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SSD not recognized
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Re: SSD not recognized

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I understand you are experiencing an SSD issue with your Elitebook or Probook. However, since those are commercial notebooks, you should post your issue on the notebook board of the HP Enterprise Forums for a better answer.

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Re: SSD not recognized

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I was able to install a 256GB SSD Kingston on an old HP 6930p with the image copy of the existing 150GB sata hdd. The BIOS config is of no help as it doesn't give me any specific details on the installed harddrive.


My primary goal was to upgrade the 6930p harddrive with an SSD with the replicated volume and contents of the old sata hdd, and the only noticeable change as far as the user is concerned would be a faster boot time performance. My SSD already contained an existing windows OS from another machine, and decided to install it into the HP laptop, just to check if HP can actually recognize it, which it did and it proceeded to boot up into windows successfully. So I know that HP 6930p will have no troubles reading, working on a 256GB SSD.


I proceeded to replicate (or clone) the sata hdd into the SSD using the Windows Backup & Restore utility, but hit a snag when I tried to boot up from the SSD but instead was giving me a non-system disk error. I don't know for sure if the laptop is just not seeing the SSD or its seeing it but there's something wrong with the system volume. Took me some time to figure it out after several trial and error attempts to bypass the error.


Basically, I burned a Windows 7 Ultimate (no product key needed) into a disc and boot up from it and ran the system repair utility including chkdsk. After rebooting, it successfully started Windows from the SSD and finally got to the Desktop. So far so good, no errors, not even a single one. I removed the windows disc, and performed another chkdsk just in case, and then rebooted the laptop. It rebooted into Windows 7 with the new 256GB SSD just fine. User configurations, devmgmt were all good. No errors in Device Manager. The Windows looked exactly the same as the Windows from the old sata hdd, except for the performance which is a lot faster now.


It's a convoluted process but windows already come with the necessary tools for backup and recovery which was good and that's all you need. It was quite satisfying to get this to work.


High-level process:
1. Create a Disc Image of HP 6930p using Windows Backup and Restore utility
2. Replicate the Image onto the SSD using Windows Backup and Restore utility
3. Install SSD and Power up on Windows 7 Install Disc
4. Run Windows repair utility & chkdsk, to fix windows startup.

5. Reboot without Windows 7 disc 

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Re: SSD not recognized

I have a 256 Gb SSD in my Pavillion D7000 and my SSD is not recognized by the BIOS. Windows 8.1 sees it formated and I was able to migrate the OS, but since my BIOS can't see it, I can't boot from it.

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