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Chrome OS
I have trouble with the sound. I can't manage to turn up the volume. It's staying at the lower level, not muted but lowest possible. I don't ear anything and can't turn it up. But the keys seems to work just fine. With the touch screen I can turn the slider up but no sounds can be heard and it always come back to the lowest level. It doesn't work on internal speakers nor headphone (that are by the way not detected by the computer). Issue seems to be more software than hardware...
I've tried all possible reset, I've checked the hardware but nothing seems disconnected. I went through the "sound issues FAQ" but nothing worked for me, I don't know what to do next...
System specifications :
- Chrome OS 84 (stable)
- the problem happens on all chromebook's app, guest mode or not
- I've never heard any sounds seens 3 weeks now, it has never turned on
- the slider snap back to where it was (I can adjust it with the touchscreen but not with the keys)
Model is: HP CHROMEBOOK X2 12-F002NF
Thank you for your help, I really don't see what else I can do
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I reviewed your post and I understand that you are facing issues with the audio on your computer.


Don’t worry, I assure you I will try my best to get this sorted.


I recommend you follow the below steps and check if it helps.


Step 1: Remove external devices

If the Chromebook does not start, remove any USB devices, and remove memory cards from the card reader slot. Disconnect all non-essential devices including external hard drives and other similar devices.

After you have removed all external devices, turn on the Chromebook.

  • If the computer starts, reconnect devices one at a time, and restart the Chromebook each time you connect another device to figure out which device is causing the problem. You are done.

  • If the unit still does not start or exhibits the same problem, go to the next step to perform a hard reset.

Step 2: Perform a hard reset

A hard or forced reset erases all information in the computer memory. This forces the system to clear and reestablish the software connections between the BIOS and the hardware.

A hard reset does not remove any local files or settings.

  1. Press the power button  and refresh  button for five seconds. The computer turns off, and then turns on again.

  2. If necessary, press power button again to turn on the laptop.

  3. If the issue persists, continue to the next step.

Step 3: Perform a system recovery

A system recovery completely erases any local files or settings and returns the computer to its original factory-shipped state.

  • If a hard reset does not resolve your issue OR your Chromebook shows the error message Chrome OS is missing or damaged, you might need to perform a system recovery. For detailed instructions go to Chromebook Help Center and search for Recover your Chromebook.

    Chrome OS is missing or damaged


Let me know how it goes and you have a great day!


P.S: Welcome to the HP Support Community 😊


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I am an HP Employee

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Hello thank you for your feedback and sorry for this very late reply. Unfortunately nothing fixed my issue...

I will post a video explaining my issue.

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Here is the video : https://youtu.be/okaAzBYdZ2E

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