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Laptop keyboard keys are loose

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hi guys,

I've recently purchased the HP Envy 1103TX. Much to my disappointment, the keyboard keys continually pop out, most notable the letters G and N.

I have attempted to place them back in but they continue to be very problematic.

I have contact HP support but they are taking a while to respond.

This laptop is only 2 months old, it should be covered under warranty right?

I have also purchased the extended warranty if that makes any difference.

If anyone has a solution, could you please help Smiley Happy






PS. I have had to buy an external keyboard since the letters keep popping out.

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You need to replace keys I guess but its better to ask from people who deal with such problems regularly. You can find help from

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Re: Laptop keyboard keys are loose

I have same problem.. after 2 weeks the ;-button fell off.. and later on the D-button..


This is covered by the warranty, and so i contacted HP. They came and picked up the unit, and 5 days later i got it back with 2 new buttons..


But 3 days after the fix, the next button fell off... the 4-button.. *sigh*..


I talked with HP again, and they say their keyboard is flawless, and that it must me a uniqe issue..


Anyway, they agreed to replace the whole keyboard this time..


I will update here, if this fixes the popping out keys..


--- nathankuk, didn you contact Hp to get it fixed? - its such an expensive premium laptop.. you should get it fixed Smiley Happy

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Re: Laptop keyboard keys are loose

I am glad I found this on here. I just got a new hp 2000 laptop and use it as my main computer however all the keys are extremly loose none have falling out but need to be straigten or tighten im not shure if they can do this but it makes the labtop keys stagered other then that its a great computer. I tend to use labtops alot more for travel purpose however I was not expecting this out of a new computer. 

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Re: Laptop keyboard keys are loose

I have the same problem except my lap top is 2 yrs old.The N and F4 are off (permanently it seems now). 

I loved my last HP and it lived a brutal life. I carried it back and forth to uni in a back pack or in a regular messenger bag. I had to replace they keyboard after I wore holes in the keys it had such use.

This one sits on my desk at home and never moves or goes anywhere except when I pick it up to clean my desk and the keys are falling off.  I've looked on the HP Parts Store site and can't even find my laptop on it  which, I assume, means I'll need a new computer.  It is a G32-365CA. Can anyone tell me where I can get a new keyboard?

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Re: Laptop keyboard keys are loose

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Hello Pandal.

I can happily locate that information for you.  However, it is best to serach by the notebook's product number.  This document can show you where the product number is located.

Have a great weekend!

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Re: Laptop keyboard keys are loose

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I'm sorry for such a late reply; I left on vacation.

My product number is XH065UA#ABC

My serial is {Private Information Removed}


Does this help?


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