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    Need Windows 11 help?
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Victus by HP 16.1 inch Gaming Laptop PC 16-e0000 (457S2AV)
Microsoft Windows 11

Hello dear all. Today Windows update arrived and after BIOS update laptop could not run. System shows BIOS error. LED on shows to try to boot but no results. Tried to find here answers. Saw that in Oct 2021 same issues have some users. All tried to resolve with creating recovery USB with BIOS. Used all: sp132831 and sp135675 but after starting update BIOS with Win+B+On systems says that "BIOS recovery files cannot be found or files at USB are corrupted". Load files both ways: here in chats and from HP support. No results. Can somebody help what to do? Please help. Thank you. Alex

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Thank you for posting on HP Support Community.

That must be hard. Don't worry as I'll be glad to help, I have a few troubleshooting steps we could try to fix the issue:  

  • Firstly, remove the hard drive from the computer.
    For instructions, see the Maintenance and Service Guide
  • Once the hard drive is removed turn on the computer without the hard drive- While booting as the computer doesn’t detect a hard drive so it’ll automatically roll back to the previous bios.
  • Put the HDD back in and turn it ON. It might give an error about the improper shutdown. Just click continue and it should boot to windows.

Hope this helps! Keep me posted for further assistance.
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I am an HP Employee

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There is no way to remove the bottom plate without damaging it

Is there a trick to remove it?

Cant get grip on it at all

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Thank you for posting on the HP Support Community.

Don't worry as I'll be glad to help, to provide an accurate resolution, I need a few more details:

  • What seems to be the exact issue with your HP Product today?  

Keep me posted! 

I am an HP Employee

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Disclaimer Notice: I am not a HP Employee and I am not associated with HP in any way. I am sharing the steps which worked for me. Please proceed with your own caution.


I had the exact same issue. I purchased the laptop a week back. Windows 11 updated the BIOS and my system got completely Bricked. I reached out to HP Support, Tried downloading HP Firmware for my system - sp132831 and sp135675 and both of them didn't work at all. All I saw was "Bios files cannot be found or Bios files are corrupted". But, I found the solution.



1. A Working Windows System (HP Systems are Preferred - No Model Constraints. Any HP Model would work). I am not sure where non-HP system would or wouldn't work. For me, I used another HP system

2. A Pen Drive of 8 GB+.

3. That Working System should have .NET 3.5 Installed. No Downloads Required. Please install it from "Add or Remove Windows Features" from Control Panel of the System. If you are not sure, if it is installed or not, don't worry. Just skip this step and proceed. It will automatically ask you to install if it is not.

4. I already performed CMOS Reset and it didn't work. But, that CMOS reset might have contributed a small part in following. Turn off Victus . Press and Hold (Windows + V) and Power on Victus. Don't release (Windows + V) until CMOS reset window is displayed. CMOS would be reset after you follow on-screen instruction.


My Bricked System: Victus 16 e0075AX (5600H / 1650 4GB DD6)

My Working System: HP 14Q-CS0023TU


All files in Pen Drive would get Deleted.



In a Working Computer:

1. Go to https://support.hp.com/in-en/help/hp-pc-hardware-diagnostics 

2. Out of 4 Options listed, Select "Diagnose Other Potential Issues"

3.  Scroll down to see the option "HP PC Hardware Diagnostics 4-IN-1 USB KEY"

4. Download the 4-IN-1 USB key v5.3.0.0 (sp135892.exe  / 1.40 GB)

5. Wait for it to Complete Downloading and Once Downloaded Install it.

6. When It is installing, Insert the Pen drive and Make sure the working computer is detecting it.

7. Once Installation is Completed, it would ask the Pen Drive's Drive Letter 



8. Give the correct Letter as above. It will ask for confirmation and give "Yes"

Note: Here is where , if you don't have .NET 3.5, a window might pop up to install with "Install" button on it. Click install and once the .NET is complete, please re-run the downloaded application once again. When .NET is installing, utility would behave like it was installing but it wouldn't have. So, install .NET and re-run from step 5 (Install the downloaded Application - sp135892.exe) 

9. Wait for the Installation utility to complete. You should see a screen like this:


10. Now, Open the Pen drive.

11. You should see a file named "BIOSCopy.csv" (If you have excel installed, it would appear like excel file)


12. Copy the Excel file to desktop or somewhere not in pendrive. Open the excel and search for the model.

Note: For Victus, there is no model number but just listed as "VICTUS by HP Laptop". I have no idea why HP did this - giving just name instead of model number.


13. Go to Pendrive and Execute the "BIOSCopy.exe" - Run as Administrator.

14. It would ask for System Board ID and Street Name. Street Name would be "VICTUS by HP Laptop". Board ID : For me 88F8 worked. I tried from 88EB TO 88EE, then 88F8. For you, if you can find board number, it is 100% okay. Or else, you have to try one by one. Don't use different numbers again and again on the pendrive. First, Give one board ID and Street Name as "VICTUS by HP Laptop" and click "copy". Try this once and try with another Board ID, if previous didn't work.

15. You should see a screen like this


(Above is mine : 88F8 worked for me)

16. Remove the Pendrive from this laptop/

17. Make sure your Victus is turned off. 

18. Insert the pen drive when Victus is off.

19. Press and Hold (Windows + B). Without releasing it, press power button for a second or two. Release power button but keep holding (Windows + B). Laptop power might go off and start again - but don't leave Windows + B unless BIOS screen is displayed. 

20. For me, BIOS screen told "BIOS update Failed" - but still, My Laptop start booting. And It started working. If issue persistent, please restart from step 14 with different board number but street name would remain same. 


Windows PIN got reset and it asked me to reset the PIN by signing in to microsoft account. 

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Hey, my HP Victus has only ONE SSD drive. Do I need to remove the SSD and turn it back on without the SSD connected? Please confirm if it's right. I'm don't have experience in these situation, I don't want to cause more trouble as I already going from one.

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I removed ssd, but that didn’t help

System gives same error, no boot bios found or corrupted file

And I think it’s pretty weird to suggest consumers te remove ssd from a laptop to fix things

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Thanks Manikandanram,  I encountered the same issue on my new Victus laptop. I followed the exact steps as mentioned and Viola!, IT WORKED. I used 88FA - System Board ID for my Model ID: 16-e0076AX.


SHAME ON HP for pushing this botched update via 'Windows Update'. You need to sack the team for giving such an unpleasant experience for HP & Windows 11 across the Victus Laptop Gaming Community. 


Note: I have paused the Windows Update all other HP Gaming Laptops across my family. 😞

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