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Pavilion dv6 Overheating.

I own a Pavilion dv6 and the area around the cooling fan is almost always hot enough to hurt to the touch. Even light web surfing causes this laptop to become this hot. I have not changed any hardware since I bought it and HP will charge me $50 to inquire with them by phone. What might the problem be?

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Re: Pavilion dv6 Overheating.

NB is overheating attempt to download and run any available BIOS updates 

Clean Vents of PC with Compressed  Air 

Check to see if you can hear if the Fan is running if not you will need to service unit and have fan replaced

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Re: Pavilion dv6 Overheating.

Try this:




I decided to sacrifice 1 percent (just) of performance for the sake of cool temperatures and silent fan. I have HP DV6, with AMD Turion RM-74 and HD4650.


So, Yes, You will loose up to 1 percent Your CPU power, but heyh, this processor is so fast that You will barelly notice the change. You will still watch HD content with 720p and everything else smoothly. Note, that gaming will be harder part but consider Your laptop not as a device created for heavy gaming.



I rarely do play NBA 2K10 on my laptop. It is very cpu demanding. After I've done the above, my CPU temp never reached beyond 71 percent while gaming, GPU - 75 percent.


Without the above mentioned my CPU went over 100 and GPU over 90.


No more overheating.




So, how to reduce Your notebook temps:

(i) Power Options -> More power options,

(ii) Balanced plan -> Change settings,

(iii) Change advanced power settings

(iv) Processor power management -> Maximum processor state -> On Battery - 50 percent, Plugged in - 99 percent.

(vi) Save changes and close.


Now, mine temperatures are - idle 48, heavy load - 57, extremelly heavy load (HD 720p content) - 62-63. (At the moment my CPU cores are at 47 celsius).



And please note, that the notebooks coolers are just a joke and designed not to cool your laptops, but to take away your money. Their effieciency is minimum: -1/2 celcius.


Best regards.



Temps after 5 hours usage

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Re: Pavilion dv6 Overheating.

Is this an Artist edition laptop? If it is I had the same problem and I was told it was a hardware problem after my computer stopped working completely. I hardly used my laptop too and still had the problem-the screen randomly went blank and then it just stopped working all together.

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Re: Pavilion dv6 Overheating.

I am a FORMER owner of an HP DV6409WM Laptop.  I bought the laptop in Sept of 2007.   It lasted until July 2010.   Less than three years.


The following problems occurred over the last three months:

First, the wireless lan failed.

A few weeks later the screen went black.

And a week after that, it failed to boot altogether.


With my serial number falling in a gap of the DV product line recall, I have no other recourse with HP.   So, I will work diligently to NOT recommend their product line.   I'm currently shopping for a laptop - and rest assured, it will not be an HP.


Ultimately, they lost a devoted customer.   I've owned 3 HP laptops, 1 HP Desktop, and two HP printers.    But, I will no longer buy anything associated with HP.   As they have demonstrated their abandonment of responsibilities of product warranty, I will respond accordingly and abandon them as a customer.


It is disappointing when corporate profits override product quality.   Ultimately, it is the profit picture that will drastically change due to the shift in quality.   Their profits today are recognized - however, treating customers as they do will only yield long term detrimental effects to their profit potential.    They would certainly be omitted as a candidate for the Deming Prize.



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Re: Pavilion dv6 Overheating.

This seems to be a design issue with HP's AMD/ATI dv6 but the customer support guy I rang hung up on me when I tried to explain the issue of heat related shut downs

Anyway, in the meantime I've found this solution seems to tame most of the overheating issues:


1) In advanced power management settings,

- set the CPU to only use 90% of speed when plugged in.

- Set the cooling to 'passive' rather than 'active'. This will help prevent the fan whirring like a jet engine after 5 minutes web browsing.


2) Download the latest drivers for the graphics chip. Right click on the ATI icon in the system tray and select the option which is something like 'active power management' (can't remember exactly)


Doing this has stopped the worst of the heat related issues with no apparent loss of performance (we don't do 3d gaming on it). Good luck.

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Re: Pavilion dv6 Overheating.

Thank you for your post jblb1, my new laptop was hot enough to cook steak on until I took your advice and changed those power settings, now it's cool as a cucumber Smiley Happy

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Re: Pavilion dv6 Overheating.

I cannot find where you can set the CPU to 90% of speed.  Help!!!!  Smiley Happy

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Re: Pavilion dv6 Overheating.

Go to 'Control Panel', type in 'power settings' in the search bar.  Choose 'change power plan', then 'advanced power plan settings' then scroll down to 'Power management settings', choose 'maximum perfomance' then you can change the percentages in the drop down boxes Smiley Happy

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Re: Pavilion dv6 Overheating.

My dv6 shuts down during operations and I have noticed that it is quite hot. What is the problem?  Is there a fix?

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