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Windows 10 - resume from sleep mode crash

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Product Name: HP Pavilion g6-1d40ca Notebook
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Ever since I installed Windows 10 on my HP Pavilion Notebook, the computer cannot resume from sleep mode.  I get the BLUE screen of death which says "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We're just collecting some error info, and then we'll restart for you."


I have tried BIOS updates (but there are none) and altered the power configuration to no avail!


Any suggestion how to prevent Windows 10 from craching on resuming from sleep mode?

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Re: Windows 10 - resume from sleep mode crash

Go to drivers section,select your laptop model,EDIT the operating system and change it to your previous one.Then there will be BIOS(1) listed there on the drivers section.Download and Install BIOS. If that does not solve it, run a virus scan using an antivirus. i recommend THIS antivirus since its free.Blue screen on shutting down computer or putting and recovering from sleep is most likely cause by a virus.Hope this helps.

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Re: Windows 10 - resume from sleep mode crash

Thank you for the tip ... I changed my operating system down to Windows 7 and indeed there was a BIOS update.  So I applied it but the crash after sleep still persists.  I also did a virus scan but there are no viruses nor malware.


I also noted this time that the blue screen says CRITICAL PROCESS DIED.


Still looking for a solution! (aside from never putting my computer to sleep.)

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Re: Windows 10 - resume from sleep mode crash

I have had this issue since Windows 8.  Everyone points to something different from a power management driver to a failed drive.  Not it at all.  I've proven the issue starts with Windows 8, 8.1, and now 10.  I've done a clean install back to Windows 7, and the machine works perfectly.  Neither HP nor Microsoft want to take responsiblity for the issue and point fingers back and forth. 

I have had the crash reports looked at by someone at HP that knows what they are doing and they have said it's a timing issue. When you resume, Windows is expecting the hard drive to respond in a particular way.  The problem is that it doesn't. He equated it to a timeout issue, where the drive is not reporting ready quick enough for Windows 8 on up.


The more we talk about this, the more someone may do something.  If you have the same or very similar issue, just reply to the orginal post saying happening to me too.

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Re: Windows 10 - resume from sleep mode crash

My friend,

if you have a blue screen follow these steps please:

1. Recover or format your OS, because an incompatible driver or an application may cause it, if you already did and you still face the same issue then its not a software issue its a hardware to step 2
2. Change the Ram, if you have 2 pieces of ram, remove one and try to run OS on the other
3. test your HD for bad sector.


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Re: Windows 10 - resume from sleep mode crash

There are several other threads on this, like (not that there's an answer there):



It's a continuing mystery that's been around since Win8.


Re previous post: I wish it was one of those things. Unfortunately, this is the flavor that's affecting lots of people who fit the profile, so it isn't one of those edge cases.  Win7 doesn't have the problem. HP G6's seem to show the problem particularly, though it's not limited to them. It may be focused on AMD-based systems, however (at least this rendition of the problem).


Initially, it seemed like a Win10 problem, since many of these systems never saw anything but Win7 before.

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Re: Windows 10 - resume from sleep mode crash

I'm in the same mess as you....I use an Hp g6 1d60us (its got an amd chipset) and ever since upgrading to windows 10, my pc simply cannot resume from hiberation, sleep or even a shutdown without a Bsod! I never experienced this with Windows 7, and would have frankly gone back to it; had they  kept me from doing so!


I've lost count of the valuable data lost on my attempts to put the pc into hibernation...only for it to bsod on resuming! Its pretty sad none of those who can actually change something seem to care. :smileysad:


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Re: Windows 10 - resume from sleep mode crash

See the solution posted at http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Lockups-Freezes-Hangs/Windows-10-updated-now-HP-Pavilion-won-t...


The content is pasted below:

Re: Windows 10 updated now HP Pavilion won't wake up from sleep

hey all.


just uninstall intel management ver 11 and install 9.


or install the Sp and this will be remove 11 and install ver 9.





that will be resolve the issue. 100%.

hpsa will update back to 11, disable hpsa update


have fun !



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Re: Windows 10 - resume from sleep mode crash

Different issues there.


And note that many people with this issue here don't even have an Intel-based system, so there is no MEI....

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Re: Windows 10 - resume from sleep mode crash

Is there any fix or workaround for this aside from just going back to Windows 7?  This is ridiculous.


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