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OMEN 17.3 inch Gaming Laptop PC 17-ck0000 (2Y4A9AV)
Microsoft Windows 11

Some of the touchpad threads have been closed so starting a new one to share my experience over the last few months.   This is my story about the Omen Gaming Laptop Touchpad problems, this is last years model, product name is in title of post.   The problems are well documented.  It will start to become erratic, not responding to presses, and finally you have to disable it by hitting the FN + F11 which disables it, then you re-enable it and it works for maybe 20 minutes then starts to go off the handle again.. rinse, repeat. 

 I held off on posting anything further after I sent my first laptop in because I wanted to see how the process would unfold.  So here we go.   My original laptop I purchased I sent in for repair (FYI I am an IT Tech and had looked at many ways to figure out the problem with no success).  They said 3-4 days business days then I would get it back.  Well that turned into 3-4 weeks because they didn't have the parts.  Why can't they be upfront with you about this (they understood the problem aka the touchpad before I sent it) your guess is as good as mine.  I was of course not happy.  They did say in original support call I  would get a loaner if it was going to be longer than 3-4 days yet no loaner was offered.  So I was not happy i contacted support again to express my unhappiness with the process so far.  A day later i was contacted by a Escalations support Manager.  She apologized, I went through everything, she offered a replacement laptop and  it would speed things up vs repair.  It was a refurbished one, exact model as mine, but checked out by HP techs and was like brand new and she was adding another 6 months to my warranty.  I accepted it and I received the laptop.  Within 24 hours it exhibited the same problem as my original but worse.  I tried various troubleshooting including a factory reset using the HP Cloud Restore.  Nope, just awful, would only work for 15-20 min then it would do the touchpad shuffle.  I would disable, it would start working again and so on.  I contacted the Escalation Manager and she offered as a solution for me to send it back for a refund minus an amount because I had it for 3 months before contacting HP (try to not roll your eyes).  Needless to say it was not the full amount, it was for 1350 and I payed 1769 for the laptop.  I was not thrilled with this option.  I do actually like everything about the laptop except the Touchpad.  The cooling system alone is better than any laptop I have seen, the audio is also pretty darn good for a laptop, keyboard a little squished but I like the feel of the keys, etc..   So I was going to send back and look at a repair.  She also recommended that i talk with Omen support to see if they had maybe some secret or recent solution to the problem.  The short of it, they didn't.  And based on what I told the tech about my troubleshooting the problem he recommended sending in for repair.  So that is where things were going, i was going to send back and cross my fingers and toes it gets fixed or i get something that works.

Then something I can't explain happened.  The freaking touchpad started working normally.  No updates, nothing changed in Windows, no software explanation.  I didn't even realize it for a couple of days that I hadn't had to disable the touchpad at all.  About 4 days into this miracle the HP Manager called me to setup the RMA for me to send back.  We did set up the RMA but then I explained to her that the touchpad seemed to be working now.  It has been 7 days and it was still working.  I have been using it every day. The only thing I can think of is I am a clean freak and was using air compressor to blow it off/out, I had it set on its side standing up vertically blowing it out and also upside down blowing out any crap that may have gotten in the keyboard or whatever and wiping it down (I have 5 cats).  Is there something physical that could have adjusted during this cleaning?  It sounds insane but so is the fact that a touchpad which required disabling about every 15 minutes now works completely normal and nothing has been done on the software side of things, 0.  Something fixed it, I just don't know what and of course I have no idea if it's permanent.  My case is closed by the case # is still in my file and if it comes back I can reopen the case.

This is a cliff note version of the whole process, it is now 20 days since it started working, I have taken it on jobs with me, used it all over the house, no problems.  I spoke to the rep again today, we closed the case but I can use my case # if the problem comes back and she said I can call her.    It is utterly inexplainable.  I am convinced it's a physical issue and something adjusted or locked or slipped or jumped who knows.  It was not software that fixed this unless Gremlins snuck a update in that left no trace behind. So there you go.  I hope this can be helpful for others with the problem

I do think there is some defect with the touchpad but it can be fixed.  Whether it will be permanent or not i don't know,  I hope so because I really do like the laptop.  The only knock against it other than the touchpad is the laptop is heavy.  But honestly it's a 17" Laptop designed for Gaming and stuffed full of technology so it is what it is.  


As for HP support, i had written off HP for many years because of some really hideous support I myself and several of my clients received.  In turn i refused to buy or recommend an HP branded piece of equipment for probably about 5 years until I bought this HP Omen laptop (at the time of purchase it was slim pickings so i took a chance).  And it started off poorly.  But to HP's credit the reaching out by a Escalations Support Manager to help me get the problem resolved was good customer support.  And she was easy to work with and gave me options and then with I assume a bit of luck I it started working and got to keep the laptop.  I have been enjoying it and happy with the outcome

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I have Omen 16 but it's similar subject.
On begin this problem i was really sure it was software problem, but now i don't know what to think about it. I'm also IT tech and tried to fix this on hundred ways.
I always try to have clean PC but 2-3 weeks ago i tried clean the touchpad more than normal. I rub it with light wet microfiber couple minutes, and it start work. I had occasionally lags but not much annoying. After couples days the problem started to back but not with the starting strenght.
I return from business trip week ago and switch to mouse so i can't say how it looks now.

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Is your laptop still working? Curious as I have the same problem and I’m at the “about to send it in and hope it’s not 4weeks” stage 

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and as of 7/15 it's still working great, have had 0 problems.  I am enjoying the laptop, even Windows 11 is starting to grow on me.  Still hate the task bar and start menu.  

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Hi karonaway,

How did you clean the laptop? did you disassemble it?

Kind regards,


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Hi to everyone!

We have the same issue..


Let me to explain our experience:

- Some months ago, in our company, we bought 5 laptops, model OMEN 17,3 inchs 17-ck0000 (2Y4A6AV)

- We use a specific emgineering software, and by now, this software only is compatible in Windows 10.

- We reinstall windows 10 in these 5 laptops: touchpad started to work incorrectly...

- Only the workflow Fn+F11 (explained in this thread), gave us a temporaly solution. After some minutes, touchpad started again to work incorrectly.


- We contact to HP support. His answer was: reinstall windows 11, and try what happens. Crazy.


Well, I think that we find a solution. By now, I tested in one of the 5 laptops, and it worked: after 2 days of working with touchpad and mouse, and it seems to work.


Solution: install an updated drivers of the touchpad (Elan input device). Let me to explain the workflow:

- In Windows 10, by default, the version of the "Elan input device" driver is (date 2021-01-20)

- I did a google search, and I found a new version: (2021-11-05)

- I updated the "Elan input device" driver to the new one.


I share the link to the ZIP file with the Elan input device", version



I hope this helps to everyone.


Xavier Coll



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I did not.  So not sure how just using compressed air, wiping it down would have fixed the problem but i couldn't think of anything else that happened between when it wasn't working to working correctly.  There was absolutely no change in Windows, software, drivers, anything.  I don't have automatic updates turned on for anything HP, Windows, Driver, Apps related.  


And for the other post i went down the Elan road and it didn't fix it for long term.  I thought it was related for sure when the problems started with first laptop but various configurations including an updated version didn't fix it.


And as of 8-5-2022 no problems, working normally

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Thanks Karonaway!

Hmm... I have a question for you. Could you tell us what version of the "Elan input device" driver is installed on your computer? Thank you!


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I posted in several threads before i started this one which gives you more insight into what was happening and what i was doing vis a vis the problem.

Elan Service


Elan Control Center



My first thought, when problem started on first laptop, why would Elan software be needed considering how they work with Windows now aka the precision touchpad drivers.  Ever since the laptop manufacturers handed over control of touchpads to Microsoft, we have lost the ability to access useful features that Elan/Synaptics offered pre-precision era (Please oh Please bring back the Touch Zone option).  I am not a fan of this change by the way.  You can confirm it's not needed by disabling the service/disable startup of Elan control panel.  Touchpad works exactly the same.  And initially disabling Elan software seemed to fix the problem, i had no issues for a couple of days then it came back.  

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