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No bootable device insert boot disc and press any key error
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Re: No bootable device insert boot disc and press any key error

I recently had the same problem. After days of struggling to fix it, my dad and I finally discovered that if you press control+alt+delete it shoukd start normally!

Hope this helps!

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Re: No bootable device insert boot disc and press any key error

The main cause for the no boot device issue is when the MBR is damaged or missing.

The system keeps a back up of this in the root drive and can be recovered.

The easiest fix it to have a Vista or W-7 DVD and NOT A backup!

Boot to it and choose Startup Repair.

If your machiine is still with its factory configuration then you will be presented with two installations from which to choose. You will want to choose the second installation it detects as your choice. The first is the Recovery Partition. Do not choose this one else your machine will constantly boot into Recovery mode.

If you have a modified machine you will probably have only one choice in the Found Installations of Windows. If you dual boot be sure to choose the one you boot to first.

If you cant get a Windows DVD then look for a copy of Windows RE and make the disc and it will perform the same function. Start up Repair is part of the RE and not manufacturer specific.

Another note. You have to use the disc for your operating system specifically. Vista and W-7 discs are not interworkable on systems.


My thoughts are this.


HP should be setting up machines to boot to the Windows Recovery Environment , (WinRE), when trouble is detected, so that users can fix their machines without the need for a system disc. Other manufacturers are doing this and have been for a long time. Example: My other machine,(Gateway 3yrs old), will automatically go to the RE if it failed a successful boot and give repair options available, one being Startup Repair. HP should be doing this!!!

This being especially important since they dont give you a system disc with the machine. This has little to do with the Recovery Partition which does have the Recovery Environment on it but only to restore the machine to factory built condition. HP seems to think that making a set of recovery discs is the solution to everyones problems and in this case they are worthless. Unless you want to lose everything and do a factory recovery.


Good luck everyone who has this problem. Its really not that hard to fix!

So long as you dont have a hardware issue.

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Re: No bootable device insert boot disc and press any key error

Hi everyone.


I am fairly computer illiterate and so I have no idea what to do with my errors, despite reading all of your posts. 

My laptop (the HP notebook G62) is only 3 months old and each and every time I try to turn it on I get the "No bootable device...." error message over and over again.  I power off the PC and try again and after about 6-7 of the same message I am now getting "SMART Hard Disk Error" which then gives me the option to press enter to continue startup.


I have had loads of other different failure and recovery messages over the last few days and I am so fed up as I don't know what is wrong with my machine.  Often when I do get it up and running, it then freezes and I have to re-boot and when I put it into sleep mode, I then can't get it started up again for sometimes 30 minutes.


I can see many recommendations on here to try to rectify these issues myself but I do not want to damage the PC and wonder if you think it is a fault that needs to be looked at by HP and possibly replaced?


My laptop has not moved from my desk since taking it out of the box and so it has not been caused any damage, dropping etc.  This is why I am so baffled.


Please please help.


Thank you

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No bootable device insert boot disc and press any key error YES!! Ctrl Alt Delete works!

Woman Surprised

Thank you for posting!!

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No bootable device insert boot disc and press any key error

Control Alt Delete worked for me

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Re: No bootable device insert boot disc and press any key error (WORKED FOR ME)

 I wanted to share my story because I attempted to fix my laptop on my own and waited around about 2-3 weeks until I finally decided to get help.


My HP Pavilion DV3 had a black screen saying "No bootable device--insert boot disc and press any key error"

The last time it was used, my bf was trying to get into my HP using my password. My password was not working (so he says) and he kept trying and trying then for some reason, he attempted to reset my password. Well, I don't know what happened but he says he turned it off and when he turned it back on, this error message popped up.


I went everywhere online trying to get FREE help and nothing. I Googled and I YouTubed and nothing I was trying, was working. So I finally called HP and decided to go ahead and pay whatever fee to have them help me since I'm out of warranty. They had me turn on the HP and immediately tap F11 continuously until a blue screen popped up. Well, the blue screen never popped up for me. We turned off and turned on again, this time pressing ESC once. NADA! These 2 options were actually also suggestions I came across when googling and youtubing. I'm assuming these 2 options would help most of you as long as your HARD DRIVE is not messed up, as in my case. If the blue screen never pops up, something else might be wrong.



They had me unscrew the L shaped label from the back of my laptop, that's where the hard drive is. I removed the hard drive and sat it on my desk for 30 seconds (I noticed that it was loose; not in place tightly). After I put it back in and turned my laptop back on, it was up and running like normal. I just had to press enter on "Start windows ...." because it was not shutdown properly. Phewwwww! What a relief, FINALLY!


I assume that if your hard drive is ok, a blue screen with new prompts should pop up when continuously tapping F11 as soon as you turn the Laptop on. Then it guides you through the next steps.


GOOD LUCK. I had to pay $50 for one time support but had the option to pay $99 for a one year warranty. If you cannot fix it yourself, just call HP. I feel so relieved and I feel like I can live again lol.

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Re: No bootable device insert boot disc and press any key error

I have the same problem.  When I bought the  laptop I made a recovery disc following the instruction of HP.   But the recovery disc is either. not not working

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Re: No bootable device insert boot disc and press any key error

ok, so I am having the same problem, except I had to replace the hard drive ( it fried after 1 1/2 years).  anyway the only thing different I did was got a faster hard drive.  I have the recovery discs, have used them and as soon as it reboots to load windows, I get the NO BOOTABLE DEVICE -- INSERT A BOOTABLE DEVICE. 


I have tried everything that I have read about, all the tests, repair, I even have an identical hp laptop I purchased for my husband , made a windows 7 repair disc and even it won't work.  right now I am going thru the startup repair.  Do I need to format the hard drive for the boot record or something.  PLEASE HELP ME. I am getting desperate.  It should not be this hard. 

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Re: No bootable device insert boot disc and press any key error

OK, So I was actually able to fix this myself.  Here is the scenario.


hard drive failed.  purchased new one, same size etc, except faster.  Ran the recovery disks I made when the computer was purchased.  Everything went fine except when it rebooted to load windows got the error NO BOOTABLE DEVICE, INSERT BOOT DISK AND PRESS ANY KEY .. ERROR.


Tried everything under the sun for this error, searched hi and low for answers on the web.  Since we had another laptop exactly the same I made a windows 7 repair disk.  Unfortunately it did nothing for my original NO BOOTABLE DEVICE.  Tonite I came across this:


boot with a Windows disk (repair disk ok) and issue these from the
Command Prompt and hit ENTER after each.

bootrec /fixmbr

bootrec /fixboot

bootrec /scanos

bootrec /rebuildbcd


It also said to run the startup repair twice.  However, when I did the above bootrec commands ( I did all of them), I got a different error. Scarier than before.  Some mumbo jumbo stuff. anyway, I went into the setup and changed the bios to start from the cd/dvd drive first.  Then rebooted with the windows 7  repair disk, ran the startup repair and then exited out, restarted the laptop, hit esc to go into the startup again and changed the bios to start from the hard drive.  Rebooted and windows is now installing the files that the recovery disks put on the hard drive and the computer appears to be working.


I am no tech for this stuff, know just enough to be scary, but was determined not to pay HP for service since the warranty ran out 6 months ago.






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Re: No bootable device insert boot disc and press any key error

Finally and sure i think i solved it

just use hiren bootcd v14(any version)<boot from it >


dos programs


mbr(master boot record tools)


then use mbr work


1- reset mbr (recommended)



write 5  (to install standard mbr code)



and choose windows 7 code by pressing 2



press 6 (set a partition active ) and choose (0) to choose you primary partition as active



press E to exit


press m to get menu  then choose smart fdisk and repartition you HDD  as you like


<remember to make partition c your primary partition active partition>


just reboot

then you will find a message (missing operating system )


then install your windows 7





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