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Flow is about to make my HP Envy x360 Burst into Flames

Envy x360
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I  am having an issue with my HP Envy x360 where my pc usage will stay at 100% and most of my memory is used and i see that flow is the issue.  This is causing my computer to run super hot and i am in fear of it catching fire.  I had  this same computer overhauled my HP  less than a year ago, and i am 100% positve that the screen on my computter started to split because of heat build up. They refused to accept that, but the computer gets super hot.  It runs 100% and  memory spiked high at about 70% with nothing running but one browser and it also does this with photoshop when i have it running. This is serious issue with  flow in the HP computers.   Are we going to see a real solution to fix this??  I can not not disable flow, if i do it reappears. Will you help us HP?

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Flow is about to make my HP Envy x360 Burst into Flames


I see you're running Win10 -- so please read the following ...


With a Win10 PC, you're going to experience a variety of problems not typical of the older PCs.

First is sluggishness. You may experience a very slow PC at times because Windows Update (WU) is hogging your PC, searching for, downloading, and installing updates -- to bring your PC up to the most current version of Windows. This can also contribute significantly to high processor temperatures, as it is being heavily used.

Second is fan noise. That's directly related to fan speed, which is the result of processor heat, and WU is known to drive up the processor load -- sometimes to 100%. That can cause the fan to run loud and continuous for some time.

Third is disk usage. WU can easily force the disk usage to 100% and and keep it pinned there for some time. That's because it wrote WU files to the drive, then it turned around and read them, then it overwrote existing Windows System files. All of that takes a lot of disk usage to complete.

These processes are compounded by Win10 because new Win 10 patches coming out nearly every Tuesday. Since you can't stop Updates like you did with Win7, this means you're going to get updates, regardless of what you do.

To find out what version and build of Win10 your PC is running, do the following:
1) enter "cmd" (without the quotes) into the search area and select the Command Prompt option
2) enter "winver" into the command window (again, without the quotes)
3) the most current Win10 version (as of 4/2/19) is v1809 Build 17763.503.

If yours is older than that, most likely WU is hogging your PC trying to update it.

Some folks have been told that resetting your PC will fix this. but, if you reset your PC, you only make matters WORSE! Why? Because you will reset Win10 back to the original version that came preloaded on the PC and that will restart Windows Update all over again.

To disable WU temporarily, do the following:
1) Enter "services" in the search area (again, without the quotes)
2) When the window opens, scroll down until you see Windows Update
3) If it say Running under status, that indicates that WU is running
4) To change that, double-click on that task, select Stop under the Service status, and then Apply
5) That should stop WU -- and you should see an immediate improvement in performance

If not, then WU is not the problem.

WU will restart itself automatically later on, so you basically have no choice than to bear with it until it finishes.

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