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Pavilion dv6 Overheating.
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Re: Pavilion dv6 Overheating.

When I lowered my cpu preformance even by 1% it killed me, slowed everything down to a crawl. Yet, I changed my brightness to 85% on battery and plugged in and my fan to passave this brought my temp from averaging around 93 to 94C down to averaging 61 to 62C (Intel Mobile Core) and from 71C to 53C on the Quanta temp... This is HUGE!!! 

BTW, if it wasn't for you having a print screen of the temps on your computer I wouldn't have know how to get mine. I used that to google the program and download. Thanks!!!

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Re: Pavilion dv6 Overheating.

Firt of all, I think that we have to take into account those who are using an i5 than the ones who are using an i7. Futhermore, there is a lot of different if you have an i7 of first generation or if you have an i7 of third generation. Intel solved some overheating problems on the newer generations.


From what I've read, if you have an i5 on an AMD, you will see a great improvement if you change the thermal paste.

In my case, I've a dv6-3035es, which is a i7 720QM. This *bleep* runs incredibly hot. I get idles of 55 - 60 C, and 70 and upper when using at full load.

I did try to replace the thermal paste, but I didn't see any great improvement (3 degrees or less). The worst is that I live in a place that gets really hot in summer (26 - 35ºC), so it's nearly impossible to use my laptop on full load even  when using a cooler pad.


What I'm doing in order to prevent the death of my laptop?

  1. Kill all unnecesary services.
  2. Always use good coller pad (from my experience, a good choice would be Cooler Master Notepad U3) and monitorize the temperature.
  3. Put the laptop in a low energy profile, this is, put the cpu at less than 80%. This will prevent the turbo boost option.
  4. When I need the full power, I try to monitorize the temperature and stop what I'm doing if the laptops gets hotter than 75-80 ºC.

Moreover, I just ordered a new portable cooler that gets fixed on the side of the laptop (where the actual laptop's cooler is placed) and directly sucks the heat off the laptop. I will combine the cooler pad and this other cooler in order to prevent the death of the laptop. I will tell my impresions when I recive the order.


I think I won't buy an hp laptop anymore, and I'm very sorry because I was some sort of fan of hp. I think my next buy will be an Asus (they really made the effort of making a good hardware desgin).

I'm trully disappointed with HP.



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Re: Pavilion dv6 Overheating. -- Cause and Fix

My HP was running hot at idle (Incredimail window and one IE window open and minimised) and would also periodically shut down due to overtemp.


Tried many other resolves including dropping processor power etc etc, none of these worked.


I performed Ephraim's suggestion and replaced the heat sink compound. Problem solved.


Using 'coretemp' application to monitor, the CPU has not gone above 59 degrees.


Thanks. Very happy.

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Re: Pavilion dv6 Overheating. -- Cause and Fix

Hmmm, very interesting.


So, did you just replace the thermal paste or did you apply the full  Ephraim_Tallow solution (change the square silicon piece by a copper piece...)? I you just changed the thermal paste, which one did you used? Otherwise, if you did apply the full solution, how was the experience of cutting the piece and so on? Do you have any photos?

By the way, which laptop do you have?



Another thing, when you replaced the thermal paste, did you fill the space between around the CPU (and GPU) and the square shaped piece? (see edited photo of MurtnR) Because I'm not so sure if you have to fill it manually, leave the remaing thermal paste to fill it when you put the heat sink, or put just put little bit of thermal paste in order to not fill the space when you put the heat sink. Any suggestions?

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Re: Pavilion dv6 Overheating. -- Cause and Fix

Sorry, I forgot to upload the photo!


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Re: Pavilion dv6 Overheating. -- Cause and Fix

Ok, I'll keep it short.....


Laptop model is HP Pavillion dv6

AMD Phenom II N970 Quad Core 2.2GHz

4.00GB RAM, 64 Bit running Win 7 Home Premium


I performed the following: 


Disassembled the laptop and removed the heat-sink assembly from the motherboard.

Blew out a small amount of dust from the fan area.

Thouroghly cleaned the old compound from ALL surfaces with 99.8% Isopropyl Alcohol and a soft cloth, and allowed to dry.

Applied peices of elecrical tape (thin PVC sticky tape) to the heat sink surfaces to 'mask' the area, so I could only apply the compound to the area that directly contacted the CPU(s)

Applied a very thin layer of the new compound to the heat sink side and smoothed it out with a business card.

I also applied a small ammount to the surface of the silicone pad peice (I did not replace this pad)

Removed the PVC tape and reassembled the laptop.


I used 25% silver heat sink compond which I purchased from Jaycar Electronics


Note, care should be taken during disassembly. The keyboard needs to come off to disconnect a number of wires.


Cheers, JT

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Re: Pavilion dv6 Overheating.

Have an HP DV6-3440us and upgraded the BIOS from HP (F28 to F29). Made sure fan was enabled in the BIOS screen. Upon start-up noticed the fan at high speed (noisier). After a few minutes fan went to medium speed (not as noisy) and stayed at that speed for ~10 minutes. Then the fan went to very slow speed (barely audible). The PC seems to be running cooler now. Will buy a compressed air cleaner and blow some possible dust accumalation to insure all do-able steps were taken. Previously tried to open the PC to manually clean any dust but could'nt get all the screws out. Hope this helps...

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Re: Pavilion dv6 Overheating.

Hey all,


I just thought i would post my comments and opinion and hopefully help for other HP Pavillion DV6 users.


ok I began with hp products in 2004 i got my first HP Pavillion DV5, AMD Turion R7 2.1Ghz Dual, 4gb DDR2 Ram and a 250gb hardride with an ati radeon hd 4250 graphics chip. I loved it, never had an issue (sure we had some ups and downs(mainly my fault)). in july 2007 i was sitting playing a game fo CounterStrike: Source (which it could only run on low settings and even the the fps struggled) when all of a sudden i poured coke straight on to my keyboard. Turned it off pwer cable out, battery out upside down wiped it with anything and everything possibly underwear you name it. Coke and laptops BAD IDEA. Didnt turn it on for about 2 days. Turned it on, the speakers crackled the fan was doing 90 but it worked it booted and then it calmed down ad it was fine few weeks later i decided id treat it and open it up and dissasemble it wiped everything motherboard whole lot with alcohol wipes. Never had an issue with it until november 2010 when i lent it to my cousin who was left with the explicit instructions not to leave it on a duvet cover. I came back from a nite out. Next morning i go into him and i say "grab my laptop" he says "yeah" and i take it downstairs turn it on its dead ..... he overheated the **bleep** out of it and it was still hot too .. not to mention i lifted it from his duvet cover :/ so that was that sold it for parts.


christmas 2010 i got myself this baby AMD Phenom 2.8ghz Dual-Core, ATI Radeon HD 5450+On board ATI mobility 4250 1gb, 6gb ddr3 ram (upgraded from 4gb) and a 320gb hdd.


From the power button got turned on this thing had PROBLEM written all over it within a few hours it had overheated and shut off and to tell you what i was doing at the time i was downloading a CounterStrike: Source. No blue screen no nothing just shut off. turned it back on and the bios read excessive temp or something.


within a month this was happening almost every two days and all that was maybe running was a word doc and firefox (ok they can be pretty resource hogging apps but not for the spec this thing had at the time)


in regard thermal paste - i reccomend Arctic Cooling MX-4 its about £10 on ebay and a hell of alot better than the sh*t HP use. If your not comfortable disassembling it yourself should cost you any more than £20 to get a technician to do it. This took my temperatures from peaking and hitting the auto shutoff point 95-100 degrees to 45 - 55 .. gaming it still hits 85-90. btw its been about 2 years or so since i done this and im not gunna lie I've been considering doing it again. These machines are HOT!


I upgraded my ram which stung £12 off ebay this helped as it meant there was alot more freedom for programs running, services, system processes it just made the back garden a bit bigger in a manner of speaking. 


In regards changing your power options, I have been reading peoples advice on it i have found probably the best way to do it. In advanced power options set you maximum cpu


1. set it to 90% (for now) let the system sit idle for a few hours while your not using it come back check the temp (it will be alot lower)


2. change your cooling fan option from active to passive


3. when the temperature is lower and it will be bring the percentage of the cpu back up a notch to 92%


4 . repeat step three until you find a speed and temperature you are happy with


5. for those of you who have a prcessor similar to mine to be honest unless you plan on hook up 2 extra monitors and play games on one watch 1080p movies on the other and have a virtual machine or visual studio and dreamweaver (or all of the above) running at the same time, lets be honest your not going to notice that.. much of a difference anything below the 2.2ghz speed i would recommend 95%



Well folks its been a pleasure i hope you've enjoyed reading, I'm gonna be off now to stick my DV6 3050sa in the freezer so its ready to go in the morning Smiley Very Happy ... (please don't do that I'm joking)



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Re: Pavilion dv6 Overheating.

Thanks Seb, As soon as I set the colling fan in advanced power options to passive, it instantly got cooler.

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Re: Pavilion dv6 Overheating.


I was experiencing awful by heating. and i was doing continuous services but heating problem not solve... i was heading to blue screen because of the heat that was more than 55 to 75 centigates .. and you can't keep your hand on typing. if that so i must tribute "Mr Mendis" how identified the problem and now i am sharing with you.

pls refer the screen shots and find the most wanted programs.

classified with descending date order.

carefully go thro the software that you have downloaded and installed after some time back from the purchase.

then select those third party software that you don't want really.

do not feel stingy to delete those third party softwares they are the heat generator.

i m unable to attach the word document with those screen prints... any how i will give you the direction

start-> Control panel-> under program[ click un-install a program] then you will open this window as shown in the attached picture. there you have to sort the date order by clicking on the date recent first. don't uninstall hp and Microsoft publisher if you don't know,those are needed or not. then put a tick on the left side box and click on unistall in the top as you find in the 2nd image.bit time consuming ... some times you would asked for authorization allow it and follow the instructions. with refer to my first image,

eg. 1. angry birds by rovio dated 05-dec- 2012 can uninstall.

      2. dynomo toolbar by search core system 14-may-2013

      3. play momories 08-feb-2013 etc....

if you missed any credential don't worry the hp lap is very smart to identify the missing software give you the solution to update...

good luck!

and please share with others, if you solve the prob.. as for sure you will experience what I am experiencing to day.. about 30 Centigrade since i'm from "sri lanka" my room temp. is 27 Centigrade. if you want to thank me please share with other blogs that you find the simillar prob. thank you for reading and understanding... mine is a core i7 all technician said was you can boil an egg that is a born defect of hp pavilion dv6... Untitled.png 


Untitled 2.png

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