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    Need Windows 11 help?
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Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Slow pc due to Disk at 100%  all the time despite doing all the diagnostics imaginable, laptop is 10 months old, do i throw it out?

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I presume you are talking about 100% utilization, not 100% capacity -- as the two are quite different and you provided us no useful details.


This issue can be caused by either of two problems.


First, Windows Update is scheduled to run every week and when it does, it drives the disk to 100% utilization -- and this can be for hours at a time.  But this should only happen once a week.  IF it is happening every day, this is not the issue.


Second, this can be due to a failing drive which is trying to read or write the same sectors over and over again -- pinging the drive at 100%.


So, let's check that first, because if it is failing, it would need to be replaced and there is no point then in doing anything else until we confirm that.

If your PC is new enough to support UEFI, you can use these steps to test the HDD (Hard Disk Drive): http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00439024

If not, to check the HDD you have to follow these steps:
1) Press Esc key repeatedly, several times a second, while rebooting the laptop. Do NOT hold the key down, just press it over and over.
2) Eventually, you will see an HP Startup Menu
3) Press the Function key for testing the hard drive (usually F2) and let it run.

If the drive checks out OK, then report that and I can provide you options for reinstalling Windows on your PC.

Please note that if your model has an SSD instead of an HDD, these diagnostics might not work properly.

I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor represent, HP
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Good day,

  • All updates are in order.
    • Tested HDD with HP Startup Menu and disk is 100% in order
    • Carried out SFC scan and corrupt files repaired
    • Did a DSIM restore health  and no issues found-Disk utilisation is now generally below 50%
    • When using Chrome browser, to access this chat for example, its very slow with Disk utilisation at 10% or so but Memory at 55% with Chrome using most of it always.
    • So the problem is partially resolved except for when using Chrome
    • With Edge the memory goes up to 62% and HDD 100%
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I updated 17 drivers from a third party tool as Windows and HP said I was all up to date.


Guess what, it now works at amazing speeds.

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Just to close this thread, two issues caused this:

1. Failing HDD that haz been replaced and now pc boot up jn a few seconds

2. Browser hardware accelerators switched off and now browsing is uber fast.


Lessons learnt:

1. HP diagnostic software is not up to speed.

2. GPU architecture does not favour hardware acceleration, its well known by HP support staff for this i7 but not part kf the support packages.

3. In this 4IR we have limited skills to support tech.


Over and out.

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