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Dual monitors Work in Windows but not on Secure Desktop

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Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

My HP laptop has an intel HD 520 graphics card with an HDMI out port.  I can use dual monitors when I am in the windows environment.  However, I work from home on a secure desk top (loaded from a thumb drive).  Once the Secure desktop loads, both monitors work, but they only DUPLICATE.  I cannot get them to EXTEND.  The SD has a video toggle, and it does not recognize that I have two monitors.


Is there a toggle I can use via software or Bios?  I have a feeling it is because the wireless monitor  capability.  Eventhough I do not wirelessly connect to the monitor, the secure desk top doesn't like anything wirelessly connected.  I can use the external monitor on the secure desk top with an older laptop that has VGA output.  Should I try an HDNI to VGA adapter?


As far as BIOS setting go, I am required to enable legacy boot and turn off scure boot for the secure desktop.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.  I contacted intel already, and they directed me to HP...

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Dual monitors Work in Windows but not on Secure Desktop

Hi @Shortbus1970,


Thanks for stopping by the HP Support Forums! :) Good day. Hope you are doing well. :) I understand that the computer duplicates the screen using a secure desktop. It will be a genuine pleasure to assist you here. :)


Awesome job on diagnosing the issue correctly and performing some great troubleshooting before posting your question on HP forums. 
Kudos to you on that score.  :)


It is a privilege to work with tech-savvy and technically competent customers like you and we greatly value your business with HP. It is a genuine pleasure to assist you and share this platform with you. :)


Brilliant deductions and troubleshooting. First off, the bios doesn't have anything  to do with HDMI displays. As a matter of fact, the bios screen cannot be projected using an HDMI display.So making changes to the bios will not change anything. 


The secure desktop is a secure environment with limited access to apps and features like HDMI as it could get disabled because of the security features involved and it is not a complete administrator account with complete privileges to tweak it.


A "Secure Desktop" is a desktop that can only be run by the system itself. 

That sounds a bit weird, and probably doesn't explain much.

In Windows, a desktop is a view that allows you to interact with processes. When you log into Windows (the login prompt) you are on a desktop. When you are logged in, and see the start menu, you are on a separate desktop.


When you lock your PC, you are on yet another desktop. When UAC pops up you are on another desktop. There are quite a few different desktops in Windows.


A Secure Desktop is a desktop that is out of scope of other applications accessibility. The Log In desktop is a secure desktop (created by winlogon.exe), as is the UAC desktop. No other process can interact with the desktop, so therefore no other process can do things like activate a button or read the contents of a textbox.


Your  best bet would be to use an HDMI to VGA converter as you have rightly mentioned. That may do the trick for you.

Hope this helps. Let me know how this goes. I genuinely hope the issue gets resolved without hassles and the unit works great. Please reach out for any issues and I'll be there to assist you .:)


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Take care now and have a splendid week ahead. :)
Happy holidays to you and your family:)  Take care.:)

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