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Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I am trying to access drivers which will seemingly solve the problem I'm having, but the support page address returns an error.  The drivers I need were previosly posted by Paul_Tikkanen on:




As far as I can tell there were two:






These were the addresses posted:





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Hi, @JohanvT what was the challenge that he was trying to help you to solve?

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The problem I'm trying to solve is to restore the sound on an HP ProBook 6550b running on Windows 10.  I have been trying to solve this for a while and I believe the solution posted by Paul Tikkanen, a Level 21 expert is the right answer.

The post he used was called: Drivers Unfindable for Windows 10

This back in 2016 and the links referenced in the post are now seemingly inaccessible.

I am new to this forum and don't know if it is possible to contact the expert directly?



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I will mention @Paul_Tikkanen profile on this post so he can get a notification to see it. Let's see if it will work.

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Thank you very much for your assistance.

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You are welcome.

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Hi, @JohanvT 


Yes, the HP business PC support site was totally revamped around 2016 and no links posted to the old support site will work.


There is only one W10 IDT audio driver that I know of that may have any chance of working for you and that is this one.


Restart the PC after installing the driver.






There is one other thing you can try to get the audio to work if the above driver fails to do so, or is not supported.


Go to the device manager and click to expand the Sound, video and game controllers device category.


1. Select the IDT High Definition Audio CODEC under that category.

2. Select Driver tab.

3. Click the Update Driver button.

4. Select  -> Browse my computer for drivers

5. Select -> Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.

6. Select  High Definition Audio Device (Not  IDT High Def...  this is important.) and click Next.

    A warning message may appear,  but click Yes.

7. Windows has successfully updated your driver software.

8. Restart the PC.

 The key is step 6.

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Hi Paul, thanks for the information.


I've run the install, but unfortunately it failed, giving the following error message:



It gets stuck at this point and I don't have the technical skills to get past this warning. Is there a way around this to still get the driver installed?


The second recommendation unfortunately also doesn't resolve the problem.


The post I referred to contained two drivers which a previous user that you assisted said had solved his problem, also for a ProBook 6550b, but which links have now become unavailable.  They may have been drivers for this PC for a previous windows OS, but which seemingly still worked under W10.  Do you still have access to these drivers and if so, could you please send them if possible?  I'm rather desperate to get this problem resolved.


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You're very welcome.


The problem is I don't know what discussion you are referring to because when I open the link it doesn't work.


You can refer to this discussion too.


Interesting that the steps I provided worked for this forum member but not for you.


Solved: hp probook 6550b - HP Support Community - 5577590


Here is a corrected link to sp48147





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Hi Paul, the discussion I was referring to is this one:


by ICTLeerbedrijf in Notebook Software and How To Questions


It seems the various configurations may not always yield the same results, but the one that seemingly worked (posted under this discussion with ICTLeerbedrijf) is the one I haven't tried as yet.  I have tried the items you've listed in your reply thus far and they have not been able to solve the sound problem.  The earphones work but the built-in speakers don't, which is the problem I'm trying to solve.  This discussion quoted above in this reply contains links to the previous support website which has been discontinued.  I was hoping you might still have this software and can post a new link to it?


Thank you very much for your interest in this problem.

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