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HP Pavilion Power Laptop 15-cb002ne
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

please i need your kindly help to solve my problem ,


since day one i bought this laptop when ever i plugged my headphones to listen to anything the sound got 3 seconds delay before playing.



i oppened a youtube video after 3 seconds the sound gets played, i clicked on another video the sound plays without delay but when i pause and wait about 10 seconds and pressed the play button the sound gets delayed 3 seconds.


it seems like there is a timer after 10 sendonds the headphone jack gets into a sleep mode and when pressing play it needs 3 seconds to get back to live mode 😞


Regards HP team 🙂


Accepted Solutions
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i just find a temporary solution as i was assuming you can control the state of audio hardware in the registry of windows 10 oh my god it was a long way to solve this 🙂




New temporary solution that works with Realtek drivers.


Find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4d36e96c-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}\xxxx\PowerSettings

where 'xxxx' is one of keys which contains

DriverDesc value 'Realtek High Definition Audio'.

Note: There may be multiple ones containing PowerSettings,

for example 'Nvidia High Definition Audio'.

You'll find there three binary values and set them:

ConservationIdleTime = ff ff ff ff;
IdlePowerState = 00 00 00 00;
PerformanceIdleTime = ff ff ff ff.
Default values are all 00 00 00 00 which disables power settings,

but driver somehow overrides it with 0a 00 00 00

which is 10 seconds (0x0a = 10) and is by default in driver.


Problem shouldn't occur again after restart (or I haven't noticed).

This is not solution to problem,

it only prevents audio hardware going idle,

but I don't see any impact on energy consumption.


I'm going to send mail to Realtek support about this problem

as it's clearly driver problem,

and when (or if) they respond I'll post an update.

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Perform audio playback component test from BIOS/UEFI diagnostics:

Report back with results.

If tests came PASSED, Troubleshoot sound problems from Windows to Find and fix audio playback problems.



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i've tried all you have mentioned the component test was passed and tried microsoft troubleshoot but the problem still exist is there any configuration in windows to control the state of the driver to always be active ?


i dont want this 3 sec delay to become the driver active.

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Usually it is there in device manager.

I'll suggest you to uninstall current audio driver from device manager and install the one listed in your HP support page again. Restart system after successful installation.

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i've tried to uninstall all my drivers under sound in the device manager and then downloaded the latest driver and install it then restart my laptop and the same problem still occur 😞


i think i got like this problem i have read it on the blog here also :



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What about the solution given in that thread? Did you try it?

Are you in latest build of Windows 10, 1709?

Uninstall audio driver present in device manager

Try install this driver: https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/swdetails/hp-pavilion-power-15-cb000-laptop-pc/1555...

Restart system and check.
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yes i am  at the latest build of windows 10 1709 and i have uninstalled and reinstall the driver you mention but the problem is not fixed i have also tried the solution in the article and the delay was gone but the sound is very low so i have returned to the default driver i think it is B&O software problem because everyone got the same problem...

and no action has been made by hp team till now also i have contacted them on twitter but they are stuck as some point they say they will check but i doubt that 😞

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I'm not from HP. We were just end users like you who are willing to help each other. HP has no official presence here.

We can only hope HP develop compatible driver for this model.

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thanks alot for your help and fast responses may the force be with them to find a soloution 🙂

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You're welcome.

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