


OS Name


System Model

System SKU

( equals HP product number (p/n) )



(2) Start Windows <Device Manager>

- Expand <Other devices> ? (Those entries are for hardware for which Windows has not loaded a suitable driver)

- Expand <Bluetooth USB>

- Expand <Disk drives>

- Expand <Display adapters>

- Expand <Network adapters>

- Expand <Sound, video and game controllers>

- Expand <Storage controllers>

--->>> Send screenshot


(3Please report your results

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OS Name - Microsoft Windows 11 Home

Version - 10.0.22621 Compilation 22621

System Model - HP pavilion Gaming Laptop 15-ec1xxx

System SKU - 242C0EA#AB9

( equals HP product number (p/n) )

Processor - AMD ryzen 5 4600H With Radeon Graphics


Other Devices:




Disk Drives(1st HDD - 2nd SSD):


Display adapters: 


Network adapters:


Sound, video and game controllers:


Storage Controllers:




Some stuff is in Portuguese-Portugal, if you want i can change the windows to English and send the screenshots again





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Hello @retali8 

Thanks for reporting.


(1) Create Windows system <restore point>

How to Create a System Restore Point on Windows 10 or Windows 11


(2Download and install / update

Realtek RTL8xxx Wireless LAN Drivers Rev.S


Realtek RTL8xxx Bluetooth Drivers




(3) Enable Ultimate Performance Plan in Windows 11


(4) Restart Windows

(5) Test again

(6) Please report your results

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Well, i dont know how to explain this:




Now its reporting High Temps, i opened the PC and Cleaned it, changed the thermal paste and it still hot, maybe this is why the PC randomly reboots, on the startup it reaches 80º and as you can see on the screenshot. it reached 102ºC 

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i noticed that the CPU was Some Power Spikes, even when idle, increasing the temps a lot and them going back to 50º~~

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