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Webcam not working - HP ENVY 6 Notebook

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Model No.:  HP ENVY 6 Notebook PC

Software: Windows 7 64-bit


Error: Webcam not working - tried reinstalling drivers via Device Manager, also tried uninstalling & reinstalling Cyberlink Youcam as explained in link


The webcam name in  Device Manager - Imaging Devices is SPCA2082 PC Camera. When I try a video call on Skype, I can see the light turn on, however no video appears.



Any help is appreciated.


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Re: Webcam not working - HP ENVY 6 Notebook

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I am sure you have guessed -- that is not right.


The device manager should be giving back "HP TrueVision HD"


What you are seeing appears to be the Microsoft Driver name for the base device.


  • Have you tried the Hard Driver Reset?

Notebooks- Hard Driver Reset to Resolve Hardware and Software Issues- Sealed Non-Removable Battery


Notebooks - Hard Driver Reset to Resolve Hardware and Software Issues - Removable Battery





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Re: Webcam not working - HP ENVY 6 Notebook

Thanks Dragon-Fur! Would this erase any data or is there anything I should be worried about before running this?

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Re: Webcam not working - HP ENVY 6 Notebook

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Why a Driver Reset works to fix some issues: 

The Hard Driver Reset does not install anything on your computer, it does not take anything away from your computer, and the Reset does not "change" anything on your computer.  Your data and programs remain as they were before the reset was applied. 


Why a Driver Reset might Not Work:

If the issue is more than just entanglement, if the "good instructions" on the computer are not good enough -- that is, you need an update, a new driver, or there is a problem that cannot be "untangled", then the Reset will not work.


If there is a hardware problem the Driver Reset will not work.




Did your webcam EVER work?


If yes, then you might try using System Restore to take the computer "back in time" a few days and see if you can get it working that way:

Restoring Windows to a Previous Point (Windows 7


Using Microsoft System Restore (Windows 8)




I am assuming that at some point in the past, your system was updated with the Updates at your system's website.


You might check and make sure you have your updates in place.  There are a couple of ways to do this.  I much prefer the manual method, OR you can use the HP Support Assistant if you at least set it to NOTIFY you rather than auto-update.  The Auto-Update might get you into trouble and you don't want any more variables right now.




Install HP Support Assistant -- if you do not already have it on the system

HP Support Assistant


Depending on your Version, your exact command structure may vary:

  • Open the HPSA > Maintain > Updates and tune-ups
  • Settings for Updates and Messages >


  • Set the Updates to:  "Check for Updates, but let me choose whether to download and install them"

IMPORTANT:  NEVER update your BIOS based on a recommendation from the HPSA.  Always use your computer's website, read the information about the update, and then make a decision.




Start here

Support and Drivers

Enter your information, go to Drivers and Software...

Check for things like "Essential Updates, HP Framework, your Cyberlink will be there...


You can remove (from Control Panel > Programs and Features) and reinstall the HP Framework

This may help.



Windows Updates

Make sure your Windows Updates are ... up to date.  Most people have Windows Updates turned on.  If you are one of the people who do NOT usually keep the Windows Updates running (on), then this is the time to turn on the "Important" updates and get your system Updated.  Leave OFF the "Recommended" updates.



Scan It

There may be something flakey in one of your system files.  It happens.  Weird stuff creeps into the Operating System over time -- files get lost, pathways become corrupted, tiny errors develop.  Normal happenings.


This scan fixes that sort of thing, should it have happened to your system:

Using System File Checker (SFC) to Restore System Files


It is a "Start" and ignore sort of scan - it will "self fix" most stuff.  The only time you need be involved is if something really odd has happened and the system cannot repair itself.  Then it can become complicated, but there is help for that, too.  No need to go there now; it doesn't happen that often.  Smiling.




Good Luck!


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Re: Webcam not working - HP ENVY 6 Notebook

Hello ! I am facing the same problem on my hp envy 6 , my cyberlink youcam was getting tsuck again and again and was aksing for an update , after the update it has stopped working , it goes completely blank and sometimes the window shows the background . 

The driver has been changed to SPCA2082 from HP true vision .

I tried system restore but nothing changed . The SPCA driver is still there. 

It's not wokring with skype either. 

Is there a tried/working solution to this ? 

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Re: Webcam not working - HP ENVY 6 Notebook

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I do not know of a "Tried and True" fix.


The recovery method possibly depends on your OS -- not mentioned in your Post.  ?


Thoughts on the Subject:


  • As insurance, download the Cyberlink file from your computer's website. 
  • IGNORE the bits about the BIOS unless you choose to update the BIOS on your computer.


                                                                                           Install Webcam / BIOS Update


Drivers control hardware connected to the computer (wired or wireless).

Software controls the programs that interact with the User.

The BIOS initializes, identifies, and structures the computer during the boot process.


If you are having problems with the current webcam driver, you may elect to remove it from the Device Manager.


NOTE:  Do NOT remove any driver unless you have the means to replace it.  See the section on downloading the new driver.  Make sure you can download the new driver before you remove the old driver from your computer.


Control Panel > icon view > Device Manager > Imaging Devices >

Right-Click HP TrueVision HD (Webcam) > Uninstall > Delete


Go to the Computer’s website to download the new Driver:

  • Go to the top of the HP forum page to Support and Drivers
  • Enter your Computer Model information, and then go to Software and Drivers...
  • Enter your Operating System in the Drop-down menu...  Scroll down
  • Look for category Software - Multimedia
  • Select the appropriateCyberlink YouCam Software OR MediaSmart Webcam Software – if available for your system
  • Save the appropriate *.exe installation package on your computer


If you are updating the BIOS for your computer at this time, continue and select the BIOS:

  •  Look for category BIOS
  • Select the appropriate Bios Update for your computer (usually the most recent)
  • Save the *.exe installation package on your system


NOTE the name and the location - the *.exe file(s) will likely save to "Downloads “


  • Install the Software / Driver installation package(s):  If you have ‘Admin’ control, you may highlight the package(s) and “double-click” to install, else Right-Click, Select ‘run as Administrator’ and install.

BE AWARE:  The BIOS is the heart of your system.  Use ONLY the BIOS intended for YOUR computer.  Ignoring this advice and installing incorrect BIOS into your computer will effectually turn your computer into an expensive paperweight.   You can safely update your computer’s BIOS – just make sure it’s the BIOS for your computer’s product number.  There is no such thing as “close enough” with the BIOS.



If you decide to update your BIOS,




  • Disconnect all USB drives
  • Always run in AC power
  • Do not touch the system while the update is in progress
  • Optional: leave wireless button ON, but turn off the router (to make sure there are no interruptions)


Help Documents:

Updating the BIOS

Webcam Troubleshooting (Windows 8)



  • Go to your Device Manager > Image Devices > find that camera device > right-Click on it > Uninstall >
  • AND Tick the box to Delete the driver
  • Reboot / Restart the computer and log in



What did the Update destroy? 

  • Did you get an unintended BIOS update from HP Support Manager that caused a glitch in your Webcam? 
  • IF yes, You might turn off BIOS updates from HPSA and only update the BIOS when YOU intend it be done. 
  • Converesly, you may NEED a BIOS update
  • or the BIOS may need to be reset to Defaults (f10 at boot to get into the BIOS)


Here is where you decide from which source you wish to try and regain the Cyberlink control -- and it may actually make a difference due to the way in which it was lost.  Why?  Because the driver functionality seems to be a composite -- and the fact that an seemingly unrelated update appears to have obliterated the HP TrueVision webcam and replaced it with a stripped version of an internal device name is an indication that the recovery method is going to matter.



  • Recover the original Cyberlink driver from your Recovery Manager


  • Use the downloaded installation package to try and recover the Cyberlink driver functionality

If you choose to do so, AND after you have your system fully backed up, then

  • update your BIOS


Good Luck!



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