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pavillion dv4 laptop screen problem

my hp pavillion dv 4 laptop is not lightng screen is not lighting up , what might be the problem

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Re: pavilion dv4 laptop screen problem

Thank you for the information. I fixed my issue. It was exactly as you described to the T !! Once I removed the plastic piece located between the screen and keyboard. There it was on the left side rubbing up against the hinge this is definitely a design flaw. After a little adjustment it works perfect again. Thanks for your knowledge !!

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Re: pavilion dv4 laptop screen problem

Hi Shamisomz,


there are multiple causes for this.

First check whether there are any lights glowing on the keyboard or not, The caps lock and Num lock LED might be blinking and if yes, what is the sequence?

Is it blinking once, twice, thrice or more....??

try this step first:

unplug the AC Adapter abd remove the battery.

When there is no power source to the notebook, press and hold the power button for atleast 40 seconds....

Then connect only the AC adapter and try to turn on the notebook.

If the issue is because of static electricity, it will be fixed by doing this.

If not, you need to remove and reseat the memory module and harddrive.

If your notebook is inwarranty, better contact HP phone support at 1800-474-6836.

If its Out of warranty, try chat support...



If you let me know the  Caps lock and num lock led blinking sequence, then, I will be able to help you in a better way.




Mohammed Mukrams

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Re: pavilion dv4 laptop screen problem

If its Out of warranty, try chat support...



You're kidding me!! This is the exact problem I have and many, many, many others have. Can HP be so arrogant to post the same things on every post, and know there is a problem that needs a RECALL.


Thanks for recommending Chat Support, Chatting with you guys is so much fun. How many times can you say "I understand" but, "We are not going to replace" our faulty product? I'm sure that there are thousands of HP Pavilion users that thank you for the chat support recommendation. That was great!! In case we are naive, I am being sarcastic.

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Re: pavilion dv4 laptop screen problem

There certainly is a problem with the HP Pavilion dv4 Laptop "no display screen" problem.

After investigating myself, I believe the problem lies in the left hinge where the display wiring is routed through and into the chassis.

When opening and closing the display, apparently there is a plastic tab that crushes or stresses the wiring harness.

I can be described as "pinching" the wiring harness (which is wrapped in black HP factory cloth-like tape.)


I decided to investigate this since I have strong confidence (because I am an engineer) and have solved or uncovered many other mechanical or electrical problems in the past.

After I removed the back cover of the display and also removed the black plastic strip that is held in by 3 screws,

I turned the computer on and put pressure with my pinky right onto the harness at the hinge before it goes through the hole and into the computer chassis. The screen would turn on. When I removed pressure, the screen turned off.


Before any dissassembly of your laptop, I found that you can test for this wiring problem by squeezing the left black strip (what looks to be the hinge) on the back and just below the display. You can squeeze best when the display is open at a 90 degree or smaller angle. You may have to keep pressure while wiggling the display just a little to see if any broken wire(s) are coming back into contact at their broken points.


So as I have suspected, since I had recently reviewed that E36 BMW's had a similar problem where the wiring harness was also routed near the hinge of the car's trunk. These wires were dried from the heat buildup in the trunk and later frayed or cracked and broke with time and in some cases, the wires eventually touched each other or shorted together.


Nevertheless, the wiring problem or "display problem"  of the HP Pavilion dv4 laptop is more likely caused by the flexing and stretching of these wires through this tight path that is next to the left hinge and eventually breaking since these wires are very tiny and fragile. I would say there are around 8-10 wires in this harness, each of which could cause different problems that are apparent and are in combination with the "black" or "no display" complaints I have read about so far in various forums.

In conclusion, HP should issue a recall ASAP as there could be more serious problems that may arise and become more detrimental to their reputation.


I will be looking forward to and trust that HP will follow through the necessary steps to correct this problem on my laptop and others as well.

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Re: pavilion dv4 laptop screen problem

I just started to have this problem and when I searched about it I got so many hits. Some persons even filed a complaint with the government. If HP know that this problem is occuring why don't they do something about it and stop making honest people who bought their product in confidence spend money for thier faults.They already know it exists so instead of offering extended warranty, why don't they stop lying by omission. This is so unethical. I can't believe this. They don't know the trouble this caused me because my computer is my primary means of communication and medium for classes.

Does anyone know how if the previous solutions help. I really can't afford to spend too much money right now.

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Re: pavillion dv4 laptop screen problem

I am having identical problem with my pavilion dv4. It is just one month out of warranty and screen doesn’t work if it is open more than 90 degrees. But when I push on the left side hinge, it goes on and off.  As far as I researched on the Internet, this is common problem with this model and HP is not doing anything about it. I just spent over an hour on the phone with them and they keep saying that the laptop is out of warranty and I have to pay $200 - $300 to have it repaired. This is ridiculous since this is their design fault. I will be filling complaint with FTC

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Re: pavillion dv4 laptop screen problem

nine times out of ten the display problem is the BGA graphics chip soldered to the mobo.

How ever the display cable maybe your problem and I hope it is because it would be the cheapest

fix.  I have seen so many cables changed that didn't fix the problem because somtimes putting pressure

around the left side stresses the mobo which causes the solder balls on the BGA graphics chip to make

connection.   Good luck.



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Re: pavilion dv4 laptop screen problem

Hi, I have a HP Pavilion dv4 laptop, the screen often flickers. This problem has occured ever since I purchased this computer. I have googled it many times and it is apparent that the problem is a design fault. I understand that HP like any business is motivated by profit, however, this computer model has tarnished the image of the company. Any google search will find thousands of customers up in arms about this. Why there has been no product recall? What about return business? For such a successful company to ignore a design fault is not a good marketing ploy. Come on HP fess up, the HP Pavillion DV4 is a LEMON, WE KNOW IT AND YOU KNOW IT. 

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Re: pavilion dv4 laptop screen problem



Does yours seem like the graphics chip problem or something different?


I agree with you about HP however I'll have to give to the engineers that designed these dv4, they knew how to

make them go black right after the warranty expires.


good luck with yours.



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Re: pavilion dv4 laptop screen problem



Due to the problems in the inverter or due to the troubles in the cable connection usually screen flickering happens in the display of HP Laptop. As the inverters are responsible to supply power to the back-lit of the screen, any problem in the inverter would create troubles. By replacing your inverter and by checking the connections of the cable in your HP laptop, this problem could be easily resolved.


Get more information to fix HP Laptop no display issues :


Hope this information help you.


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