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Enabling VT-X on HP Probook 4530s

Product Name: HP Probook 4530s
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)



I need to enable VT-X on my HP Probook 4530s and am having no joy!


I need it to develop using Android Studio effectively -  so that I can run android device emulation.


I cant launch Android Virtual Device (AVD) in an emulator as AVD reports an error and tells me  I Need to install Intel HAXM as emulation requires Hardware Acceleration.
To successfully install the Intel HAXM -it needs the pre-requisite that the intel vt-x be enabled in my computers  bios.

I eventually was able to turn on virtualisation in the bios (I think! -  see note lower down) but it did not help with the install of Intel HAXM.

I also,

---try turning off firewall during the HAMX install - didnt help
---turned off 'Windows Virtual PC' in ControlPanel/Programs/'Turn windows features on or off'  during the HAMX install - didnt help
---installed piriform 'speccy' to inspect the value. When I navigated to cpu/virtualistion -  it states that virtualisation is supported but disabled.


How do I get the HAMX install to work if RT-X is not enabled?

How do I get RT-X to be enabled?


I am not convinced the BIOS enablement of virtualisation worked. I have inserted a photo of the bios setup menu,  where the only reference to anything associated with RT-X is the Virtualisation reference below - which I accessed by pressing ESC on boot up, followed by F10 for the BIOS setup, logged in as the biosAdministrator, then navigating to the 'System Configuration/Device Configurations' menu option.


Apologies for the quality of the screen in the photo - my display has a loose connection and so is a bit blurry but you can make out that the virtualisation checkbox (4th from bottom) is ticked and there are no other references to virtualisation or RT-X anywhere else in the bios menu structure. Note that I have not seen any bios menu interfaces like mine on youtube or elsewhere and so cant follow the myriad of advice out there. What is in my photo is all you get as far as mentioning virtualisation -  there is no RT-X references in the menu structure at all. This is why I installed speccy -  to check if RT-X was enabled and it would appear it is supported but not enabled. So I am stuck


 As a jpeg at 25.jpg


My hope is that once VT-X is enabled, then the intel HAMX install will succeed and then I will be able to create some android device emulators via AVD.


any ideas greatly appreciated!


Anthony (aka AJC999)

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Re: Enabling VT-X on HP Probook 4530s

Can anybody help me with this issue?


regards Anthony

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Re: Enabling VT-X on HP Probook 4530s

System Config > Boot Opt > enable UEFI


this is worked for me

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