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    Need Windows 11 help?
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Microsoft Windows 10 (32-bit)

2 Questions


1. Am installing a brand new HDD, blank.  need to make some bootable Win10 disc or loader.  There is one from microsoft, it loads the win10 image .iso then cant burn DVDs, and doesnt see the 32GB usb memory? even format it and all, fat or ntfs doesnt see it.  must use dvd.  well it goes 10 seconds, finalizes the disc and says error the disc is too fast or slow for the dvd burner.


come to HP.com  recovery media is a flash stick and its $40 ?? ships in a week or 2?


NO!  I need some kind of recovery disc or flash that works now, installs the win10 on the new HDD, what? how?


I have the .iso file of win10 on the usb flash, but as a file, if I had a dvd burner? I may be set because i kept the .iso  but where is the old microsoft dvd burner that lets you pick different dvd types like 16x


Question 2:

laptop came with 2x 2GB SDRAM memory.  I added an 8GB SDRAM, it says total 10GB usable space: 2GB.  mouse would not click on the search, could not bring up cmd to get into msconfig is that just an msconfig setting



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Your machine is an HP Notebook - 15-ay039wm (ENERGY STAR), its specs




A1. Where do you burn your DVD ? The burner should burn DVD using its speed. Do you have friends or relatives, please try their machines.


A2. Machine should come with  8 GB DDR4-2133 SDRAM (2 x 4 GB). I believe you bought it from Walmart.  Did you seat the 8GB stick properly ?



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A1  the lapptop has a dvd burner installed.  I have nobody else with a computer, no friends closer than 2000 miles.  I ordered a new package of DVDs from amazon, it says Maxel DVD-R but the seal plastic was broken held on with tape, obviously opened.  then read comments on amazon for that item? mostly 1 star saying the dvd's are junk.  So its possible i got a bad batch


I used to have an external DVD that ran over usb + power.  but it was stolen by moving company Presto Logistics, they are thieves of the highest order, LIARS who you pay to move your stuff, then they go thru the boxes and steal anything of value!  20 years worth of my work on computer hardware, pc support, and software design into 4 boxes of "stuff" my most valuable things, tools, gadgets, disks, a $90 mouse etc, stolen.  Imagine 20 years of repairing pcs and doing engineering work and you put that in 4 big plastic boxes? to move cross country? and the moving company Presto Logistics steals them. 


The other problem? the 32 GB flash chip thing?  the stupid program cant find it  I even had an 8GB partition on the main hdd drive, it couldnt see that either.  HP wants to sell it for $60 with shipping? not a chance.


There needs to be an app that will do whatever validation is needed on my current laptop and make a bootup windows10


do you know of such an app?


A2.  Yes I did alot of circuit board repair over 40 years, worked on mainframes before the PC came out, fixed pc's for decades. the SDRAM was perfectly seated, it shows the size, the system says the right amount, 8gb + 2gb = 10gb.  The first thing BIOS does is go out to the DRAM memory and try to read the onboard EEPROM to see what type it is and the size, then it runs some r/w tests and makes sure memory is ok, if not it usually halts the cpu and the system sits doing nothing.  But here it figured out the size, memory appears to work and I also ran the Memory Diagnostic where it reboots and runs an old dos type program and it was fine.  So there must be a windows setting to upgrade...   I need to go into the bios and see what it says there


thanks for your help

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