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    Need Windows 11 help?
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    Need Windows 11 help?
    Check documents on compatibility, FAQs, upgrade information and available fixes.Windows 11 Support Center.
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HP Beats Special Edition 15-p099na Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR)
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I am trying to upgrade to w11 but the tpm is missing from the bios and the cpu is good enough from what I can gather is it worth replacing the cpu? Is there any way I can also find the tpm anywhere so I can sort that out. Is it won upgrading to w11 because I am worried about there being no security updates if I ignore everything and still do the upgrade on operating system?

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Your notebook does not have a TPM security device, and the processor is not supported by Microsoft for W11.


AMD notebook processors have to be a Ryzen 3xxx series or newer.


The only way you can upgrade to W11 would be to try one of the W11 hardware check bypass methods to upgrade to W11.


I have been running W11 on around 15 HP and Dell notebook and desktop PC's since it was released to market last October and I can attest that every one of the PC's have gotten every security and cumulative W11 update that Microsoft has released.


The only thing that won't happen is they will not get the new version of W11 that will come out each year in September/October.


If you want to upgrade to W11, you will have to use one of the tricks to bypass the W11 hardware checks so you can do an in-place upgrade,.


If the in-place upgrade method fails, then you would have to clean install W11.


If you would like to try out W11, let me know and I will give you the method I use for doing that.


We have gone through one month of 'Patch Tuesday' updates for the new version of W11 22H2 and I am pleased to report that my PC's are still getting those updates.


I check them against the one PC I have that is fully supported for W11.


The only downside I have experienced is that 2 of my 15 PC's refused to do an in-place upgrade from W11 21H1>22H2, so I had to clean install W11 22H2 on those.


I don't have many files or programs on my PC's, so it does not take too long to reinstall everything.


Someone may ask why would I bother? 


I have found that Microsoft's claims of the PC's booting up and running a bit faster on W11 than they do on W10 has been true for all of the PC's I have.


I do not recommend upgrading to W11 if one is not willing to accept those inconveniences of having to do the annual hardware bypass or possible clean installs.


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Hi Paul

Thank you very much for your reply I really appreciate it. I’ve had a think about what you said about upgrading. I think I would like to go ahead with upgrade to w11 if you don’t mind taking me through how to go about doing it without being blocked by the tpm and cpu. I will give it a go as others have said the same as you about not having any problems with getting the security updates. There is one question though I have about future updates on the w11 when they update it each year and that is how I go about then doing those updates and if you do it the same way as the main upgrade?

Thank you again for replying I am grateful 👍🏻 

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You're very welcome.


The first thing I need to know is how Windows 10 is installed on your PC.


BIOS Mode:  UEFI or Legacy.


Run the system information app and it will show you that info.


Whether or not Secure boot is enabled is not important.


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Yes the bios is UEFI and the secure boot state is on. Hope this helps

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Yes, now I can give you the instructions to upgrade to W11.


Before you try the upgrade, I recommend that you make a system image of your current W10 installation prior to updating to W11, so you can easily reinstall W10 in the future.  I used the free Macrium Reflect software to do that, under the Backup at Home section. 


Along with the system image, make sure you create the bootable DVD or USB rescue drive you boot from to access the system image stored on your portable hard drive.


Macrium Software | Reflect Free Edition


Now, on to the show...


First, download and unzip the free Rufus utility that I zipped up and attached at the very bottom of this reply (by the paper clip icon).


You will use this file to transfer the W11 ISO file to a USB so that it is bootable and there is a setting you select in the utility to bypass the W11 hardware checks.


The next thing to do is to download the W11 ISO file from the link below (3rd option). 


I assume you need the W11 English International version. 


Download Windows 11 (microsoft.com)


Plug in an 8 GB or larger USB flash drive in your PC's USB 3 port (if you have a USB 3 flash drive).


After the ISO file has downloaded, run the Rufus utility and, here is the screenshot for how you want to set up the menu in Rufus.




On the right side of the program window click on the Select button and select the W11 ISO file you downloaded.


Then right under the boot selection line where you see the ISO file listed, select the Extended Windows 11 installation (no TPM/no secure boot)


Partition scheme GPT (since your notebook is running W10 in UEFI mode).


Target system is the default (UEFI non CSM).


Click on the Start button on the lower right side of the screen and it will take a while for Rufus to build the bootable USB flash drive.


When it reports 'Ready,' close out of the Rufus utility.


Go to 'This PC' click on your USB flash drive to open it and you will see a list of files there.


Click on the Setup application to launch the W11 upgrade.


There is only one thing you want to change and that is when you get to this screen:


You want to select 'Not right now.'



Hopefully all will go well.


If things don't work right for you on W11, you have 10 days to easily go back to W10.


Downgrade from Windows 11 to Windows 10 - Microsoft Community

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Sorry for the delayed reply. Thank you for your assistance I will give it a go and see what happens. 

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This is an issue accessing Device Security in Windows Security. I had WIN11 since last year, I ran the latest WIN11 update last week from Windows Updates. I lost access to Device Security. I've done 2 factory resets reinstalling Win11 from the MS cloud install as well as the ISO method and in-place install with no resolve. I did have Device Security options opening before I ran the latest WIN11 update on my HP laptop running WIN11 the past year. So, I assume the issue is with Microsoft security is the issue with some HP machines with the latest WIN11 update. If I uninstall the update and restore it back to WIN11 before the Oct 2022 update, I can access Device Security.  I also ran HP Bios updates as well as any other HP available updates. No resolve.

Screenshot 2022-11-12 153721.pngScreenshot 2022-11-12 153741.pngScreenshot 2022-11-12 153802.png

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My Rufus disk is corrupted. Is there a workaround with this issue?

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Hi! I figured it out. The message "The file autorun.dll could not be loaded or is corrupted " can be fixed by running sfc and dism, I can now install Windows 11.

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