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HP Spectre x360 (light dark shadow on the top of the screen)

HP Spectre x360 (late 2016)
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)


I just bought and recieved my HP Spectre x360 (late 2016) today.

But the problem is, at the top of the right corner, it have a very little black shadow.
If you looks very carefully you'll see it.

I dont know if it have something to do with my screen problem, or just my false thought imagination?

Again based on the pictures below, you'll see at the top right (from google chrome minimise/restore down/close bar you'll see a very light dark shadow).

Is it normal? Did anybody have similar looks? Or just me.

But, when I increase the brigness to 100% those dark shadow are totally gone.

Here's the list of the photo that I snap:



1. https://img2.brain3.photobox.com/14763000a7ee1e65a131a56a7c5f6afe8eb3880fd4da8822d0121520ab93c818d27...

2. https://img2.brain3.photobox.com/588148187d8189b2bb3277af42d47aa298fe2176a52817c9efb1ba0a3ff570a42a9...

3. https://img2.brain3.photobox.com/31818356825625c57bfcd57819e61f5e9e2391a3be25e77bc8fb56f709617ab568a...

4. https://img2.brain3.photobox.com/384371500d8de2142f28078a7c0899739d604bf663e472f48fddb7b9559c9c08d6a...

5. https://img2.brain3.photobox.com/88350142b9e6f9dc36b1e14e1d32486859cf45aa0577e8bc3860284c867d41d132c...



7. https://img2.brain3.photobox.com/04321231f483a4a2e4fc9be395baa7de810f7b4512528718e50084aa5fbfb2c31d6...

8. https://img2.brain3.photobox.com/022692023128b3e9af5558a4a1f611a2d2473833670016d8d8b4291be54f6a6b8fc...

9. https://img2.brain3.photobox.com/165019543bbf8092a9b90cf677502972dc42513fa7db610d1339d5503939dfa3f60...

10. https://img2.brain3.photobox.com/842713107b52325911384dbc27ff8b1e8f854cb7da21a979f62a7c248b143efa78d...

11. https://img2.brain3.photobox.com/66231845de8755aa4f8873433496829361b9c37d87c667ddca7bca205ea1764fd46...

12. https://img2.brain3.photobox.com/48468849d0d5389ea1f0b57a657c4ae658aa80f45290d9714d7afa2b59335304231...

13. https://img2.brain3.photobox.com/79879185331aa31d2f791493440dd3299d87f0afecc7482b209c71d519ba4e69f63...

14. https://img2.brain3.photobox.com/08286958b6437fb96bec7627126ef2404d7f6b31e7ca2f8c62789bfe347908fef07...

15. https://img2.brain3.photobox.com/403593868ad3f90dee5a644e561c785dac4a8dc5ae77c3eedc650ffeae032f8aec2...

16. https://img2.brain3.photobox.com/963567957a9907cbf483983da00abfac8128320a4719abe6627fc0b2cba013709eb...

17. https://img2.brain3.photobox.com/925132643591560523e4a627dc5c3f840691f30dfb4b014e5a545e1b80e937f6e5d...

Also, if anybody have HP spectre x360 too, would you mind sharing your screen photo too.


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HP Spectre x360 (light dark shadow on the top of the screen)

I'm just another customer who owns a Spectre x360, but I don't see anything wrong with your screen as shown in your photos. If you're noticing that the top of the screen has little dark areas or the bottom of the screen has little bright areas, then it's likely just an uneven backlight.This is a common issue with LED/LCD screens, and unless one of the backlights is totally broken or severely dim, tech companies won't usually fix them.


If it really bothers you, I'm sure you could contact HP warranty to see if they would replace the screen for you, although the new screen might have the same issue. I had backlight issues on my Apple iPhone 6s, where the top of the screen was a bit dim while the bottom was a little bright, and Apple replaced the screen for another one with the exact same problem, though Genius employee said issue was fixed.


Anyway, basically, it's normal.

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HP Spectre x360 (light dark shadow on the top of the screen)

Hi thanks for you reply.


I still can't comfirm this because I dint see any other HP Spectre x360 sample.


I tried wathcing many review videos on YouTube.


But dint see any review video that fully minimise any apps like chrome / notepad etc that the color aint darker.

but either white or grey so I can compare with my HP.


I purhcase my HP through online so its hard to go to the branch since its 200km away.


Thanks for the info btw.

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