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Hp Simple Pass on Windows 10

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How do you Update from Windows?

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Re: Hp Simple Pass on Windows 10



The following assumes your computer is a consumer grade notebook and NOT a business notebook.


Windows 10 comes installed with Windows fingerprint logon software -- from Microsoft.


Once configured with a PIN number to allow access to the fingerprint portion of the logon, Windows 10 Logon can log you into your computer account using the fingerprint scanner.


SimplePass might be offered for your computer from your computer's website support page for Windows 10.  If the program is not at your computer's website support page, you can still download a copy of the program from HP.


If you have never had SimplePass on the computer in the past, you want to install and run the latest version of the Series 8 HP SimplePass program.


If you used run HP SimplePass on your computer, then you want to install the latest version of the HP SimplePass program in the same "Series" as you have used in the past.


There are two separate (and unrelated) SimplePass program sets:


AuthenTec Series 6 HP SimplePass

sp63224 HP SimplePass V6.0.100.276 Win7-8


Softex Series 8 HP SimplePass

sp71729 HP SimplePass V8.01.46A W7-W10 32/64bit



In addition to the program itself, you will need the Validity Driver that supports the fingerprint scanner built into the computer.  SimplePass talks to the Validity Driver -- the driver talks to the fingerprint hardware.


If your computer is new (not migrated to Windows 10), you likely already have the Validity / Synaptics Fingerprint driver that is needed.


If you computer has been migrated to Windows 10 from an older Operating System, you need to use a Validity Sensor Driver that matches your computer's fingerprint scanner hardware -- and that Driver must be at least compatible with Windows 8.x.  The Driver may be available at your computer's Website support pages.


General rules for success:


  • Know which Series of SimplePass you need
  • Create a Restore Point
  • (Re)install the Validity Sensor Driver for your computer
  • Reboot and Log in
  • Install your chosen SimplePass package
  • Reboot and log in



Help, suggestions, and examples:

Instructions to Upgrade HP SimplePass


Read the first page: Dragon Document Guidelines



Sections of interest include:

  • Order of Events is important
  • Change Sign-In Options
  • Procedure - Update / (Re) Install HP SimplePass



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Re: Hp Simple Pass on Windows 10

My laptop is an EliteBook 8460p. It's not very compatible with Win10. I gave up on the fingerprint, after I had to reinstall windows from installing a worng driver. I didn't make any restore points.. big mistake. Thx for answering.

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Re: Hp Simple Pass on Windows 10



After I upgraded my Pavilion dv6 laptop from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro (07-29-2015) my fingerprint reader did not function anymore.


I disconnected simplepass (deleted AuthenTec software) and installed Windows Hello in the account settings. This was successfull. However, with the recent update on 04-08-2016, again, my fingerprint reader was not functioning. Windows Hello can not be found in my account settings.


I acted as follows:

  • run [Windows] + R
  • carry out msconfig.exe
  • set TrueService off
  • restart the laptop

and, voila, the fingerprint reader operates again.


In fact, I do not use SimplePass (anymore), and I do not need it, because I use LastPass for assembling my passwords in the vault for any application and website I visit.


I hope to have contributed to a solution valuable to you.


Kind regards.

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Re: Hp Simple Pass on Windows 10

I had been using SimplePass fingerprint; however, the latest update from MS for Win 10 apparently prevents the application from responding to the fingerprint reader. The troubleshooter reports the incompatibility of a SimplePass element entitled Spash.  No convenient workaround with the settings.  I'm using Envy 17 64 bit running Win 10 1607 (build 14393.351). Consequently,  I deleted the fingerprint information and any log-on info (I use RoboForms) from SimplePass, restarted the system, opened settings, opened sign in options, and set up fingerprint.  That restored the fingerprint log-on which now operating under Win10.  I just leave SimplePass alone and make sure it's not on the start-up list.

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Re: Hp Simple Pass on Windows 10



Thanks for your comments.


The "Splash" component is part of the old SimplePass suite written by AuthenTec, likely some version of HP SimplePass V6.x


The old Series 6 HP SimplePass no longer compatible with the latest Windows 10 OS -- you can likely switch to the latest version of Series 8 HP SimplePass.


Understand that Series 8 is NOT an update to Series 6 -- these are two different program sets written by two different companies.  You can switch, you cannot "migrate" from Series 6 to Series 8.



You can continue to ignore your old SimplePass program or you can uninstall the program set.


You need the Validity Sensor Driver (or a newer version) to use either the Windows logon (that you are using now) and / or to install the Series 8 HP SimplePass.


Details are available in the Dragon document posted previously in this Thread.


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Re: Hp Simple Pass on Windows 10


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